Know The Truth And Be Heeler'd

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue 

"Even the Heelers sometimes need to be healed." 

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 What we offer:

  • Advice and training tips to help keep your troublesome heeler in your home
  • Supportive care, training, and rehabilitation for heelers who have joined the rescue
  • Support, aftercare, and advice for new owners who have adopted a rescued heeler.


Well, here we are, at last! Be Heeler'd ACD Rescue is a new rescue, and we are pretty small. Check back often for news on Cattle Dogs in the rescue, or email us at for more information or to tell us what kind of heeler you are looking for. We can keep your phone number, email address, and preferences on file and help you in your search for the perfect heeler for your family.

We are in need of foster homes and donations!

Though we are not 501c3, any donations of good to high quality dog food, blankets, bowls, collars, leashes, toys, beds or medium to large kennels would be greatly appreciated by both the dogs and the humans!

Who We Are

Many animals, including a large number of Australian Cattle Dogs and Cattle Dog mixes, are given up every year in Fairbanks. Unlike many other breeds, ACDs usually have a more difficult time dealing with the loss of their families. Cattle Dogs are a very particular breed because they bond so closely with their people. When they must be rehomed, they often need a loving, understanding transitional environment, and the new owners may need some extra help knitting these dogs into their families. 

That's where Know The Truth And Be Heeler'd Australian Cattle Dog Rescue comes in. We provide another alternative when you must give your heeler away. We are able to work with the dogs in our rescue, training them, reassuring them, and letting them bloom into the wonderful animals that they are, so that they will have a greater chance at finding their forever home. Owners, we can also work with you and help you through training and behavior problems, so that you can keep your most loyal friend in your home.

We are a small rescue in Fairbanks, Alaska, mainly serving the Interior, but we will do distance adoptions around the state. 

Adopting a friend

All dogs leaving the rescue MUST be vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered before they can go to their new homes. Please email us for a list of adoption prices. All potential adoptive families must fill out an adoption application and a home check and reference check must be completed before any adoption can be finalized.
After the adoption, Be Heeler'd ACD Rescue will be happy to work with adoptive families to make sure that their new family member fits in with everyone. The rescue also makes four checkup calls during the first year that a rescue dog is with their new family.


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email to request an adoption application. If you would like to meet the dogs, please call 907-347-0625 to set up an appointment. All our dogs are in foster homes, as we do not have a central animal shelter.