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Wholistic vs. Holistic!!! That is the Question! While they both intend to mean the same thing so to speak! Wholistic is the term to use when referring to an approach as a “whole” system instead of “holisitic” as in a hole in your system  or fragmented,  as I sometime view hem - as “pokig holes” in your system, (doesn’t sound does it?) So if we focus  on individual components versus the whole, which makes better sense? Of course, WHOLISTIC / WHOLISM. Be aware of the proper term to use  term that is how we learn and develop a better sense of our world. Wholistic is the right word!!!

I am a huge fan of Moss Arnold - who I had the pleasure in listening to and meeting at one of my reflexology conferences years ago. He shared the the passion for bringing the light to our world with his insightful knowledge of reflexology and wholism. More about Abbas Makki, NBCR, LMT.

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