Chicony Web Camera Windows 7 Driver - 10x Optical Zoom Digital Camera Reviews.

Chicony Web Camera Windows 7 Driver

chicony web camera windows 7 driver
    camera windows
  • (camera window) A window located at the front end of the 7350 optical head, through which the camera views objects on the conveyor.
  • Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based multinational electronics manufacturer. Its product lineup includes input devices, power supplies and digital image products. It offers desktop keyboards, mobile keyboards, digital cameras, personal-computer cameras and digital video cameras.
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chicony web camera windows 7 driver - 40X-2000X Trinocular
40X-2000X Trinocular Compound Microscope + 10 MP Camera Compatible w/ Windows & Mac OS 10
40X-2000X Trinocular Compound Microscope + 10 MP Camera Compatible w/ Windows & Mac OS 10
This is a professional trinocular microscope with 10.7 MP (3856x2764) pixel digital camera, boasting three unique features no other microscope dealer on eBay can claim! Different from most other microscopes on the market, the T490B is remarkable because it features 1) simultaneous viewing through the photo port and eyepieces, 2) an adjustable parfocal trinocular port, and 3) a detachable C-Mount located on the 23mm photo port.
The T490B's adjustable trinocular port creates a parfocal optical system by allowing the image system attached to the photo port and the image in the eyepieces to be in focus at the same time. Traditional microscopes on the market allow you to see through either the trinocular port or eyepieces, forcing you to switch between the port and eyepieces. Because their trinocular port is not designed to be par-focal with the microscope optical system, you have to conduct re-focusing after each "switch". The T490B, however, has simultaneous viewing and parfocal trinocular port so that these "switch" and "re-focusing" are no longer necessary. Especially handy for teaching demonstrations, clinical examinations and laboratory applications, these features allow your students or colleagues to view crystal clear images simultaneously while you work through the eyepieces.
The T490B microscope includes a 30° inclined 360° swiveling compensation-free trinocular head, a 3-D mechanical stage, and an intensity-variable halogen illumination system.
The digital camera captures microscope images and streams live video on your PC or Apple computers. It offers 10.7 MP resolution and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and MAC OS 10. The multi-functional user-friendly software allows you to preview live images, record videos, capture still pictures, edit captures, or save them in TIFF, JPG and other formats very easily, as well as conduct length, angle, area, and other measurements. Retail value: $2,800.

76% (7)
Through the Eye of the Camera
Through the Eye of the Camera
A reflective ultraviolet filter on the lens of a camera perfectly mirrors the window of a building at the other side of the street.
I Don't Do Windows
I Don't Do Windows
Abandoned textile factory in Watkinsville, GA. The day we went was rainy and gloomy which made the windows look even more hazy.

chicony web camera windows 7 driver
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