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These are short little excerpts from Bhante's talks. These are little "nuggets" of wisdom that can be downloaded or listened to quickly, anytime.

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  • Metta_Instructions 32kps.mp3  Basic Metta Instructions;  Bhante Vimalaramsi instructs a group of meditators in the basics of the Metta meditation, that he teaches in his unique way that is based on  the Suttas, for the realization for Nibbana11min  2.65mb 

    Burmese Vipassana Vs Tranquil Wisdom Meditation  

    Vipassana Meditators- Please check this out. 

    This is a longer excerpt as to the differences between Burmese Vipassana and what Bhante is now teaching. He points out that vipassana may actually be a one-pointed concentration practice based on the Visuddhi Magga, and not on the Suttas. The VM was written 1500 years later by a Hindu Brahmin Scholar (Buddhaghosa) who appears to have mixed in Vedic one-pointed absorption yogic practices with what the Buddha taught.  Many of its tenets are not in accordance with the Majjhima Nikaya or other Suttas which are purported to be directly from the Buddha's own words. You will probably have never heard of this distinction before.  In this excerpt Bhante describes his personal intense experience doing Vipassana with U Pandita and others in Burma. He went as far as he could...  10:30min  2.46mb

    Bhante V  Rediscovers Buddhism.mp3 Here is Bhante's story where he describes rediscovering what the Buddha really taught as written in the Majjhima Nikaya.  He talks about realizing that what is being taught today in Theravadan Monasteries is not what is written in the Suttas' as it is written there.  After spending 30+ years of meditating he realized that there was something missing and this describes what he found!  This completely changes his perspective and launches him on the goal of telling the world what the Buddha really came to tell us. And it's not suffering but, rather, Happiness! 11:33 min 2.8mb

    5 Precepts mp3 An explanation of the 5 precepts and their benefits.  3:50 min 446kb                                              

    How to Make Merit.mp3 A quick explanation of merit and how it is best done.  1:53 min 441kb

    Dependent_Origination.mp3  EXCELLENT! Greed Hatred and Delusion set of three things. This is the best excerpt I have ever found on the actual and clear definition of Dependent Origination. Bhante takes you through the process step by step. What is craving and why it is THE problem. Sets of 3's D.N.  12:42min 2.9mb        

    The Last Moment before Death.mp3 and the importantance of having an uplifted mind when you die. The 5 visions at the time of death.  7:15min 846kb    Watch the YouTube Video

    The Bodhisattva Vow.mp3 - What is a Maha Kappa and how long is it?  What is a Bodhisattva?  Hear what Bhante feels about this concept. 8min

     Alms Round in America.mp3  -Bhante talks about how he tried going for Alms in California.  He talks about the reason monks go on Alms round. It's not begging!  Where did Kung Fu come from?  6 min 706kb   

    Free Will.mp3 as described in the Suttas.  What is Free Will really?? How can you affect it?  2:08 min  502kb    

    7Factors-4Foundations.mp3 7 Factors of Enlightenment and the 4 Foundations of mindfulness.  What are they?  7:49 min 1.79mb  

    How Nibbana Occurs from MN 111  How Nibbana Occurs. What is the Path and what is the Fruition Knowledge.  What are the differences?  14:12 min 3.25mb

     Forgive The Abuser32k.mp3 Some People are victims of horrific abuse, both emotional and physical. How do we let this go? 2min  546kb

     Personality_Types.mp3 The Buddha said there are 52 personality types- Which are your? 3:36min  844kb

     Three Types of Mind.mp3  Intellectual vs Feeling. What are the advantages of either. Which are you and how this will affect your meditation. 6:06min  1380kb

    Traditional Sharing of Merit.mp3  Bhante Discusses a Buddhist Tradition that you do on the anniversary of your deceased relatives or friends' death. By sharing your merit in this way, your passed on relations will experience great benefits!  2:39min  623kb 

    Different Types of Buddhas.mp3  In this longer and very interesting snippet Bhante discusses the following 1) What is a Buddha 2) How many types are there 3) Maha Kappas and the Buddhist view of the forming and ending of the universe 4) BodhiSattavas and what is required to become one (This talk is a little different from another one listed above) 13:21min  3.05mb


    Story of the White Cloth.mp3  This story is about a monk who could not remember even one line of a Sutta. The Buddha gave him a White Cloth to rub, to remind him of something he did in the past. This story is also about the one monk who became 1000 monks 4:23min  1.00mb

     Stages of Enlightenment.mp3  This excerpt describes how Nibbana occurs as a result of seeing Dependent Origination. Bhante goes on to explain how some Theravadan teachers may have misinterpreted the Suttas in explaining how you attain each stage of Liberation. 5:45min  1.31mb

     Reflection on Death-It Can Happen at any time!.mp3  When Bhante says to reflect on death, because it can happen at any time this case, it did! 1:05min  255kb

    Meat vs Vegetarian MN55.mp3  This is a long excerpt in which Bhante explains what the Buddha thought about eating meat. He goes right to MN 55 Sutta as the basis for his view. Can a Buddhist ethically eat meat is the question here. 17:43min  4.05mb

    Burmese Vipassana Training.mp3  This is Bhante Vimalaramsi's story of spending 20 years in Burmese style Vipassana meditation and then finding out that there were differences between this method and what's in the Suttas. In this very interesting piece he describes his experiences with all of the Vipassana "Nana's" Knowledges and how they differ with the Jhanas listed in the Suttas. He tells you what absorption concentration is vs what he believes the Buddha taught which is Tranquil-Wisdom (Samatha-Vipassana) meditation, which is very different. 4:11min  981kb

     Brahmacharya Vow.mp3  Bhante talks about what this vow is and why it is of great benefit to take up. This vow enables the meditator to let go of one of life's biggest causes of suffering  and really see what the effect of sensual desire is upon the mind.  8:43min  1.9mb

    Anagami as a Layman.mp3  A student ask whether a person attaining to the 3rd stage of enlightenment (Anagami) could live in the world as a businessman. The answer will surprise you. 3:48min  890kb

    Throw a Brick Through your TV Set.mp3  You spend so much time trying to stay current-why? You will find out all you need to know-just like when Bhante found out about Princess Diana's Death  2:40min  626k

    The Power of Jhana.mp3  Bhante suggests here that the power of attaining even the first level of meditation (as taught in the Suttas) is extremely strong and of a good merit and will make for a very happy rebirth. Just this should be encouragment to attain to this, in this very life, before you die. Mentioned also how long life spans are in the highest Brahma Lokas (1 Maha Kappa is 1 + 560 zeros Years!)  3:01min 707kb

    One Pointed Danger.mp3  In this very short excerpt Bhante talks about how the practice of one-pointed concentration actually drove one person crazy--literally. This would never happen if you were practicing the meditation as the Buddha taught it. As he says, though, we are all crazy enough already! 1:31min 359kb

    The Last hope for Sanity.mp3  This meditation has the power to change people's lives. Hear about the story of one student for which this meditation was the last hope in battling depression and mental illness.  (This tells you how powerful smiling really is!)  It can save your life and rescue you from the deepest despair. 12:39min 2.89mb

    Real Compassion and what it means.mp3  You can't take anyone's pain away, is what Bhante suggests here, and that is what some people try to do when they visit someone who is dying.  What is real Compassion?  How to be with one who is dying.  How to really put a smile on someone's face who may not be long for this world. 3:47min 887kb

    Competition in the Sangha.mp3  Competition between monks can sometimes be a little overdone. Here Bhante talks about how the King of Thailand talked to him and oh my, what a problem that became with the other monks! Funny stuff!  Also what do you give as a Dhamma Talk to Army Personnel??  Ummm...5:03min 1.1mb 

    Burmese Meditator still a Christian.mp3  A very good meditator in Burma and her continued belief in Jesus causes doubts for Bhante V. and leads him to start questioning the practice he was doing early on in his search for what the Buddha taught. She is told she is a Sotapanna yet she does not give up her belief in Christianity.  How is that possible? 5:00min  1.14mb  


    The Power of Jhana.mp3  If you can't find a reason to meditate then listen to this one. Just the attainment of Jhana ONCE in your life time... 3:23min  793kb

    The affect of the 3rd Jhana on your Blood/health.mp3  Bhante conducted some blood tests on meditators before they started the retreat and after he understood that they had experienced the 3rd Jhana he took another blood sample. He talks about the amazing results he found of what happened to his students cells. This makes you wonder if many diseases are "mind" based and caused. 2:35min  608kb 

    When Does Life Start? Karma & Rebirth.mp3  1) Why do some people live long and some short? Why are there 100+ year old people in every country. Why do they live long yet others around them die young. Why do some get sick? What is the cause of sickness??  Karma is involved here! 6:32min  1.49mb    


    Removal of Tumor-3rdJhana.mp3  Another snippet where Bhante discusses the benefits of the meditation curing the tensions in the body-even to the extent of eliminating a tumor from a woman's stomach 3:00min  704kb   

    5 Types of Joy.mp3   There are 5 types of Joy. 3 Worldly and 2 unworldly. Here Bhante describes them. 5:43min  1.4mb    

    Don't Sit So Long! mp3   You should not push your body. It does have limits!  Sitting time is one of those limits. Here is Bhante's personal story on sitting up to 6 hrs at a time and what happened to his legs.  3:46min  886kb   


    Energy from the East and North.mp3   Here Bhante talks about the subtle energies that may help your meditation. He has found that sitting facing certain directions is helpful for your meditation.  East for energy. North for Calming 1:26min  339kb   

    Long Dhamma Talks at time of the Buddha.mp3   How long were Dhamma Talks were at the time of the Buddha (Long!)? Fans and what their use is during a Dhamma talk  2:37min  614kb   

    The Three Knowledges.mp3   This excerpt considers the actual path that the Buddha took to attainment of  enlightenment. The meditator may, even today, follow this path to attain Nibbana as the Buddha did.  This is not a mere story made up by translators! First the student sees Past Lives and really sees Karma and its effect. Then the student sees the arising and passing away of beings and then, finally as a result of the first two knowledges, the student then perceives the noble and supreme truth of Dependent Origination, at which time Nibbana arises and liberation is achieved. 3:44min  876kb 


    Brahma Viharas to Nibbana.mp3   Here Bhante explains his surprise at finding in the Samyutta Nikaya the statement that you can attain all of the Jhanas through the practice of the Brahma Viharas, and that Metta Meditation actually takes you to the 4th Jhana when everyone else says that you can only ever get to the 3rd Jhana with any of the Viharas. In fact you can go to 7th jhana of Nothingness through the practice of Metta and move through all of the Brahma Viharas one by one. (Note: Bhante wanted to say that compassion rather than equanimity goes to the 5th Jhana. -A little slip of the tongue here.)   2:33min  599kb  

     Chanting Banana.mp3   Chanting does not lead to enlightenment explains Bhante Vimalaramsi. You may have some level of calm but insight cannot arise. Here he explains that rites and rituals are not the road to liberation.  4:18min  1.0 mb  

    Its OK to have Joy!.mp3   Pleasurable feeling is OK and does not need to be pushed away.  JOY is a factor enlightenment. Allow it to be there and don't try to control it. A monk is told by his teacher when experiences some Joy to "NOT BE ATTACHED!" and the monk stuffs down the Joy and says "I don't want to be attached!!!"  2:27min  577 kb   

    Why dont you sleep less.mp3   Bhante describes his battle to overcome needing sleep. He was asked by his teacher to sleep less and less and he accomplished that goal but what happened to him as a result of no sleep is what he talks about here.  Is it a good idea to sleep only 2 hrs per night. Listen and judge for yourself.  5:29min  1.25 mb    

    Competition among Monks.mp3   Bhante had just spent 6 mos as a monk and he met the King of Thailand. The other monks were very jealous. This sutta MN 5 talks about how a monk might wish to have the best food, best seat, and who might get to give the Dhamma Talk after the meal etc. He talks about when he was asked to give a Dhamma Talk to Army personnel. What do you say??  Also what does it mean to bow and be bowed to 8:21 min  1.91 mb    

    The Flying Monk.mp3   Bhante, when he was in Burma, found a giant Bodhi tree, which an American Monk had found outside of a mountain village. Evidently this tree was very helpful in meditation development!  3:48min  892 kb    

    Eight Precepts Storyand the Hell Realms.mp3   Bhante discusses the Hell realms and what you find there. He illustrates this with a story of a man who took the 8 precepts for just one day and was reborn as a Deva (celestial realm), otherwise he might not have been so lucky.  3:40min  862 kb

    Mindfulness, Smiling and the Power of the Precepts.mp3   This was an introductory talk in Chicago. Bhante answers the question of what is mindfulness, why smiling is important and why the keeping of the precepts are critical to success in your meditation practice. He tells a story of a lady who had never meditated but had always kept the precepts.  Needless to say her meditation went very well!  7:03min  1.61 mb      

    Visuddhi Magga Vs Suttas.mp3   About 1500 years ago a Brahmin Scholar came along and wrote the Visuddhi Magga (The Path of Purification). This is used by the Theravada tradition as a guide to the practice Meditation, Vipassana style.  Bhante followed its path through years of practice in Burma and Thailand. After he decided there was something missing still he compared it to the Suttas ( Majjhima Nikaya or Middle Length Sayings) which were purportedly spoken by the Buddha himself.  It was different!  Actual Buddhism is being practiced not as taught by the Suttas but by the teachings of Buddhaghosa!  Bhante went off to the jungle and tried practicing what the Suttas taught instead and the whole teachings of the Buddha became clear. Listen to his telling of his discovery.  7:50min  1.79 mb      

    How to Cure your Depression.mp3   Do you know how Depression arises? Do you know what it is, exactly?  Bhante will describe his experience and the way to let go of all Depression...forever without drugs! By smiling and laughing into things changes your perspective. Do you have Headaches? Meditation eliminates those because you learn what causes a headache. 6:49min  1.62 mb 

    Vipassana and Concentration vs the Suttas.mp3   Here Bhante talks about Absorption Concentration (Upacarra Samadhi) that is developed under the Vipassana system and the "Tranquil Collectedness" state that the Buddha taught as written in the Suttas.  How did Vipassana start? Why did it take a different path.  Why does Vipassana "Mindfulness" suppress hindrances rather then abandon them.  7:03min  1.65 mb   

    The Buddha's Dilemma.mp3   Right after the Buddha experienced enlightenment beneath the Bodhi Tree he experienced a real dilemma.  He had worked countless lifetimes to become a Buddha and now he wondered whether it was worth the effort to teach people who had so much dust in their eyes. This is what really happened as the Buddha considered what to do.  Who reminded him that there were people who could understand?  How did the Buddha get his bowl?  Did you know it was made of Crystal?  Do you know where it came from? Or better yet what realm it came from? There are new facts here you will never have heard before.  11:24  2.6mb 

    Forgiveness Meditation.mp3   Bhante talks about a powerful meditation which is very helpful in clearing out past guilt over previous action done by you in the past.  How do you do it? What are its benefits. Very helpful begin the process of letting go.  8:10 1.87mb  

    8 FoldPath.mp3   In this "mini-talk, with the birds chirping in the background of Southern California,  Bhante Vimalaramsi gives his version of the noble 8 fold path with his unique twist and perspective on this path to liberation. Here he substitutes "Right" with "Harmonious" and describes carefully all of the facets of the path with some stories.  19:19 4.42mb  


    When does life start?-Life Span Snippet    Bhante answers this if you wonder about Abortion.  Why do some women have a miscarriages.  Why do some people live to 100yrs old and some die young in good health?  What is the cause of good health. Where does sickness come from? MN135 Jul03   4:13 991kb 

    How to Share Merit.mp3    How does one share merit with others? Does this diminish your merit when you give it away?!! Story about the Super Rich man and poor man who wanted to be rich too.  MN135 Jul03 5:59 1.42mb  

    How to properly make Merit and why is it very important    How do you make merit. What mental state should you have? The importance of sharing every meal. Why are you prosperous now?? What do you do with the beggars on the street?  MN135 Jul03 4.50min 1.10mb  

    How to Handle Pain.mp3    Hurt yourself?  Do you hate that pain?  That will make it stay and last longer. Bhante talks about how to handle pain with Metta so it is relieved quickly. He talks about what happens in the brain when pain arises and what makes it subside.  Have "old folks aches and pains"? This is how to handle them. MN 002 2005 9:26min 2.16mb   

     Never Go Hungry- Sharing Merit-Food    What is true Generosity. This  talks about the practice which guarantees that you will never go hungry again!  It only takes 12 years with not one thought held of remorse. So easy!  Also Bhante talks about how Monks share without having anything to share.  Also talks about how important it is to share your food. Story about sharing a tasty piece of fruit.  Story about Munindra and how he always shared his food with everyone.  Story about time of the Buddha when Wealthy people measured how wealthy they were by HOW MUCH they GAVE! and not by how much they had! 11:13 min 2.57mb

    What is the Lesson.mp3    What do we get out of all this. What is the most important thing that we learn- before we have practiced and then after we have completed all practice.  The way to be happy is be happy, smile.  This is a spiritual practice that cures all ills. Its really that simple. 1:42min  402kb