The C.R.E.W. Before and After Care Program at Cape May City Elementary for Grades Pre-K to 6th!


C.R.E.W. Before Care begins at 7 am!
Please go to the first Kindergarten classroom door, closest to the main parking lot! Ms. Reed will be there to answer the door! You must sign your child in for the day!

Dear Parents and Guardians:
Information about the cost of CREW!
  • CREW is a highly supervised, educational, and fun experience for your child.
  • Character education and a variety of other activities to promote kindness toward others are a daily experience at CREW!
  • Your child gets homework help from State of NJ Highly Qualified Teacher. Ms. Sloan holds a Master's Degree in Education, as well as, Special Education. She has over 25 years of combined teaching and supervisory after-care program experience.
  • Supervised and organized teamwork building games are arranged both indoors and out. Teamwork and cooperation play a huge role in the CREW Program.

  • Your children are in safe secure setting where all employees are fingerprinted and background checked. Safety and security is a must!
  • Every student is provided with a complimentary snack from the cafeteria. Around 4pm we have a grain item such as cereal, graham crackers, animal cookies, cereal bars, 100% fruit juice, and a fruit item!
  • If you come to the program on a monthly basis there is no charge for the days that CREW is open on half-day closings of regular school.

  • All of the above items factor into the daily rate of the program, which we try to keep at it's lowest possible cost to you.
We look forward to providing your child with the safest, most secure, caring environment for economical family friendly cost!

Thank you, Ms. Sloan


C.R.E.W. After Care starts at 3 pm and 

student pick up is anytime before 4:30pm

otherwise noted on the calendar!

No tuition is due for days we are closed!  See note below:

Please see the per day rates that apply to you for the amount to minus from the base rate of tuition!

1 Child Base Rate:

Before Care:  $60.00/$3.00 per day

After Care: $240.00/$12.00 per day

Both: $300.00

Multiple Child Rate: 10% off

Before Care: $54.00/$2.70 per day

After Care: $216.00/$10.80 per day

Both: $270.00

Welcome to the CREW (Children Reaching Excellence Weekly) Page!
You will  NOT get a bill, it is expected that
you will pay monthly.

Depending on your payment plan tuition is due the first Friday of the month or the week, regardless of days attended.  Checks can be made out to Cape May City Elementary School!

Discounted Rates for Different Hours of Drop-In Attendance.

If you have an older child who attends homework club or another club until 3:45 you may leave your younger child at CREW for $5.00 from 3 to 3:45pm. They will not be included in the snack count.

Any time spent in CREW after 4pm is the full $12.00 cost.


Pictures from last year's CREW Program!

April 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians: PLEASE READ!

Tuition must be paid on a regular basis. Please keep track of when your child attends the program. You will not a get a paper bill.

CREW is open for the half-days on April 5th,

and 7th from 
1pm to 4:30 pm.

  • There will be a 1:05 dismissal on each of these days.

    CREW After Care will be open.

    Tuition Charges are as follows:

    *1pm to 2:30 pm is $12.00, unless you pay for the month, then it is included in your tuition.

    *1pm to 4:30 pm is $24.00, unless you pay for the entire month, then it is included in your tuition.

CREW will be closed on April 13th, the half-day 

before spring break!

If your child attends on regular monthly basis during April the tuition is as follows: 

Before Care for April is: 
$42.00 for the month.

After Care for April is: $156.00 for the month

Both Programs for April: $198.00 for the month

The daily rate is $3.00 per day for Before Care and $12.00 per day 

After Care, unless your child attends Jr. Homework Club and 

picked up 
 3:45, then that tuition is $5.00 per day.

It is very important that you send in a note to your

child's teachers about their CREW schedule. 

Your child's teachers must know where to send your

children at dismissal each day! 

Please send in a note ASAP for the days you want your

child to attend. It must go to their classroom teacher!

Thanks, Ms. Sloan

Parents who want to volunteer

a day or two are always


Please let me know a day and

time that works for you!

You must be signed up and

have a background check to be

a volunteer.

For 2016-2017

The focus of the program will be S.T.E.A.M Related!

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math!

For 2015-2016

We did a program called, "Kitchen CREW!"

Kitchen C.R.E.W. students had so much fun
making pinwheel sandwiches!


CREW After Care will be available from 1:05 pm to 4:30 pm on all half-days except when there is a half day before Thanksgiving, winter and spring break.
  • If your child DOES NOT attend on a regular 4 OR 5 DAY A WEEK
    basis the fee is $12.00 from 1:05 to 3 pm.
  • If your child DOES NOT attend on a regular 4 or 5 DAY A WEEK basis and you want your child to attend 3.5 hour program from 1:00 to 4:30 on half days, the fee is a total of $24.00 for the whole afternoon.
  • Checks can be made payable to: Cape May City Elementary School/CREW
  • Science activities will not occur on half-days!

Kitchen CREW students working on prepping for the Gingerbread Houses!


Kitchen CREW students made their own chef hats!

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