Spa Days

spa days image by abbas makki beepampered nycIncorporate your life with a healthy and a [w]holistic style of living. 
For your next SPA DAYS or  Rx 
health fair event, summer beach events, parties, birthdays or special occasions; Trust Abbas the certified master reflexologist and nationally board certified health care practitioner to take care of your health needs naturally, wholistically and sustainably.

Enjoy Foot reflexology treatment, Head, neck, shoulder and back massage bodywork or aroma therapy for the soul - excellent for parties, holidays, special events, personal or corporate, wellness, health fair, summer beach events bookings or whatever the occasion or season is. 

Stress buster solutions are here - Stress is the biggest culprit of disease and an everyday occurrence - since we know that then one must manage it wisely and regularly with foot and hand reflexology, vita Flex and raindrop techniques, with those ultra famous highest grade certified organic essential oils (to name a few). 

Catering to your well being is my specialty and you will definitely feel the results inside out for the better. We all have busy and demanding schedules in our hectic lifestyles regarding of we are! Regular health maintenance is a must for optimum health!  

Work Force / Special Event / Health and wellness Fair    Group setting / Birthdays / parties / Any occasion 

  1. Improve morales of employees within
    task force

  2. Reduce Absenteeism

  3.  Companies save $

  4.  Detox and Rejuvenate

  5.  Endorphins release

  6.  Feeling happy

  7.  Interrupt flow of stress and tension

  8.  Introduce health and wellness

  9.  Make friends

  10.  Everybody Wins

  11. Incorporating Beepampered wholistic reflexology and essential healing SPA DAY or Health & Wellness Day at your designated place of work or event provides immeasurable health results for your sanity and loved ones as it is important to reach one’s state relaxation and equilibrium.

  12. Break away from stress and tension of everyday life. Help  activate your energy centers in your body to heal faster and better for a healthier YOU. 

Go ahead! Be a champ and suggest a reflexology/spa day at your personal, business environment and gain more popularity than usual. So give back to your feet what your feet have been nurturing to you all your life with balance and support.

 Please use this spa contact form to book your next Spa days corporate event.

At Beepampered Wholistic healing, we invite you to be empowered as you learn and experience the powerful healing benefits of alternative and natural medicine with certified organic and sustainable amazon rainforest herbs and therapeutic organic products: Young Living Essential Oils and sustainable life force herbals from Amazon herb Company and made by nature for a total well being. WHOLISTIC is the way our bodies are meant to remain and thus treat in oder to sustain or better health.