Pictures Of Office Decor

pictures of office decor
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The more that I think about it, the more that I realize that my little desk area is just an excuse to decorate with yellow. This is my personal little corner. We actually have a much larger office space in our home but we had an empty wall and a new desk that needed a home. Since I only do my minor daily updates and photo editing on this laptop it seemed like the perfect space. I can send all things I need to print over our network and pick it up in the other room. (The home office which my husband tends to occupy/dominate.) All items in this corner are from various market sales, my favourite second-hand shop, and fundraisers. Of course some things are new and have either come from IKEA or Ahlens. Tucked away in the top drawers are files, books/notebooks, and various projects. The bottom drawers home my fabrics and other paper goods for gifts and crafting.
Rockets Castle
Rockets Castle
Another picture of Rockets Caste. To take this picture I have to take a short walk from our home to the river, which I do every day, and the dog and camera come also. The castle always looks different with light, tides, seasons, weather etc. Rockets Castle in Portlaw is a tower of Norman construction on the banks of the river Suir.It was built in 1212 by a family named Rockett.The original house was destroyed in the 17th and 18th century.Rockett was a pirate and raided shipping on the river Suir to keep poor families alive. He was hanged on the West Yellow Road,Waterford later called Rocketts Tree.

pictures of office decor
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