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Ancient, natural and non-invasive healing:
Administered by a highly experienced, Nationally
Board Certified and qualified
reflexologist for over 15 years and Natural Therapies
Certification Board. Helping people live a
longer, healthier and a
happier life wholistically: physically,emotionally,
mentally and spiritually, using effective and therapeutic
wholistic healing services and some of the finest
modalities around from personal and
corporate appointments to weekend self help classes
for those interested in empowering their lives and lives
of loved ones.

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Beesline ---- Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz
Have you heard?
What?  This line?   What is it?
Bzzzline - Bzzzline?
No silly!  “Beesline USA
The natural cosmetics, plant-based, hypoallergenic line for all skin types, body and hair care. Made mainly from beeswax, carrot oils and other healthy natural extracts, is now in the USA.
Sold over the counter in Europe and 
other parts of the world
Suitable to quench your largest body organ (skin) - For both men and women even babies -  

Anytime, any season, any occasion
And look as palatable as it feels