Understanding the bee and natural beekeeping

(All publications are free, except for three)

 “Beekeeping for All” by Abbé Warré: This book should be read by all Warré beekeepers. You may
download the free book here.
One should take the downloaded PDF to a local printer to have it bound for handy for reference, or one may order the published book online. is an excellent site with pages dedicated to beekeeping using the hive developed by Abbé Émile Warré, containing Warré plans, methods, modifications, precursers and much else. It is a highly recommended website.
 "Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive" -- A Manual and "The Bee-friendly
Beekeeper" by Dr. David Heaf are excellent books on Warré beekeeping and beekeeping in general. Mr. Heaf, a beekeeper and champion for honeybees, has observed, researched and written to provide huge help for beekeepers and honeybees.
  "Nine Lectures on Bees" by Rudolf Steiner: The unconscious wisdom contained in the beehive and how this relates to the human experiences of health, civilization, and the cosmos is amply described in his unique free book.
An e-group for Warré beekeeping can be joined via or by sending an email to warrebeekeeping: This Warré group is intended for all those interested in bee-friendly, sustainable beekeeping based on the hive of Abbé Emile Warré.
"The Practical Beekeeper" Beekeeping Naturally by Michael Bush. This book is about how to keep bees in a natural and practical system where they do not require treatments for pests and diseases and only minimal interventions. It is also about simple practical beekeeping. The complete content of this extensive book is also available free online.
 "At the Hive Entrance" by H. Storch
A classic in beekeeping literature, this manual describes the many things that can be learned about internal hive conditions by observing the behavior of honey bees at the hive entrance. Free here: At The Hive Entrance-Storch
 "The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism" by Jürgen Tautz
In contrast to the view of bee colonies as perfect societies of selfless individuals ruled by a queen, Tautz introduces them as a "superorganism", a self organizing and complex adaptive system based on a network of communication; a fascinating result of evolution – resembling a mammal in several bodies.
 "The Complete Idiots Guide to Beekeeping" by Dean Stiglitz and Laurie
Herboldsheimer. This is one of the best beginners book I have read. A fine and inexpensive book on natural beekeeping.
 Catching a swarm in a garden

 Swarms and Swarm Trapping - A lecture by Professor Seeley about swarm decisions.

 Bait Hives for Honeybees

 Varroa mites: To treat or not to treat - A short talk on hive treatments by Dr. David Heaf