"Your health is your No. 1 priority”,my wise parents always engrained in me as a child. Having been into health and prevention all my life, healing is a natural progression. For years, I have been helping others with their health needs  and reach their nutritional goals and well-being with needed relief through my innate gifted touch and nurturing positive energy. I want to share with others what I have been blessed with, bringing to you the finest wholistic care available coupled with my remarkably intuitive and healing touch.

My pic:  Performing reflexology on a friend in hawaii.As a caring wholistic specialist, I have been educating the public on the differences between natural and traditional modalities so they can have a better knowledge for themselves and loved ones. Practicing in New York City at a healing professional suite, with other health practitioners has been rewarding: Shared a private practice   with a chriopractor in the Flatiron district, had a private practice in NJ since 1998 and when necessary, whether due to handicap or demanding schedules of others, I provide out call visits to accommodate their needs. From to time, I travel around the country to bring new developments in continuing care to  my clients and the public thus raising the standard of health and healing.

 I am still in New York City, delivering same healing services as before. Be well.