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    The story of the Transcaucasian Kurd and his misfortunes became known to Gurdjieff in his youth. The Kurd was an ignorant man of the hills who knew little of the ways of the valleys and cities, Indeed, living as he did, he hardly knew anything of the variety of foodstuffs a townsdweller could enjoy. It was because of this he was fooled by the attractive appearance of a 'fruit' he saw in a shop on one of his occasional visits to a town and he decided to spend his last two cents in buying a pound of it. The Transcaucasian Kurd's behaviour on discovering the burning horror of the red peppers he had bought has become a symbol for a certain inherency in the general psyche of people. Instead of the seemingly rational approach of putting an end to his suffering; because his last money is sunk into them, the Kurd went on eating to the bitter end.