Been There Premium in 5 steps.
For Android.

Step 1. Take geotagged pictures...
Activate the geo-tag option in the Camera app's Settings, then wait for the GPS signal to be tracked.

Make sure that the GPS signal is available. If you are inside a building, this is very unlikely to work, unless your phone also relies on what we call a coarse location, which is less precise but takes less time to be tracked. The coarse positioning needs an Internet connection, so you might want to turn it on.

Step 2. Find them on Been There...
Easily navigate on the map.

Smart Navigation

Been There shows your geotagged pictures on a map. Click on the picture to see where it was taken, or click on the dot to find its corresponding picture.
Only the visible pictures on the current map screen are shown in the gallery. This is great to filter your pictures based on their locations.
  • Albums: list all your geo-albums (see step 4).
  • New Album: Create a new album. Takes all the pictures visible on the current screen as an input for your new album.
  • Map Options: Satellite or Map view? Also choose to display your current location or not on the map.
  • My Location: Move the map to your current location. Of course, it also forces to display your location if you had it disabled in the Map Options.
  • Refresh: Did you just take new pictures? Refresh the map to check them out. Refresh reinitializes your albums as well.

Preview Too Small? Here is a tip..
Leave your finger on the bottom edge of the picture for 1 second, then drag up or down to set the size of the gallery.

The Picture Viewer
Double-click on a picture from the map, a picture viewer will show up. You can display the note by clicking on the bar at the bottom, and hide it when you're done reading.

Step 3. Create a new album...
Classify your pictures by location or interest.

From the map, click on New Albums: all the pictures that were visible on the current map are listed.
  • Don't forget to set a title for this new album.
  • You may add a note for each picture,
  • And remove one or several pictures from this album (this will apply during the Save operation).
  • Click on Save when you're done, or all your modifications will be lost.

Step 4. Manage your albums...
At your finger tip.

A Quick Tour
Once you're done creating albums, go back to the map, and in the menu click on Albums in order to list all your albums. Uncheck the check button if you don't want the given album to be displayed on the map. Thus, if you have overlapping albums, that will be a good way to focus on one or another.
The All phone pictures album is slightly different as it contains all the geotagged pictures that you have on your phone.

Long-Click on an Album
A menu appears and allows you to:
  • View album: View all the pictures of the album in the picture viewer.
  • Send album: Share the album with anyone by e-mail (see step 5).
  • Edit album: Edit the album just like you created one in step 3.
  • Delete album: Self-explanatory :)

Step 5. Share your albums...
With your friends, family, colleagues...

Send albums by e-mail
As you saw in step 4, you can send an album. Why would I do that? Let's say you spent a week in California and took pictures with your phone while you were there. Guess what.. your best friend is going there next week, so you would like them to see where you've been, and what you had to say about these places. Simply click on Send album, then e-mail your album to your friend. All they have to do is open the attached Your-album-title.kmz file, and Been There Premium will import it, and save it to their albums.

What about Google Earth?
Oh right! The person to whom you send the album does not need Been There Premium to be able to view it. If Google Earth is installed on their desktop, they can download the attachment and open it, Google Earth will launch automatically. The pins show the location of your pictures. Click on a pin, and the corresponding picture is displayed with your note!

Cool Use Cases
  • Traveling of course: revisit your pictures in a totally different way.
  • Export your albums to Google Earth.
  • Tour suggestions.
  • Visiting apartments or houses?
  • Where did I park my car? Take a picture before of course.
  • Accident reports for Police Officers (real use case).
  • Zoom out and check whether you are a Globe Trotter or not!
  • Remember this restaurant? Where was it again?
Hope you like it!