Player Profiles

From all continents, walks of life, with a common love of footy (and err... other things) this page lists the current and some of the former players of BEFC Tokyo. Click on the name to see their profiles and find out a bit more about who we are...

Current Players

Fernando Bermudez

Simon Collier

Keith Crowley 

Tim Letheren 

Steve Lidbury

Ryan Loughlins

Marcio Oshiro

Torsten Weber

Former Players

Gerard Brady

Featured Player

Steve Lidbury

Crouchie has been a significant addition to the BEFC line-up since his debut in 2005. The fact Steve had a creative talent for missing the back of the net from seemingly unmissable positions, as well as his love for Liverpool and ambitious wagers with certain Irish members of the club over the talents of one Peter Crouch, earned him the early moniker. Since he has proven that he his more worthy than the struggling bench-sitter of his namesake and has been whacking them in over the last year to clinch the Golden Boot award and best player for the club in 2005.