Free instrumental music clips. King trumpet serial. International musical instruments

Free Instrumental Music Clips

free instrumental music clips
    instrumental music
  • Most of the scores of these works are deposited in the University of Laval archives and /or in the library of the Semaire du Quebec.
  • music intended to be performed by a musical instrument or group of instruments
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Paper clips, a chaotic backdrop for Windows. I would like to have used more clips, the bottom of the drawer is visible. This was just a quick shot taken at work using my Sony Ericsson K750i, a truly wonderful phone/camera.
Clip Armamentismo
Clip Armamentismo
Foto tomada por Santiago Lozano Grabacion del clip "Armamentismo" para la serie Clips de Interes Social "FWD:Esto te interesa" de senalcolombia.

free instrumental music clips