The master you are looking for!

The new program MSc "Behavioural Economics in Action", launched by Middlesex University London, is starting from October 2015.

The MSc Behavioural Economics in Action with a strong emphasis on real-world applications, i.e., in action. It is the very first programme of its type to be offered in the London area. The programme will provide a unique learning experience for its students. The course offers as much emphasis on behavioural theories as on the practical applications of behavioural economics.

What makes our masters programme unique is that as part of their degree our students will be required to undertake a three-month long behavioural project with real-world implications. They will be supported by a mentor during the Project. The Behavioural EConomics Group (BEC) at Middlesex Unviersity London has been recently ranked 8th in the UK (RePeC rankings).

For applications click here. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information (

Pablo Brañas Garza

Professor of Behavioural Economics

Middlesex University London