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 Ahoon was, for almost all his life, personal servant to Beelzebub. In common with all of Beelzebub's kinsmen, he went into exile with his master, but had the privilege of accompanying him on all his journeys, including his six descents to Earth. During the journey on the spaceship Karnak from the planet Karatas to the planet Revozvradendr, Ahoon was present at all the discussions and narrations through which Beelzebub instructed his grandson Hassein. In these discussions, he played a largely passive role, never describing his experiences unless asked to specifically by his master. When he did make a speech, he did so in imitation of Beelzebub himself. His embarrassment at speaking in the presence of Beelzebub was usually manifested by arranging the folds of his tail or even wiping his brow with it.

In spite of his closeness to Beelzebub and the great respect and love which he bore towards him, Ahoon was overwhelmed by the manifestation of Beelzebub's Reason after the Sacred Ritual in which he is transfigured and revealed as being of the gradation of the Sacred Podkoolad - that is the last gradation before the Sacred Anklad -the highest being they can attain. He is forced to confess his blindness and explains that this is due to a lack of adequate education during his formative years, which his years of experience could never compensate for. In spite of Beelzebub's boundless compassion and reason, Ahoon could not be helped and his confession only confirmed the importance of the education that Hassein was receiving.