A.A. Beginners Meeting

The A.A. Beginners Meeting is an online meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. The meeting uses Skype online conference technology – voice only, no video cameras. 

For information on how to attend the Beginners Meeting using Skype send an email to:

This is a special composition group. There are a lot of special composition groups within the A.A. Organization. For example, there are women’s groups, young people’s groups, retired people’s groups, GLBT groups, doctor’s groups, airline pilot’s groups, etc., etc. Each type of special composition group addresses the needs of a specific demographic, over and above the common problem of drinking. This group serves agnostics and atheists. It is also for freethinkers.

This meeting is not restricted to those who solely have problems with alcohol. Anyone who has an addiction may attend. No one has to declare what qualifies or brings them to the Beginners Meeting.

The Beginners Meeting is a secular meeting, meaning the meeting environment is intended to be neutral. Therefore, we stay away from including things in the meeting that many people consider religious, such as group prayer. Except when quoting from the Big Book, this meeting has: 


The meeting is structured to provide a safe place for agnostics, atheists and others who do not have a Higher Power.  You do not need a Higher Power to attend the meeting.

When: Sundays, 7 pm (USA East Coast Time)

The Beginners Meeting offers six sessions to learn about A.A.’s 12 Step method. The information provided in the six sessions is intended to help people to understand the methodology of A.A.’s 12 Steps.

Week 1: Powerlessness - Step 1
Week 2: Spirituality - Steps 2, 3
Week 3: Inventory - Steps 4, 5
Week 4: Change - Steps 6, 7
Week 5: Restitution - Steps 8, 9
Week 6: Maintenance - Steps 10, 11, 12

These are “walk-in” meetings. You do not have to sign-up ahead of time to attend the Skype meetings. You can "walk-in" and attend just one of the Skype meetings, a few of the meetings or all six of the meetings.

Each meeting session is one hour.  The current schedule for the six meetings starts on Sunday June 5, 2016 (Powerlessness: Step One). The remaining five sessions will be hosted on Skype each Sunday thereafter.   The six sessions will then be repeated.  You do not have to attend the first meeting on June 5 in order to attend the other meetings.  

Materials will be provided online to the meeting attendees. Two moderators will present the materials, followed by a discussion of the materials. 

For more information on how to attend the Beginners Meeting using Skype send an email to:


Skype provides FREE voice conferencing. For access to Skype:


Note: In the tradition of A.A., this meeting is independent and autonomous.  The A.A. Beginners Meeting has not been endorsed or authorized by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (New York) or the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (New York) or the A.A. Trustees of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. (New York).US. At all. Not one bit.