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Hd Pocket Video Camera Reviews

hd pocket video camera reviews
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Palming the Nikon P6000
Palming the Nikon P6000
This is the Nikon P6000...hello nurse. One criteria that the mother passed down was the camera wasn't to be so small that it was difficult to handle. I think the SD series from Canon falls into the too small category although it does have advantages! The salesguy that handed me this puppy also gave me the G10 -bonus points for reading my mind. This camera is smaller than the G10 and lighter. It's still beautifully made and would slide into my pocket quite nicely. I was tempted to do just that and bust out of there. Again however the operation seemed a little sluggish. On the plus side there are less dials and buttons to press to make it do the picture thing which I think is a plus. The video once again is std...not sure if this should be a deal breaker for my parents but heck welcome to present Nikon and Canon! I've read a few reviews on this guy and I guess one of their big Nikon users Thom Hogan gave it a not so favourable review. A comparison on Luminous Landscape between the LX3, P6000 and G10 found the Nikon left wanting. Sad story because I found myself wanting this camera as soon as it touched my hand. I think it would be an excellent travel size for the parentals too and very durable. So note to Nikon, make the next gen HD video and make the image way freakin better to satisfy your "pro" critics. That way I...errr my parents can lemming their way into owning one of these cameras! Rather spendy kit at 410-500 bucks but after handling it (image quality aside) I think it would have been a solid investment.
My New Camera Steady Mount
My New Camera Steady Mount
This is my new mini-mount that I developed over the last few days. Instead of the larger shoulder-mounts I used, this little rig can be held against the belly, chest or shoulder. I think it's steadier and more effective than my larger mounts. I can take it apart and carry everything in the pockets of my parka and wouldn't need a camera bag. The construction is simple and the photo shows it all. Just some pieces of wood, bolts, washers, wingnuts and a foam pad. It could be used for any kind of camera or small camcorder. The camcorder, which is also a digital camera, is my Sony Webbie HD, which takes high-definition video and 5-Megapixel still photos. The telextender is a Raynox HD-2200, which gives 2.2X magnification. The base of the hood is from a Canon A-1 Digital camcorder and I made the butterfly hood on the end from fiberglass. Underneath the lens is an external powerpack, that uses a Sony lithium battery, the NP-F960, that has more than 5 times as much capacity as the 500 mAh internal battery. With the mini-binocular bag, it fits into a pocket. Using an 8-Gigabyte SanDisk Video HD Pro Duo Memory card, I can shoot more than 4 hours of 720p HD video or take so many still photos I'd spend months reviewing them. I think it would be fairly easy for most people to make one of these and it would make a lot of difference in holding steady on full-zoom shots, as well as for comfort. Steve McDonald

hd pocket video camera reviews
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