Warré Beehives, Bee hive kits and Beekeeping Supplies

Beeologique is an initiative begun in 2008 by Bill Wood and Marie-Christine Lhomond, dedicated to caring for honeybees with a commitment to organic management, Demeter standards and natural, sustainable, bee-friendly beekeeping. We care for our bees in bee-friendly Warré beehives, located in small backyard, rooftop and cityside apiaries throughout Eugene, Oregon.

As a beekeeper with long experience in the woodworking industry, I build our own hives. We chose to build the bee-friendly Warré hive and we soon began producing these hives for farmers, gardeners and beekeeping supply stores. We build our hives to the original specifications of Abbé Émile Warré.

The care of bees is not a technology. It is an art.

Bill Wood and Marie-Christine Lhomond, beekeepers (541) 687-8211