Beetles of Australia

Beetles are the most prolific biological taxon accounting for 40% of all insects and 25% of all species of animals on earth.  In Australia they are assorted into 117 families.   This site has over 40 families illustrated so far.  They are numbered and highlighted in the list below for ease of navigation.   Each family in the list below is linked to AFD.    Each family in the sidebar is linked to an illustration 

  Chrysomelidae       Paropsisterna hectica          Anglesea Jan 2014

Systematics involves specialized study into particular narrow fields.  
Taxonomists, are like cattle and like to be out-standing in their fields.   
Accordingly, this work has a strong emphasis on #38 Chrysomelidae (subfamily Chrysomelinae; Genera Paropsis, Paropsisterna, Peltoschema and Calomela).
#44 Buprestidae is also featured strongly.

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