Sunewbie - Project Leader


I am a non-technical Linux End User. when I adapted Ubuntu for my Home PC, everything was new to me and I had to do a lot of searching. As I searched more and more, I came to know about it's philosophy and that from One OS, there can be many derivatives. I wanted to combine all derivatives while searching and just focus on them along with some websites and blogs which focus on Ubuntu and or it's derivatives. I also wanted to leave other results from google, which also contain results from other Linux Distros, which are not compatible with Ubuntu and hence solutions offered are not useful. In this process, I created Linux Beginner Search Engine (LBSE)

myjoeyman - Maintainer - LBSE

mrjoeyman found this project very interesting and wanted to contribute to LBSE. He volunteered to make some tweaks, look-n-feel and in overall improvement of LBSE. He also hosted LBSE on his own domain. mrjoyman created his own CSE 'Solved Linx' which searches not only Ubuntu based distros but most of the popular distros. 'Solved Linux' is useful for all those who with to learn Linux.

Telcnas - LBSE and Wiki Maintainer & Contributor

Telcnas has volunteered to help create wiki inspite of very hectic schedule.

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