Bees (Apoidea: Anthophila) form a monophyletic group of at least 100 Myrs old including today approximately 19667 described species (Ascher, J. S. & J. Pickering. 2010). Due to their strong relationship with flowering plants they play a crucial role for most terrestrial ecosystems providing pollination services for a big number of angiosperms. 



The European fauna counts 2048 species of bees with 69 genera (Polaszek, 2005) most of them being present in the xeric ecosystems of Mediterranean region.



The number of bees recorded in Romanian fauna during a period of 150 years is over 700 species. Due to the Romania’s position at the confluence between pannonic, continental, alpine, steppe and pontic (around the Black Sea) biogeographical regions (EEA, 2001) fauna include species with various origins and distribution. Thus, the Romanian bee fauna must presumably be rich and divers and the presence of more species cannot be excluded mostly from the south of the country.
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