Beeologique is an initiative begun in 2008 by Bill Wood and Marie-Christine Lhomond, dedicated to caring for honeybees with a commitment to organic management, Demeter standards and natural, sustainable, bee-friendly beekeeping. We care for our bees in bee-friendly Warré beehives, located in small backyard, rooftop and cityside apiaries throughout Eugene, Oregon.

As a beekeeper with long experience in the woodworking industry, I wished to build my own hives and I chose to build the bee-friendly Warré hive. I soon began producing these hives for farmers, gardeners and beekeeping supply stores, building my hives to the original specifications of Abbé Émile Warré.

The care of bees is not a technology. It is an art.

Bill Wood and Marie-Christine Lhomond, beekeepers (541) 687-8211