Wholsitic Healing care since 1998 


  • Promotes body'’s balance and relaxation, naturally
  • Reduces inevitable stress and body tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Supplies necessary oxygen delivery to deprived cells
  • Helps your body heal itself naturally

The extremities are the easiest way to interrupt stress pattern and regain homeostasis throughout our bodies.


  • Safe natural and noninvasive
  • Profoundly relaxing - the first step in the  body's balancing of itself
  • Non biased; performed on a fully clothed   person. Only footwear is removed
  • Recognized around the world
  • Different from foot massage -and the discerning public knows the difference
  • The fastest - growing therapy in the complementary health and wellness field
    American Reflexology Certification Board

For further information:
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  • Reflexology is not a new modality but rather an ancient natural one where  the feet mirror the image of the body and the reflexes on feet, hands and ear correlate to different organs and glands of the whole body.

  •  Pinpointing or stimulating the feet reflexes may bring about relaxation and circulation to the whole body through electrical charges to the nervous systems is one theory, thus attaining homeostasis (normalization) to our body. Some specific techniques unique to the field of reflexology include finger walking, thumb walking, hook and back up.

  • A reflexology session last between 30 - 50 minutes, depending on level of relief needed, whether targeting a particular ailment or just for pampering. It is extremely relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

  • Only shoes and socks are removed and the client always feels comfortable. Longer and regular sessions may be needed for chronic sufferers.

  • Avoid reflexology on feet if they have: bruise, corn, rash, planter wart, infection, athlete foot, cracked callous, and if pregnant, first trimester is a no no.

  • Raindrop Therapy, Vita Flex Therapy, Emotional Cleaning, Aroma Therapy and more.

  • Reflexology is not prejudicial and is catered to everyone, including infants, but for that you will have to undergo specific knowledge about reflexology and its relations to infants.

  • Reflexology is extremely beneficial to those infected with HIV. I began my practice with clients infected with the virus, and helping them reach healthier lifestyles by improving their immune systems and general whole beings.

  • See above contraindications for (pregnancy and HIV).

  • Book anytime 24/7 online. Schedule by appointments.

  • I have come up with this system years ago, where by each membership will grant you a level of pampering. Membership $100,  250, 500, 1000.