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What is the origin of bee pampered?

Just like steegle, Beepampered was an idea between me and my friend, simply based on one of my skincare line at the time called "beesline" (which I still partake in) and the actual pampering from my own wholistic care (reflexology, massage therapy, organic essential oils, and other related modalities to name a few) - Thus the combination together came to be and it was perfectly situated into my deeply pampering business so voila' "beepampered" was born. I also did an internet search for made up words to see if they could be found and none had my word. After researching domain names - mine was available and no other company found by that name in search results. As a result, beepampered was created and I was the only one with beepampered philosophy and business concept and the original to have it.

To bee pampered, is to nurture, spoil, indulge, gratify and immerse the senses, feeling, desires coupled with either concepts, BEE or W from Wholistic.

My philosophy about [W]holistic with a “W” instead of an “H”:  WHOLE (one, full, complete) instead of HOLE (fragment, part of) - dealing with the root of the problem physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually [PEMS]. Therefore, my techniques and philosophy is quite different from  other therapists, blending in my universal intuition to the mix. Addressing the [PEMS] system.

Beepampered is a Wholistic Reflexology and Essential Healing is integrative wellness / complementary and alternative medicine –  for the health conscious New Yorkers and advocates who want to go beyond the ordinary; share our vision, look and feel their best. We provide wholistic (not holistic) services; personal and corporate sessions, including classes and workshops in the heart of New York City Metro and rare, sustainable and certified organic whole super foods from amazon rainforest herbs now Trivita  as well Young Living Essential Oils or longevity and prosperity of human kind and the planet.  

My friend ... thanks again. You are a true healer. I came to you recently with heaviness and pain in my feet and tension in my face. At the end of the session the pain in my feet and the facial tension had disappeared and overall I was in much better alignment. The the lightness of your touch will surprise you but the treatment works at a deep level. N. Chesla, Thursday August 13, 2007

About Mr. Makki

Abbas Makki has been an independent sustainable practitioner,  Certified Master Reflexologist, Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist, Advanced Certified Massage Practitioner in San Francisco and Licensed  Massage Therapist in Hawaii, Wholistic Healing specialist. Mr. Makki has been helping out New Yorkers and people from all walks of life since 1998 to improve the state of one's health for the better naturally with an array of the finest healing arts include: Hand, foot, ear and body Reflexology, universal reflexology, Raindrop techniques, needle-less acupressure massage, Vita Flex techniques, Tibetan reflexology, Young Living therapeutic Grade Essential oils, Wholistic Massage therapy and sustainable herbs from amazon rainforest herb company / Trivita, holistic Health Practitioner and Sustainable wellness consultant.

Relax and de-stress for a healthier and happier life by integrating therapeutic and effective wholistic skills coupled with his innately nurturing touch and sensitive caring hands to those who care about managing pain from acute & chronic ailments, including HIV, sciatica, anxiety, depression, weight reduction, to name a few, Mr. Makki has been improving the quality of lives for greater health and wellness, one foot at a time since 1998, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Live healthier and better with Mr. Makki
 is a unique and an insightful healing specialist who has been relieving stress and body tension, improving circulation and aiding in normalizing functions of the body systems to people from all over one sole at a time since 1998 with 
some of the finest and specialized healing arts in the integrative and energy medicine field.

Feel like heaven on earth

Mr. Makki is very in tuned with other's energies and therefore always understands the needs of the client thus yields to a more effective and therapeutic treatment session. 
Mr. Makki's
 Wholistic premise started long before his reflexology studies as he has always been a wholistic type of person, dealing with not only the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual levels in order to fully understand clients history as well attain a level of deep relaxation needed. As of 2008 or so, Mr. Makki has embarked on a journey with amazon herb company - thanks to Troy Casey aka: The Certified Health Nut" who happened to be at the same place and same time as I was in Santa Monica, CA and on and off I have been sharing the vision of the company's mission and 
help the world recognize the healing values of the living Rainforest.

The Journey:

For over 11 years, Mr. Makki - has been serving men and women in New York City and Tri state area. Board Certified and an experienced Reflexology practitioner and also Certified Master Reflexologist by NTCB aka "foot reflexor" (as nicknamed in the 1990's) has been easing and managing pain from acute & chronic ailments from A to Z, including anxiety, depression,  stress, body tension for men and women's health ailments including HIV and sciatica to name a few and all his life dealing with prevention, "Wholistically"    thereby improving the quality of lives for greater health and wellness.

Mr. Makki's journeys to health and wellness was a natural one. "Your health is your No. 1 priority", Mr. Makki's wise parents always engrained in him as a child. Having been into health and prevention all his life, "healing and prevention" is a natural path to follow. 

Hi Abbas, I wanted to send you a brief note to thank you for the great sessions we had on Saturday. I can’t tell you how wonderful the foot reflexology therapy was and how great it made me feel. I was able to run my 6 miles today with no foot pain what so ever. That transported me to a new level of relaxation and comfort that I have never felt before. You truly have the healing touch. Thanks again. I look forward to our next session. Have a great week. Joe - Loan Officer, Summer 2001, Senior Vice President of a major financial firm 2006-2012

How the journey began:

One day - one of his friend begged him to use his talented gifted touch professionally in the hopes to help and heal others who lack the nurturing energy and after Mr. Makki shrugged it off due to heavy snow weather, he attended the introductory reflexology class the following day which was a Sunday.  As soon as he entered, "that was it", the instructor announced that Mr/ Makki was the last person to enroll for the first reflexology class that was being taught then. Consequently he successfully completed his reflexology program and was a nationally board certified reflexologist (ARCB) and would further his educational seriously like a true professional.

Shift in career to Reflexology:

Mr. Makki graduated in Business Management and had explosure in the corporate world; from Advertising to Finance in the capital of the world, New York City. It was that exposure in the business culture that made him aware of the intesne stress and tension evident.

His passion further continued his education and attended conferences, maintained a private practice in Manhttan, New Jersey, shared an office with a chiropractor and to this day he still holds a wholistic and energy healing practice and loves every second of it.  Even though, Mr. Makki faced tremendous upheavals and life challenges as if his previous training and experience came to an end, he remained hopeful as health is your primary wealth in life, not money. He had assisted teaching with his reflexology  expertise and recently became a certified master reflexologist himself and will want to expand on his avenues to include teaching, books, learning programs, etc.  
Subscribe with loved ones, become an advocate  in wholistic healing.

Life after Reflexology:

A year after graduating and became a reflexology professional, Mr. Makki could not resist the chance to be in Hawaii on his reflexology conference (ICR)... he met few colleagues there which led him to complete his massage therapy program few years later and would attend more continuing education on healing conferences to include Dr. Gary Young, Chris Stromer, Bill Flocco, etc. Mr. Makki demonstrated his art and science of reflexology and healing skills at New York Corporate Health Fairs in the late nineties, early 2000. He has had his private practice and shared a office space with a chiropractor in the heart of NYC and spoken a whole day at Newark Museum for Ethnoscience Day.  Moreover, as the core reflexologist he has been attending to his Annual Client’s Beach Event in Long Island, New York to educating and demonstrating clients.  Recently, Mr. Makki was approved to be a Certified Master Reflexologist by the National Therapeutic Certification Board (NTCB). 

Mr. Makki was a member of professional associations for many years including, New York state Reflexology Association (NYSRA), Reflexology Association of New Jersey, (RANJ), Reflexology Association of America (RAA), and of course his ongoing status with ARCB and currently NTCB.

On Community Volunteer:


In 2001, it was Mr. Makki’s privilege to volunteer his healing services to the New York City Family Assistance Center (World Trade Center disaster relief), the Fire Department of New York, the New York City Police Department, the Red Cross and many of the other organizations involved in the relief effort. Later that year, he received a certificate from “Olive leaf Wellness Center” extending their heartfelt thanks for his efforts to providing bodywork and energy services in response to the 9/11 tragedy. In 2009, he has helped women who are beast cancer survivors by volunteering his time and gave reflexology sessions at a cancer organization in New york City.

On Skin Care:

For over 10 years,  Mr. Makki has been in the skin field and was very dissatisfied with the generically upscale brands for cosmetics or over the counter skin / hair care products that he always looked elsewhere to take care of his Mediterranean glow naturally. For as long as he could remember, he was never into generic or chemical based products at all, so it was fitting that when he discovered Made By Nature, Inc., and his brother helped me to establish it as part of his life. 

On [W]holistic Care:

As a caring wholistic specialist, Mr. Makki educates the public on the differences between natural and traditional modalities so they can have a better knowledge for themselves and loved ones. He has been practicing in the in New York City at a healing professional suite, with other health practitioners. Shared a private practice  with a chriopractor in  the Flatiron district,  and had a private practice in NJ since 1998. When necessary whether due to handicap or demanding schedules of others, he provides outcall visits to accommodate their needs. From to time, he travels around the country to bring new developments in continuing care to  his clients and the public thus raising the standard of health and healing.

On Learning:

An insightful expert in his field and a [w]holistic practitioner always enriches the lives of others; Mr. Makki will combine both thoughts to bring you my teachings, unique perspective, universal plus the western ways, covering all aspects needed to develop the basic skills to give the student a powerful insight, an appreciation to SELF - HELP and natural, [w]holistic living for a healthier and meaningful future!  For over 15 years and a long time advocate in prevention and healing - I have been inspiring others to live well with the power of natural resources in our lives!

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Abbas Makki NBCR, CMR,
Jan 15, 2010, 2:14 PM
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Jan 15, 2010, 2:15 PM