Where? How? What if...?

Here you may find answers to many of your burning questions....such as...

Where are the beehives of the Bee Team of Wageningen?
ere, look:

Our Beehives

What time are the activities starting?
Activities are planned (mostly) between 12.00h and 14.00h.
Ok, we know: some people don't get out of class untill 12.15h, and others have class starting at 13.30h, but the reason we're saying it's from 12.00h to 14.00h is so that if you don't have class, you can come out a bit early to help set-up (light a smoker, check out the area, examine equipment, etc), and if you don't have class at 13.30h, you can help clean things up.  Everyone is going to have different schedules, so everyone needs to help out to make things run smoothly.  So if you need to arrive a bit late, fine, and leave early, also fine. 
IF you are arriving at 12.00h please meet us in front of the Unifarm (behind the Radix) at the picnic tables. 
We have a few things to carry out to the bee yard, and it would be nice to have extra hands. 

What should I wear?
Closed toed shoes (no flip flops... yet). 
Long pants, long sleeves.  If they're a bit thick, even better.  Jeans work fine, and a sweater.  Don't panic. 
Try to wear light colours (black... not so good).

What should I bring?
Your body, your brain, and your lunch (because it's lunchtime).

I can't make it this date/time! Can I still keep bees?
YES!  You still can!  Nobody is going to be able to make every single event, and we'll be repeating many of our events, so you won't miss out.  But try to come to as many of the events as you can, because you won't learn otherwise. 

What if the weather sucks?  (definition: raining, and/or cold)

If the weather is bad enough to cancel, then we will, and we'll send out a cancellation email, either the night before, or on the same day.  In that case, we WILL reschedule for either Thursday or Friday of the same week.