Hello! My name is Silmarien Szilágyi, and I will be teaching Beginning Hungarian. I welcome you to the class! Since Hungarian is a complex language, this will serve merely as an introductory course to give you a foundation on which to build. When people consider learning a foreign language, Hungarian is not the first language that pops into their mind, but I'd like to change that. Despite a reputation as a challenging language, Hungarian is phonetic and generally follows rules, making learning it a bit easier.

This class will be broken into 8 lessons/assignments and 2 exams (midterm and final). Assignments will be worth 30 points, with an additional 30 points possible from extra-credit. All assignments and extra-credits should be sent to Beginning.Hungarian@gmail.com. You can contact me via the class e-mail, which is preferred, or in a HOL message.

Now I bet some of you are wondering if I am qualified to teach this class, right? Well, here's a quick rundown on me: I was born in the United States, but the first language I learned was Hungarian. Because most of my family only knows Hungarian (and the ones who do speak English prefer Hungarian), I speak it daily. Since I didn't learn Hungarian in school, there are still some grammatical subjects that I am still a bit shaky on, but those will not be used in this class, as they are too advanced. However, I believe I am fully qualified to teach at least an introductory class.

Before moving on to the first lesson, please read the FAQs, as they contain important information about the class. Also, I have included recordings of various pronunciations so you know what the letters and words sound like.

It is my hope that after taking this class, you will have had an enjoyable learning experience and gained knowledge about a lesser-known language!

(Above: Danube River with the Chain Bridge and Parliament)