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Ch 47

Beelzebub intended to say more, but just then everything
was suddenly lit up with a “pale blue something.” From
that moment the falling of the ship Karnak began to diminish
perceptibly in speed.
All this meant that one of the great Cosmic Egolionopties
was about to come alongside the space-ship Karnak.
And indeed through the transparent outer parts of the
ship Karnak the source of that “pale blue something” soon
became visible, which lit up not only the whole of the interior
of the ship Karnak but also all the space of the Universe
surrounding this great cosmic Egolionopty as far as
the ordinary vision of beings could reach.
Of these great Egolionopties there are only four in the
Universe and each of them is under the jurisdiction of one
of the four All-Quarters-Maintainers of the Universe.
A hurried and anxious commotion began among all of
the beings aboard, and in a short time all the passengers
and the crew assembled in the main hall situated in the
center of the ship.
Each of them bore a branch of myrtle in one hand and
a Devd’el Kascho in the other.
When the great cosmic Egolionopty had come alongside
the ship Karnak, certain parts of the latter were
moved apart in a special way and there passed from the
Egolionopty into the main hall of the ship a procession
composed of several archangels and a multitude of angels,
cherubim, and seraphim, and they all too bore branches
in their hands, but of palm.
At the head of this procession walked a venerable
archangel and immediately after him two cherubim followed
solemnly, bearing a casket from which something also radiated,
but this time something orange.
In front of everyone in the main hall of the ship Karnak
stood Beelzebub and behind him were ranged his
kinsmen and the captain of the ship, and all the others
stood behind them at a respectful distance.
When the said procession from the Egolionopty neared
the beings of Beelzebub’s nature who were assembled in
expectation, they halted and all of both forces, differently
natured three-brained beings, joined together in singing
the “Hymn to our ENDLESSNESS,” which Hymn is always
sung on such occasions everywhere in the Universe, by beings
of all natures and all forms of exterior coating.
This Hymn consists of the following words:
Thou Long Patient CREATOR Of All That Breathes,
Thou Abundantly LOVING CAUSE Of All That Exists,
Thou Unique VANQUISHER Of The Merciless Heropass,
Now To The Sounds Of Our Glorifying
Only Rejoice And Abide In Beatitude.
By Thy Unprecedented Labors Thou Hast Given Us
The Beginning Of Our Arisings,
By Thy Vanquishing Of The Heropass Have We
Obtained The Possibility
Of Perfecting Ourselves To The Sacred Anklad.
And Now Only Rest, As Merited,
And We, In Gratitude, Will Maintain All That Thou
Hast Created
And Always And In All Things Will Extol Thee Forever,
Thou, The Beginning Of All Ends,
Thou, Proceeding From Infinity,
Thou, Having The End Of All Things Within Thyself,
When the Hymn had been sung, the venerable archangel
approached Beelzebub and solemnly proclaimed:
“By the decree of his All-Quarters-Maintainer, the
Arch-cherub Peshtvogner, and bearing his own sacred rod,
we appear before you, your Right Reverence, in order to
restore to you, in accord with the pardon granted you
from Above and for certain of your merits, what you lost
during your exile—your horns.”
Having said this, the venerable archangel turned
toward the casket borne by the cherubim and with profound
reverence carefully took from it the sacred rod.
Meanwhile all those present knelt down on one knee,
while the angels and cherubim began to sing the appropriate
sacred canticles.
Taking the sacred rod in his hand, the archangel turned
again towards Beelzebub and spoke thus to the beings of
Beelzebub’s nature:
“Beings created by our same UNI-BEING ENDLESSNESS
Who has pardoned this once erring being Beelzebub, who
by the infinite grace of our CREATOR will again exist
among you, beings like Himself. . . .
“As the virility and degree of Reason of beings of your
nature are defined and manifested by the horns on your
head, we must with the permission of our All-Quarters-
Maintainer, and with your help, restore the horns lost by
“Beings created by our ONE COMMON FATHER, your aid
will consist in this, that each of you should consent to renounce
for Beelzebub’s merited pardon certain particles of
your own horns.
“Whosoever therefore consents and wishes to do so, let
him approach the sacred rod and touch its handle, and on
the length of time the handle of the sacred rod is held will
depend the amount of active elements passing from
your own horns for the formation of the corresponding
horns on this pardoned being of your nature.”
Having said this, the venerable archangel, holding the
chief end of the sacred rod, that is, the ball, over the kneeling
Beelzebub, turned the handle towards those there assembled
in such a way that whoever wished might touch it.
As soon as the venerable archangel had finished speaking,
a very great commotion began among the beings of
Beelzebub’s nature, each desiring to approach nearer and
to be the first to touch the sacred rod with their hands as
long as possible.
Order, however, was soon established and each then in
turn approached and held the handle for as long as was
indicated by the captain of the ship, who had taken upon
himself the necessary direction.
During the solemn, sacred action, horns little by little
began to grow upon the head of Beelzebub.
At first, while just the bare horns were being formed,
only a concentrated quiet gravely prevailed among those
assembled. But from the moment that forks began to appear
upon the horns a tense interest and rapt attention began
to be manifested among them. This latter state
proceeded among them, because everybody was agitated
by the wish to learn how many forks would make their appearance
on Beelzebub, since by their number the gradation
of Reason to which Beelzebub had attained according
to the sacred measure of Reason would be defined.
First one fork formed, then another, and then a third,
and as each fork made its appearance a clearly perceptible
thrill of joy and unconcealed satisfaction proceeded
among all those present.
As the fourth fork began to be formed on the horns, the
tension among those assembled reached its height, since
the formation of the fourth fork on the horns signified that
the Reason of Beelzebub had already been perfected
to the sacred Ternoonald and hence that there remained
for Beelzebub only two gradations before attaining to the
sacred Anklad.
When the whole of this unusual ceremony neared its
end and before all those assembled had had time to recover
their self-possession from their earlier joyful agitation,
there suddenly and unexpectedly appeared on the
horns of Beelzebub quite independently a fifth fork of a
special form known to them all.
Thereupon all without exception, even the venerable
archangel himself, fell prostrate before Beelzebub, who
had now risen to his feet and stood transfigured with a
majestic appearance, owing to the truly majestic horns
which had arisen on his head.
All fell prostrate before Beelzebub because by the fifth
fork on his horns it was indicated that He had attained
the Reason of the sacred Podkoolad, i.e., the last gradation
before the Reason of the sacred Anklad.
The Reason of the sacred Anklad is the highest to
which in general any being can attain, being the third in
degree from the Absolute Reason of HIS ENDLESSNESS HIMSELF.
But the Reason of the sacred Podkoolad, to which
Beelzebub had already perfected himself, is also very
rare in the Universe, hence even the venerable archangel
prostrated himself before Beelzebub because his own degree
of Reason was as yet only that of the sacred Degindad,
i.e., wanting three degrees to the Reason of the
sacred Anklad.
When all had arisen to their feet, the venerable
archangel, addressing this time all the assembled beings of
various natures, proclaimed:
“Beings created by One CREATOR, we have all just become
worthy to be the first to behold the final formation
of the appearance of that which is the dream both of all
those present and of the beings in general of the whole of
our great Megalocosmos.
“And now let us all together exult and rejoice over such
a worthiness, which is for us such a revivifying shock for
our ability to struggle against our own denying source,
which ability alone can lead us to that sacred Podkoolad
attained by one of the sons of our COMMON FATHER,who
although he first transgressed on account of his youth, yet
afterwards was able by his conscious labors and intentional
sufferings to become worthy with his essence to be
one of the very rare Sacred Individuals of the whole of our
Great Universe.”
After this proclamation of the archangel all the beings
without exception present on the space-ship Karnak then
began to sing the prescribed sacred canticle entitled “I Rejoice.”
And when this last sacred canticle also had been sung,
all the angels and cherubim, with the venerable archangel
at their head, returned to the cosmic Egolionopty which
then left the ship Karnak and disappeared gradually into
space, whereupon the passengers and crew began to disperse
to their places and the Karnak resumed its falling
toward its destination.
After the termination of the Most Great Universal
Solemnity just described, Beelzebub with His grandson
and His old servant Ahoon, deeply moved like all of the
other passengers of the space-ship Karnak by this unexpected
event, returned to that part of the ship where all
their talks proceeded concerning the men-beings arising
and existing on the Earth.
When Beelzebub, now with a transfigured appearance
corresponding to His merits and visible to all, had occupied
His usual place, Ahoon, His old servant who had been close
to Him during almost the whole of His existence,
unexpectedly fell prostrate before Him and in a sincerely
entreating voice began to speak:
“Sacred Podkoolad of our Great Megalocosmos! Have
mercy upon me and pardon me, an unfortunate ordinary
three-centered being, for my past disrespectful manifestations,
voluntary and involuntary, towards Your Sacred Essence.
“Have mercy and pardon me: just this three-centered
being, who, though he has existed a very long time, yet to
his misfortune—only because in his preparatory age nobody
aided the crystallization in him of the data for the
ability of intensively actualizing being-Partkdolg-duty—
had until now been so shortsighted that he had been unable
to sense the reality present beneath an exterior with
which, according to the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat,
all those existing and newly arising units of the
Megalocosmos are coated, who ought to have in their
presence that sacred ‘something’ which is called Reason.”
Having said this, Ahoon stood as if sunk in a stupor of
silent expectancy.
And Beelzebub, also in silence, gazed at him with a
look which, though perceived externally from without was
full of love and forgiveness, yet there could be felt in it
also His Essence-grief and inevitable resignation.
During this afore-described scene, Hassein stood apart
in the posture everywhere called the ‘posture-of-the-all-famous-
universal-hermit,’ Harnatoolkpararana of the planet
And when a little bit later Beelzebub cast His eyes
around and noticed His grandson in the said posture, He
turned to him and said:
“What, my boy! Can it be that the same proceeds in
your presence as in our old Ahoon’s?”
To this question of Beelzebub’s, Hassein, also in an uncertain
tone unusual for him, timidly replied:
“Almost ... yes ... Sacred Podkoolad of our Great
Megalocosmos. Only with this difference, that at this moment
the impulse of love both for our Ahoon and for the
three-brained beings of the planet Earth now functions
still more strongly in me.
“This impulse of love has become stronger in me, evidently
because, as it seems to me, both Ahoon and the
three-brained beings of the planet Earth have greatly
aided me in becoming worthy to be a recent eyewitness of
the Great Solemnity of Him who is the cause of the cause
of my arising and Whom hitherto I have called my dear
grandfather and Who has already visibly become one of
the sacred Podkoolads of our Great Megalocosmos, before
Whom all will bow and before Whom I have at this moment
the happiness to stand.”
“Eh, eh, eh!” exclaimed Beelzebub, and having given
his features the usual expression He was wont to assume
during his sojourn on the Earth, said:
“First of all I wish to remark and in the speech of Mullah
Nassr Eddin, whom I particularly honor, to voice the
thought which arises by association concerning Ahoon’s
words which were not peculiar to him and his assumed
posture quite unusual for him.
“Our dear teacher in such a case would say, ‘Don’t shed
tears in vain like that crocodile which snapped at the fisherman
and missed biting off his lower left half.’
“And now first take your usual places and then let us
talk a little more.
“Although our ship is now entering the spheres of our
planet Karatas, yet as usually happens with space-ships, in
order to exhaust the momentum they have acquired, a
fairly long time will elapse before it stops at its destined
mooring place.”
Hassein and Ahoon immediately and silently proceeded
to follow the suggestion of Beelzebub, though by their
movements and the translucency of their inner psyche, it
was evident that there had been a marked change in their
attitude toward the person of Beelzebub since the above described
Common Universal Event.
When they had taken their places they sat down,
this time not with the unconstraint they had formerly
Then Beelzebub, turning to Hassein, said, “First of
all, my boy, I give you my word that when we return
home—unless any event from external causes independent
of our Essence will prevent this—I shall explain to you
everything relating to the three-brained beings who have
taken your fancy, concerning that which during this journey
of ours on the ship Karnak I promised to explain, but
which I have for some reason or other left unexplained.
“But meanwhile, if you have any question in mind that
now needs explanation, ask.
“I warn you, however, that we have not enough time to
reply in the manner that has become proper to our talks
during all this time and hence try to formulate your question
in such a way that my answer also may be brief.
“By such a question you can even, apropos, once more
show me to what extent your logical mentation has increased
during my tales concerning the strange psyche of
the three-centered beings arising and existing on the
planet Earth.”
At this proposal of his grandfather, Hassein deeply
thought rather a long time, and then, in an exalted mood,
spoke as follows:
“Sacred Podkoolad and fundamental cause of the cause
of my arising!
“Since the solemnity which has just taken place, when
Your Sacred Essence became coated with a corresponding
visible exterior and when thereby the whole of its significance
which cannot be perceived nor understood by all
three-brained beings became clear and even sensible to me
as well as to every other cosmic unit, save Yourself, every
word spoken by You and every counsel of Yours is taken
by me as law.
“I must therefore strive with the whole of my presence to
carry out the suggestion You have just made to me and try
as well and as briefly as possible to formulate my question.
“Sacred Podkoolad, and cause of the cause of my arising.
“In order that the convictions formed in me during this
time, owing to Your explanation of the abnormalities proceeding
on the Earth, may become definitely crystallized
in me, I still wish very much to have this time Your personal
and frank opinion as to the following: How You
would reply if, let us suppose, our ALL-EMBRACING CREATOR
ENDLESSNESS HIMSELF, were to summon You before
HIM and ask You this:
“‘Beelzebub! ! ! !
“‘You, as one of the anticipated, accelerated results of
all My actualizations, manifest briefly the sum of your
long-centuried impartial observations and studies of the
psyche of the three-centered beings arising on the planet
Earth and state in words whether it is still possible by
some means or other to save them and to direct them into
the becoming path?’”
Having said this, Hassein arose and, standing in a posture
of reverence, began to look expectantly at Beelzebub.
And Ahoon also rose.
Beelzebub, smiling lovingly at this question of Hassein’s,
first said that He was now quite convinced that His
tales had brought Hassein the desired results; and then in
a serious tone He continued that if our ALL-EMBRACING
UNI-BEING-CREATOR should indeed summon Him before
HIM and ask Him thus, He would answer.
Thereupon Beelzebub suddenly also arose unexpectedly
and having stretched His right hand forward and His left
hand back, He directed His vision somewhere afar off,
and it seemed that with His sight He was, as it were,
piercing the very depths of space.
Simultaneously ‘something’ pale yellow began little by
little to arise around Beelzebub and to envelop Him, and
it was in no way possible to understand or to discern
whence this something issued—whether it issued from
Beelzebub Himself or proceeded to Him from space from
sources outside of Him.
Finding Himself in these cosmic actualizations incomprehensible
for all three-brained beings, Beelzebub in a
loud voice unusual for Him very penetratingly intoned
the following words:
“The sole means now for the saving of the beings of the
planet Earth would be to implant again into their presences
a new organ, an organ like Kundabuffer, but this
time of such properties that every one of these unfortunates
during the process of existence should constantly
sense and be cognizant of the inevitability of his own
death as well as of the death of everyone upon whom his
eyes or attention rests.
“Only such a sensation and such a cognizance can now
destroy the egoism completely crystallized in them that
has swallowed up the whole of their Essence and also that
tendency to hate others which flows from it—the tendency,
namely, which engenders all those mutual relationships
existing there, which serve as the chief cause of all
their abnormalities unbecoming to three-brained beings
and maleficent for them themselves and for the whole of
the Universe.”
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