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Forensic Science Lab Equipment

forensic science lab equipment
    forensic science
  • Forensic science (often shortened to forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system. This may be in relation to a crime or a civil action. The word forensic comes from the Latin adjective forensis, meaning "of or before the forum.
  • The application of science to analyze evidence involved in criminal and civil litigation.
    lab equipment
  • Two cheap microscopes, an expensive broken one, a box with rulers and pencils {donated by the "Lost-Found-But-Never-Asked-For" section of the school}, unlabelled tubes containing green, blue and orange bubbling liquids, dirty kitchen knives, a slide-projector, a blackboard and a locked closet
forensic science lab equipment - The Crime
The Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works
The Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works
The Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works is filled with black-and-white and color photos that capture the scene in a crime investigation. You are taken into the mind of a forensic scientist as they analyze a homicide from the time that it happens to the time it is solved.
As you take the journey into the crime, you will learn about what it takes to uncover evidence using new technology that let's you see well past the naked eye.
Expertly written and filled with scientific information for the student studying forensic science, or the individual interested in learning more about a career path in criminal science, The Crime Scene: How Forensic Science Works takes you beyond what you hear on the news into a world of examination and discovery.

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Science Saturday Celebrates International Year of Chemistry
Science Saturday Celebrates International Year of Chemistry
VALDOSTA -- The public is invited to participate in hands-on science experiments and tours of the Valdosta State Department of Chemistry from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Feb. 12, in the atrium of the Hugh C. Bailey Science Center at Valdosta State University. Science Saturday is an outreach event to commemorate the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 2011 -- an initiative to increase public appreciation of chemistry’s role in addressing global concerns and to generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry. Valdosta State University’s College of Arts and Sciences has paired with the Southwest Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society to host the free event to excite young people about the wondrous world of science. Children will make slime and use bananas as hammers, among other activities. Chemistry professors will also tour the public through various research labs and expose them to equipment used in many popular forensic and crime television shows. Refreshments will be served during the fun, educational event. Science Saturday is one of many IYC events being held throughout the world under the unifying theme “Chemistry -- our life, our future.” The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and several other global outreach groups established the initiative to invite the general public to view chemistry as accessible and to explore how chemical research is critical for solving our most vexing global problems. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry being awarded to famed female physicist and chemist, Madame Marie Curie -- recognizing the contributions of women to the field. This year also marks the centennial of the founding of the International Association of Chemical Societies, which aims to promote international scientific collaboration.
Forensic Science class
Forensic Science class
Students in the HATS Forensic Science class. HATS offers educational opportunities, such as summer classes, for students in grades 4-9 who participate in gifted programs or have scored at or above the 95th percentile on any subject area on the FCAT, ITBS, CTBS or other standardized test. Also invited are 4th-9th students who are members of the Belin-Blank Exceptional Student Talent Search (BESTS).

forensic science lab equipment
forensic science lab equipment
Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis (Springer Lab Manuals)
Electrophoresis is a powerful method to analyze nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). Various sophisticated techniques such as capillary electrophoresis, pulsed-field electrophoresis, fingerprinting using RFLP and RAPD, DNA sequencing, and mobility shift assay are described in detail. The required apparatus, appropriate use, preparation of probes, gel staining, interpretation of results, tricks for troubleshooting, manufacturers addresses, helpful Internet resources as well as specific applications, e.g. in legal medicine, microbiology and agriculture, are presented by leading experts.

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