With high regard for ecology and sustainability, our hives are made from environmentally responsible wood that meets all of the stringent demands of specifiers and end users alike.

High quality Warré beehives and beekeeping accessories for sale

The surfaces of all of our bee boxes are sanded to remove the slick factory planer surfaces, thereby encouraging the bees to gather propolis which provides very amazing health benefits to bees.

Beehive Kits

    We have built Warré beehives and beehive kits for farmers, gardeners and garden supply stores in the Willamette Valley since 2008. The hive walls have the full one-inch thickness, an appropriate thickness for hiving bees. Each box has a closeable "port hole" window for an easy look at the bee situation within that box. All of my bee boxes are predrilled and easily assembled with compound rabbit joints.

    The standard kit includes parts for 3 bee-boxes & 1 quilt box & quilt filling, a ventilated "garden type" roof, top bars & beeswax, handles, hive floor & landing board, burlap, all of the required fasteners, complete illustrated instructions and costs $220.00. Fully assembled hives are available for local pickup..

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We are pleased that Gunther Hauk chose two of our Warré bee-friendly beehives to place in his Spikenard Bio-dynamic Honey Bee Sanctuary in Virginia. Also, Taggart Siegel, the director of the honey bee documentary "Queen of the Sun", after seeing many beehives around the world, chose Beeologique Warré beehives to place in his back yard at his home.
The Basic 2-box Beehive Kit
    This beehive kit is the same as the above kit except that is comes with two bee-boxes rather than three. With this kit, you will be able to have a beehive that will be the right size for your bees' first year. This basic 2-box kit costs $175.00.

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Beeologique® Clearer Board for Warré Beehives

    When you are ready to harvest, you may wish to use a clearer board for your Warré beehives. It is much easier for the beekeeper to remove the honey crop if the density of bees in the top box is reduced. This is my favorite way to remove bees from the box to be harvested. It is much gentler for the bees than other methods such as drumming, smoking the bees, using fume boards, using compressed air, etc.

    Made for Warré beehives, this extra deep clearer board is essentially, a one-way valve that allows bees to leave but doesn’t let them back in. It is efficient for clearing bees from a box of honey with minimal stress to the bees and the beekeeper. Just insert this below the box to be harvested and wait one or two days. The large diameter 8-way bee escape at the top, combined with the exceptionally tall exit chamber at the bottom, allows for a effective clearance of bees with minimal congestion of bees at the box beneath. The overall dimensions are: 13-13/16" x 13-13/16" x 2-1/2" The cost is $23.00

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Beeologique® Bee Feeder System

    The Beeologique bracket feeder system combines the convenience of an external feeder with the safety of an internal feeder.
    Any feeding done close to a hive entrance can incite robbing behavior where bees from another colony can smell the feed and start robbing it. Subsequently, the robbers will fight the resident bees to get to the honey stores inside the hive and many bees may die in the process. Often, the colony that was being fed will be completely overcome and will perish.
    This bracketed feeder system is designed to be used with a Warré bee hive from Beeologique. The feeder system mounts on the opposite side of the hive from the entrance. There, the bracket feeder system is clipped into a porthole, located in the rear of all Beeologique bee boxes. The system covers the entire opening and there is no way that a robber can get at the feed. This system is especially valuable in that it presents nothing to attract robbers to the vulnerable hive entrance.
This product includes the Beeologique bracket, a Cypress feeder, and a perforated Mason jar feeder lid. $20.00 (Mason jar NIC)


Beeologique® V-bottom Top-bars

    These special top bars, having a V-shaped bottom, influence the comb building activity to result in straighter and sturdier combs for the beekeeper to work with. $20.00/set of nine


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