A. A. Beginners Meetings

There are now two skype Beginners Meetings.  These are online meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. To attend one of the meetings send an email to beginnersmeeting@gmail.com

The meetings use Skype online conference technology – voice only, no video cameras. 

Wednesday:    7 pm:     Living Sober
Sunday:           7 pm:    12 Step Method

The times listed are for USA eastern standard time zone (EST) - check for the time conversion to your location.  

This is a special composition group to serve beginners to AA who are atheists and agnostics.  

The AA Publication "Living Sober" describes Beginners Meetings in Chapter 29 - Going to AA Meetings.  -- The Living Sober Text Says:

Quote-- Beginners (or newcomers) meetings - These are usually smaller than other meetings, and often precede a larger meeting. They are open to anyone who thinks he or she may possibly have a drinking problem. In some places, these meetings are a series of scheduled discussions or talks about alcoholism, about recovery, and about AA itself. In others, the beginners meetings are simply question-and-answer sessions. AA's who have used these meetings a lot point out that these are excellent places to ask questions, to make new friends, and to begin to feel comfortable in the company of alcoholics, not drinking. --End Quote

The Wednesday Beginners Meeting is a series of readings and discussions from the AA Publication "Living Sober".  Each week a chapter from "Living Sober' is read at the start of the meeting, and then there is discussion about the topic of the chapter.  There is usually time at the end of the meeting for a question and answer session about alcoholism, recovery and about AA itself.  This meeting has NO PRAYERS, NO STEPS, NO BIG BOOK, NO HIGHER POWER.


The Sunday Beginners Meeting is a series of six sessions to study AA's 12 Step methodology.  After the sixth week, the sessions are repeated.  Each week excerpts from the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" (nicknamed the "Big Book") are read.  Following the readings, the moderators of the meeting provide their perspective on these readings about the 12 Step methodology. Each beginner attending the meeting is also provided an opportunity to share their perspective. There is usually time at the end of the meeting for a question and answer session about alcoholism, recovery and about AA itself.

For information on how to attend the Beginners Meetings using Skype send an email to:

Please send your email at least an hour before the meeting starts. Make sure you have Skype operating on your device before the meeting starts.  

The meetings last for one hour from 7 pm (eastern standard time zone) to 8 pm. The virtual skype meeting room will be opened about 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts for a "meeting before the meeting". You are welcome to enter the room before the meeting starts and chat. 

The skype virtual room is kept open for a while after the meeting ends for a "meeting after the meeting".  You are welcome to attend the "meeting after the meeting" for informal discussion. If you have other commitments when the meeting ends, feel free to exit the room at the end of the hour.  


These meetings use Skype technology. Skype provides FREE voice conferencing. In order to attend the Beginners Meeting, you'll need to get access to Skype. For information about Skype and getting access to Skype:



This is a special composition group. There are a lot of special composition groups within the A.A. Organization. For example, there are women’s groups, men’s groups, young people’s groups, etc. Each type of special composition group addresses the needs of a specific demographic, over and above the common problem of drinking. This is a special composition group intended to serve atheists and agnostics. 

This group of A.A. attempts to maintain a tradition of free thinking and free expression and conduct a meeting where people may feel free to express any doubts or disbeliefs they may have about A.A. doctrines, practices and culture. We do not endorse or oppose A.A. doctrines and practices. Our only wish is to assure beginners that they can attend A.A. meetings without having to accept all A.A. beliefs. 

If you are not an atheist or an agnostic, you are welcome to attend the meeting. However, keep in mind this meeting is designed to serve atheists and agnostics. Most atheists and agnostics hear a lot about “God as we understand Him” in traditional meetings. And in the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” there is also a lot written about "God as we understand Him". This meeting is intended to be a safe place to talk about disbelief in a Higher Power and to be free to express disbelief without being censured. 


These meetings are not restricted to those who have problems with alcohol. Anyone who has an addiction may attend. No one has to declare what qualifies or brings them to the Beginners Meeting, such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, etc. In your local community, this type of meeting is sometimes referred to as an “open” meeting. In contrast to an “open” meeting, a “closed” meeting is for alcoholics only. You do not have to declare that you are an “alcoholic” in this meeting. 


In the tradition of A.A., the group's A.A. Beginner's Meetings are independent and autonomous, including autonomy from Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS, New York), the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. (GSB, New York) and the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (GSO, New York).


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