What is?

Sustainable, Sensible, Green living for a healthier planet. I encourage everyone to make a difference and save our planet for a healthier and beneficial outcome for our generation and beyond before it is too late.

Definition of Wholstic healing
[W]holistic is a series of the recognition that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual entities merge during the session, promoting a synergistical effect more profound than holistic yielding a more meaningful meditative experience that address chronic stress and tension, including mental and physical and emotional stress.

Why [W]holistic?
Our primary goal is to help restore your energy, improve circulation and one's health, relieve stress and tension and normalize the body to its own state of health and equilibrium as a WHOLE (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) with treasured ancient, natural and noninvasive modalities, in a very wholistic way that Mr. Makki can deliver. 

Benefits of prepaid packages:

Save more with prepaid Healing packages. 
- Convenience 24/7 shopping.
- Choose the modality you are booking for.  
- Maintain a healthy habit.

Acute and Chronic
- Acute = series 5.
- Chronic = series 10 or more
- Get 11th session FREE.

It is your only health, so treat it wisely, naturally.

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