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Ch 29

The Fruits of Former Civilizations and the Blossoms of the Contemporary
  According to the associative flow of my tales concerning
the three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth
who have taken your fancy, I must now, my boy, without
fail explain to you a little more about those two powerful
communities there named ‘Greeks’ and ‘Romans,’ who
made a ‘clean sweep’ from the surface of that ill-fated
planet of even the memory of the results obtained from
the Most Saintly Labors of the Essence-loving Ashiata
“I must tell you first of all that at that period when on
the surface of your planet, on the continent of Asia, there
was actualized from Above within the presence of a three-brained
being the already definitized sacred conception of
our now Omnicosmic Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash, and
later also, during the periods of His Very Saintly Activities
and the subsequent gradual destruction by your favorites
of all the results obtained from them, there also
existed on the neighboring continent, then already called
Europe, great numbers of those strange three-brained beings
who have taken your fancy, and who had already long
before grouped themselves into various independent communities.
“Among the number of those independent communities,
there were during those periods, owing to those cosmic
laws which I have once mentioned to you, those two
large and, as they say there, ‘most-powerful’ communities,
that is to say, well organized and possessing more means
for the processes of reciprocal destruction, the Greeks and
“And about these, from the point of view of your contemporary
favorites, Very-ancient’ communities, I must
furthermore not fail to explain to you and possibly in detail,
because not only did they then, as I have already said,
make a clean sweep from the face of that unfortunate
planet of the last results beneficial for all the three-brained
beings of all subsequent epochs, and even of all traces of
the memory of the Very Saintly Labors of the Essence-loving
Ashiata Shiemash, but they were also the cause that
real ‘nonsense’ already proceeds in the Reasons of the contemporary
favorites of yours, and that there is completely
atrophied in them that ‘fundamental-being-impulse’
which is the main lever of objective morality, and which
is called ‘organic shame.’
“A closer acquaintance with these big groupings of your
favorites and with various forms of ‘bliss’ prepared by
them and which have passed to the beings of later epochs,
will give you a good idea and enable you to understand
exactly how separate independent communities are
formed there, and also how a given community, having
become powerful quite independently of the beings themselves,
takes advantage of the fact and sets about destroying
everything already attained by the other ‘less powerful’
communities, and forces upon them their own ‘new inventions,’
in most cases sincerely imagining that they
truly are just what the others need.
“I must warn you, my boy, that my story of the history
of their arising and of everything later connected with
those ancient communities called Greeks and Romans is
not based on the results of my personal investigations; no,
I shall only give you the information about them which I
got from one of those beings of our tribe who wished to
remain to exist forever on that planet of yours.
“The circumstances were these: in descending to the
planet Earth for the sixth and last time, I proposed to
attain, at any cost, the final elucidation to myself of all the
genuine causes why the psyche of those three-brained beings,
which should be like the psyche of the rest of the
three-brained beings of our Great Universe, had on that
planet become so exceptionally strange.
“And having during my investigations repeatedly constated
that a fundamental cause of the various abnormalities
of the general psyche of the contemporary beings was
what is called ‘civilization’ sown by those two large groups
of beings called Greeks and Romans, I was obliged to inquire
into certain details about them also.
“But as I was fully occupied at that time with my researches
concerning the activities of the Very Saintly
Ashiata Shiemash, I commissioned the elucidation of the
history of the arising of these two independent groupings
of your favorites—in respect of what is called, their ‘subjective-
being-Being’—to that same being of our tribe who
as I have already told you, still carries on an ‘undertaker’s
business’ in a large city on the continent of Europe down
to the present time.
“From the investigations of this countryman of ours, it
seems that long ago before the period to which my tale
about the majestic city of Babylon referred, namely, at the
time when the process of the existence of those strange beings
was proceeding mainly on the continent Asia alone,
and when their chief center of culture was Tikliamish,
there were on that said continent of Europe, which is now
the chief place of existence of your favorites, as yet no definitely
organized communities.
“There then chiefly existed on that continent two-brained
and one-brained beings called ‘wild quadrupeds’
and ‘reptiles,’ but of your favorites, the biped beings,
there were then on that continent only a number of small
groups, almost as ‘wild’ as the ‘quadrupeds’ themselves.
“The occupation of these small groups of biped beings
was merely the destruction of the ‘quadruped’ and ‘reptile’
beings, and occasionally also of each other.
“And the numbers of your favorites on that continent
Europe only increased when emigrants from Maralpleicie,
wandering from one place to another, finally arrived and
settled there.
“Towards the close of that period there migrated from
Tikliamish to that continent Europe a number of beings
of the first Asiatic group who followed two quite distinct
occupations: namely, some of them were engaged in various
marine occupations, and others in what are called
there ‘cattle raising’ and ‘sheep farming.’
“The cattle-raising families populated chiefly the southern
shores of the continent, because those parts were at
that time very convenient for the maintenance and grazing
of such quadruped beings.
“And that group of terrestrial beings was then called
’Latinaki,’ a word that signified ‘shepherds.’
“At first these shepherds existed with their families and
flocks scattered in different places; but later on their numbers
gradually increased, partly from the immigration of
beings from the continent Asia having the same occupation
as themselves, and partly because they were becoming
more and more prolific, owing to the fact that the
Nature of the planet Earth was beginning to adapt Herself
to the deteriorating quality of the vibrations She demanded
that had to be formed from their radiations, by
substituting those vibrations which are now obtained only
from the process of their sacred Rascooarno, or as they say
“And thus when, thanks to all this, their numbers had
considerably increased and external conditions demanded
frequent relations between separate families, they formed
their first common place, and this common place they
called ‘Rimk.’
“It was from that group of Asiatic shepherds that the
later famous Romans originated; their name having been
taken from the name of their first common place Rimk.
“Those Asiatic beings who were engaged in ‘marine occupations,’
namely, in fishing and in gathering sponges,
coral, and seaweed, emigrated with their families for the
convenience of their profession and settled either on the
western shores of their own continent Ashhark, on the
southeastern shores of the continent Europe, or on the islands
of the straits which still divide the continents Asia
and Europe.
“The beings of those newly formed groups of three-brained
terrestrial beings were then called ‘Hellenaki,’ a
word that meant ‘fishermen.’
“The number of the beings, of that group also, gradually
increased owing to the same causes already mentioned
respecting the group of shepherds.
“The name of the beings of this second group
changed many times and finally they came to be called
“And so, my dear boy, the beings of these two groups
were one of the chief causes that the Reasons of the contemporary
favorites of yours have become mechanical,
and that the data for engendering the impulse of being-shame
have become completely atrophied in them.
“The Greeks were the cause why the Reasons of the
three-brained beings there began gradually to degenerate
and ultimately became so degenerate that among contemporary
beings it is already as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin
says, ‘a-real-mill-for-nonsense.’
“And the Romans were the cause why, as a result of
successive changes, those factors are never crystallized in
the presences of the contemporary three-brained beings
there, which in other three-brained beings engender the
impulse called ‘instinctive shame’; that is to say, the being
impulse that maintains what are called ‘morals’ and ‘objective
“Thus it was that those two communities arose there,
which afterwards, as it often happens there, became very
solid and powerful for a definite period. And the history
of their further maleficent ‘prepared inheritance’ for the
beings of subsequent generations is as follows:
“According to the investigations of our mentioned
countryman, it seems that the earliest ancestors of the beings
of the community, which was later called ‘Greece,’
were often obliged, on account of the frequent storms at
sea which hindered them in their marine occupations, to
seek refuge during the rains and winds, in sheltered
places, where out of boredom, they played various ‘games’
which they invented for their distraction.
“As it later became clear, these ancient fishermen
amused themselves at first with such games as children
now play there—but children, it must be remarked, who
have not yet started contemporary schooling—because
the children there who do go to school have so much
homework to do, consisting chiefly of learning by rote the
’poetry’ which various candidate Hasnamusses have composed
there, that the poor children never have time to
play any games.
“Briefly, these poor bored fishermen played at first the
ordinary children’s games already established there long
before; but afterwards when one of them invented a new
game called ‘pouring-from-the-empty-into-the-void,’ they
were all so pleased with it that thereafter they amused
themselves with that alone.
“This game consisted in formulating some question always
about some ‘fiddle-faddle’ or other, that is to say, a
question about some deliberate piece of absurdity, and the
one to whom the question was addressed had to give as
plausible an answer as possible.
“Well, it was just this same game that became the cause
of all that happened later.
“It turned out that among those ancient bored fishermen,
there were several so ‘bright’ and ‘ingenious’ that
they became expert in inventing, according to the principle
of that peculiar ‘game,’ very long explanations.
“And when one of them discovered how to make what
was afterwards called ‘parchment’ from the skin of the fish
called ‘shark,’ then some of these skillful fellows, just to
’swagger’ before their companions, even began inscribing
these long explanations of theirs on these fishskins, employing
those conventional signs which had been invented
earlier, for another game called ‘mousetrap.’
“Still a little later, when these bored fishermen had already
given place to their descendants, both these inscribed
fishskins and the craze for the said peculiar ‘game’
passed on to the latter by inheritance; and these various
new inventions, both their own and their ancestors’, they
called first by the very high-sounding name ‘science.’
“And from then on, as the craze for ‘cooking up’ these
sciences passed from generation to generation, the beings
of that group, whose ancestors had been simple Asiatic
fishermen, became ‘specialists’ in inventing all kinds of
sciences such as these.
“These sciences, moreover, also passed from generation
to generation and a number of them have reached the
contemporary beings of that planet almost unchanged.
“And hence it is that almost a half of what are called
the ‘egoplastikoori’ arising in the Reason of the contemporary
beings of that ill-fated planet, from which what
is called a ‘being-world-outlook’ is in general formed
in beings, are crystallized just from the ‘truths’ invented
there by those bored fishermen and their subsequent
“Concerning the ancient shepherds who later formed
the great powerful community called ‘Rome,’ their ancestors
also were often forced, on account of bad weather, to
put their flocks into sheltered places, and to pass the time
together somehow or other.
“Being together, they had Various talks.’ But when
everything had been talked out and they felt bored, then
one of them suggested that as a relief they should take up
the pastime which they called for the first time ‘cinque-contra-
uno’ (five-against-one), an occupation which has
been preserved down to the present time, under the same
name, among their descendants who continue to arise and
exist there.
“So long as only the beings of the male sex then engaged
in that occupation, everything went ‘quietly and
peacefully,’ but when a little later their ‘passive halves,’
that is to say their women, also joined in, who, immediately
appreciating it, soon became addicted to it, they
then gradually attained in these ‘occupations’ such ‘finesses,’
that even if our All-universal Arch-cunning Lucifer
should rack his honorable brains, he could not even
invent a tithe of the ‘turns’ these erstwhile shepherds then
invented and ‘prepared’ for the beings of the succeeding
generations of that ill-fated planet.
“And so, my boy, when both these independent groupings
of terrestrial three-brained beings multiplied and began
acquiring every variety of those effective ‘means,’
namely, the means of reciprocal destruction, whose acquisition
is the usual aim of all communities there during all
periods of their existence, they then began carrying out
these ‘processes’ with other independent communities
there—for the most part, of course, with the less powerful
communities, and occasionally among themselves.
“Here it is extremely interesting to notice that when periods
of peace occurred between these two communities
there—communities of almost equal strength in respect of
the possession of efficient means for the processes of
reciprocal-destruction—the beings of both groups whose
places of existence were adjacent often came into contact
and had friendly relations with each other, with the result
that little by little they picked up from each other those
specialties which had first been invented by their ancestors
and which had become proper to them. In other words,
the result of the frequent contact of the beings of those
two communities was that the Greek beings, borrowing
from the Roman beings all the finesses of sexual ‘turns,’
began arranging their what are called ‘Athenian nights,’
while the Roman beings, having learned from the Greek
beings how to cook up ‘sciences,’ composed their later
very famous what is called ‘Roman law.’
“A great deal of time has passed since then. The inventors
of both those kinds of being-manifestation have already
long been destroyed, and their descendants who
chanced to become ‘powerful’ have been destroyed also.
And now . . . the contemporary three-brained beings of
that planet spend, even with emotion, more than half
their existence and being-energy, acquired somehow or
other, in absorbing and actualizing unconsciously and
sometimes even consciously those two ideals, the initiators
of whose arising were the said bored Asiatic fishermen
and shepherds.
“Well then, my boy, later on, it seems, when both these
groupings of your favorites acquired many of the said efficient
means for the successful destruction of the existence
of beings like themselves, and when they had become quite
expert in persuading, or by the potency of their means
compelling beings of other countries to exchange their inner
convictions for those ideals invented by their ancestors,
then, as I have said, they first conquered the neighboring
communities situated on the continent Europe, and
afterwards, for the same purpose, with the help of the
hordes they collected during that period, turned towards
the continent Asia.
“And there already on the continent Asia, they began
spreading that maleficent influence of theirs, first among
beings populating the western shores of that continent—
in whom, as I have already said, being-impulses for a
more or less normal being-existence had been implanted
during centuries—and afterwards, they gradually began
advancing into the interior.
“This advance of theirs into the interior of the continent
Asia proceeded very successfully, and their ranks
were constantly being increased, chiefly because the
learned beings who had been in Babylon then continued
everywhere on the continent Asia to infect the Reasons of
beings with their Hasnamussian political ideas.
“And they were also helped very much by the fact that
there were still preserved in the instincts of the Asiatic beings
the results of the influences of the initiates and
priests, disciples of the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash,
who in their preachings had inculcated, among other
things, one of the chief commandments of Ashiata
Shiemash which declared:
“‘Do not kill another even when your own life is in
“Profiting by all this, these former fishermen and shepherds
were very easily able to advance, destroying on the
way all those who declined to worship the ‘gods’ they
themselves had finally acquired, that is to say, their fantastic
‘science’ and their phenomenal depravity.
“At first these ‘sowers-of-evil’ for all the three-brained
beings there of all the succeeding generations, arising on
the continent Europe, and especially the Greeks, moving
into the interior of the continent Asia, acted if slowly nevertheless
“But when some time later there appeared and stood
at the head of what is called an ‘army’ that completely
formed Arch-Vainglorious Greek, the future Hasnamuss,
Alexander of Macedonia, then from that time on, there
began to proceed that clean sweep of the last remnants of
the results of the very saintly intentional labors of our
now Common Cosmic Most Very Saintly Ashiata
Shiemash, and again there was resumed, as it is said, the
“Although every time the place of the center of culture
of your favorites, those strange three-brained beings, has
been changed, and what is called a new ‘civilization’ has
arisen, and each new civilization has brought for the
beings of succeeding epochs something both new and
maleficent, nevertheless, not one of these numerous
civilizations has ever prepared so much evil for the beings
of later epochs, including of course the contemporary
epoch, as that famous ‘Greco-Roman civilization.’
“Without mentioning the large number of other minor
psychic features, unbecoming to be possessed by three-brained
beings and now existing in the presences of your
favorites, that civilization is mainly to blame for the complete
disappearance from the presences of the three-brained
beings of succeeding generations, and especially
of the contemporary beings, of the possibility for crystallizing
the data for ‘sane-logical-mentation’ and for engendering
the impulse of ‘being-self-shame.’
“Namely, the ‘ancient-Greek-fantastic-sciences’ caused
complete atrophy of the former, and the ‘ancient-Roman-depravity,’
of the latter.
“In the early period of that Greco-Roman civilization,
the said maleficent impulses, which have now become being-
impulses, namely, the ‘passion-for-inventing-fantastic-sciences’
and the ‘passion-for-depravity,’ were inherent in
the Greek and Roman beings alone; and later, when, as I
have already said, the beings of both these communities
chanced to acquire the said strength and began coming
into contact with and influencing the beings of other
communities, the beings of many other communities of
your unfortunate favorites gradually began to be infected
by these peculiar and unnatural being-impulses.
“This took place, on the one hand, as I have already
said, owing to the constant influence of both these communities,
and, on the other hand, owing to that peculiarity
of their psyche—common to all the three-brained
beings of that planet, and already well fixed in it before
this—which is called there ‘imitation.’
“And thus, little by little, these ‘inventions’ of those two
ancient communities have brought it about that already,
at the present time, the psyche of your favorites—shaky
enough already before then—has now become so unhinged
in all of them, without exception, that both their
’world outlook’ and the whole ordering of their daily existence
rest and proceed exclusively on the basis of those
two said inventions of the beings of that Greco-Roman
civilization, namely, on the basis of fantasying, and of
“Here it is very interesting to notice that although, as I
have already told you, thanks to the inheritance from the
ancient Romans, ‘organic - self - shame’—proper to the
three-brained beings—has gradually and entirely disappeared
from the presences of your favorites, nevertheless
there has arisen in them in its place something rather like
it. In the presences of your contemporary favorites there
is as much as you like of this pseudo being-impulse which
they also call ‘shame,’ but the data for engendering it, just
as of all others, are quite singular.
“This being-impulse arises in their presences only
when they do something which under their abnormally
established conditions of ordinary being-existence is not
acceptable to be done before others.
“But if nobody sees what they do, then nothing they
do—even if in their own consciousness and their own
feelings it should be undesirable—engenders any such impulse
in them.
“The ‘bliss’ prepared there by the ancient Romans has
in recent times already so penetrated the nature of your
favorites breeding on all the continents of that ill-fated
planet, that it is even difficult to say which beings of
which contemporary communities have inherited most
from these ‘obliging’ Romans.
“But as regards the inheritance passed down from the
ancient Greeks, namely, the passion for inventing various
fantastic sciences, this has not become inherent to all the
three-brained beings of contemporary times equally, but it
has passed down only to certain beings arising among the
beings of all the contemporary large and small communities
breeding on all the terra firma parts of the surface of
that peculiar planet.
“Proportionately, this passion, namely, ‘to-invent-fantastic-
sciences,’ has passed down from the ancient Greeks
mainly to the beings of the contemporary community existing
there under the name of ‘Germany.’
“The beings of that contemporary Germany can be
boldly called the ‘direct-heirs-of-the-ancient-Greek-civilization’;
and they can be so called, because at the present
time it is just they who chiefly bring every kind of new
science and invention into contemporary civilization.
“Unfortunately, my boy, the beings of that contemporary
community Germany have in many respects, as it is
said, surpassed the beings of ancient Greece.
“Thanks to the sciences invented by the ancient Greeks,
only the being-mentation of other beings was spoiled and
still continues to be spoiled.
“But in addition to this, the contemporary beings of
that community Germany have become very skillful also
in inventing those sciences, thanks to which the said
specific disease there of wiseacring has been very
widely spread among other of your favorites; and during
the process of this disease in them, many of them semiconsciously
or even quite automatically chance to notice
some small detail of the common cosmic process
which actualizes Everything Existing, and afterwards, informing
others of it, they together use it for some of their,
as they are called, new inventions, thereby adding to the
number of those ‘new means,’ of which during the last
two of their centuries so many have accumulated there,
that their total effect has now already become, what is
called, the ‘resultant-decomposing-force,’ in contradistinction
to what is called the ‘resultant-creative-force’ of
“And indeed, my boy, owing merely to the sciences
invented by the beings of the contemporary Germany,
other three-brained beings of your planet belonging both
to that same community and to other communities have
now acquired the possibility of inventing, and now they
almost every day invent here and there, some such new invention
or new means and, employing them in the process
of their existence, have now already brought it about that
poor Nature there—already enfeebled without this
through no fault of her own—is scarcely able to actualize
what are called her ‘evolutionary’ and ‘involutionary’
“For your clear representation and better understanding
how these contemporary direct heirs have surpassed their
’legators,’ I must now explain to you also about certain
widely used means existing there at the present time,
which owe their existence exclusively to these ‘Nature-helping’
direct heirs of ancient Greece.
“I will explain to you certain of these means there,
now existing and in use everywhere, which have been
invented by the beings of that contemporary community
“I should like first to emphasize, by the way, one very
odd phenomenon, namely, that these contemporary ‘substitutes’
for the ancient Greeks give names to their said
maleficent inventions, names which for some reason or
other all end in ‘ine.’
“As examples of the very many particularly maleficent
inventions of those German beings, let us take just those
five what are called ‘chemical substances,’ now existing
there under the names of (i) satkaine, (2) aniline, (3) cocaine,
(4) atropine and (5) alisarine, which chemical substances
are used there at the present time by the beings of
all the continents and islands as our dear Mullah Nassr
Eddin says: ‘Even-without-any-economizing.’
“The first of the enumerated means, specially invented
by the German beings, namely, ‘satkaine,’ is nothing else
but ‘Samookoorooazar,’ that is to say, one of those seven
what are called ‘neutralizing gases’ which arise and are
always present in the common presence of each planet
and which take part in the ‘completed crystallization’ of
every definite surplanetary and intraplanetary formation,
and which in separate states are always and everywhere
what are called ‘indiscriminate-destroyers-of-the-already-arisen.’
“About this German invention, I once also learned there
among other things, that when one of the beings of that
community, for reasons I recently described, happened to
obtain this gas from some ‘surplanetary’ and ‘intraplanetary’
definite formations, and noticed in the said way its
particularity, and told several others about it, then, owing
to the fact that there was then proceeding in the presences
of the beings of their community, consequently in them
themselves, what is called ‘the-most-intense-experiencing’
of the chief particularity of the psyche of the three-brained
beings of your planet, namely, ‘the-urgent-need-to-destroy-the-
existence-of-others-like-themselves’—and indeed, the
beings of that community were then fully absorbed in
their process of reciprocal destruction with the beings of
neighboring communities—these others thereupon at
once ‘enthusiastically’ decided to devote themselves entirely
to finding means to employ the special property of
that gas for the speedy mass destruction of the existence
of the beings of other communities.
“Having begun their practical researches with this aim
in view, one of them soon discovered that if this gas is
concentrated in a pure state in such a way that it could be
freely liberated in any given space at any given time it
could easily be employed for the mentioned aim.
“That was sufficient, and from then on, this gas, artificially
isolated from the general harmony of the actualization
of Everything Existing, began to be liberated in a
certain way into space by all the other ordinary beings of
that community during the processes of reciprocal destruction,
just when and just where the greatest number
of beings of other, as they are called ‘hostile’ communities
were grouped.
“When this isolated, particularly poisonous cosmic-substance
is intentionally liberated into the atmosphere
under the said conditions, and when striving to reblend
with other corresponding cosmic substances it happens to
enter the planetary bodies of three-brained beings nearby,
it instantly and completely destroys their existence, or, at
best, permanently injures the functioning of one or other
part of their common presence.
“The second of the chemical substances I enumerated,
namely, ‘aniline,’ is that chemical coloring substance, by
means of which most of those surplanetary formations can
be dyed from which the three-brained beings there make
all kinds of objects they need in the process of their ordinary
“Although thanks to that invention your favorites can
now dye any object any color, yet, what the lastingness of
the existence of these objects becomes—ah, just there lies
their famous Bismarck’s ‘pet cat.’
“Before that maleficent aniline existed, the objects
produced by your favorites for their ordinary existence,
such, for instance, as what are called ‘carpets,’ ‘pictures,’
and various articles of wool, wood, and skin, were dyed
with simple vegetable dyes, which they had learned during
centuries how to obtain, and these just-enumerated
objects would formerly last from five to ten or even fifteen
of their centuries.
“But now, thanks merely to the aniline, or to dyes of
other names into which this same aniline enters as the basis,
there remains of the objects dyed with new colors at
most, after about thirty years, only perhaps the memory
of them.
“I must also say that the beings of the contemporary
community Germany have been the cause not only that
thanks to this maleficent aniline the productions of all the
contemporary beings of this planet are quickly destroyed,
but also that productions from ancient times have almost
ceased to exist on that ill-fated planet.
“This latter occurred because for various Hasnamussian
purposes and for their famous, as they call them, ‘scientific
aims,’ they collected the surviving ancient productions
from all countries and, not knowing how to preserve ancient
objects, they only hastened their speedy destruction.
“But they used and still use those ‘antiques’ they collected
as ‘models’ for ‘cheap goods’ which are everywhere
known on that ill-fated planet by the name of ‘Ersatz.’
“As for the third of the enumerated chemical substances
they invented, namely, ‘cocaine,’ that chemical substance
is not only also of great assistance to Nature in more
rapidly decomposing the planetary formations—in this
instance, their own planetary bodies—but this chemical
means has an effect on the psyche of the contemporary
beings of the planet Earth surprisingly similar to that
which the famous organ Kundabuffer had on the psyche
of their ancestors.
“When their ancestors had that invention in themselves
of the Great Angel Looisos, then, thanks to this organ,
they were always exactly in the same state as the contemporary
beings are when they introduce into themselves
this German invention called cocaine.
“I must warn you, my boy, that even if the action of
that German invention is similar to the action of the famous
organ Kundabuffer, it happened without any conscious
intention on the part of the contemporary beings
of the community Germany; they became colleagues of
the Great Angel Looisos only by chance.
“At the present time almost all the beings who become
genuine representatives of contemporary civilization very
meticulously and with the greatest delight and tenderness
introduce into themselves this ‘blessing’ of contemporary
civilization, of course, always to the glory, as our dear
Mullah Nassr Eddin says, of the ‘cloven-hoofed.’
“The fourth of the enumerated chemical substances,
namely, ‘atropine,’ is also everywhere there in great demand
at the present time for a great variety of purposes;
but its most common use is for a certain exceedingly
strange purpose.
“It seems that thanks to the same abnormally established
conditions there of ordinary being-existence, their organ of
sight has acquired the property of regarding the faces of
others as good and pleasing only when they have dark eyes.
“And when this chemical substance, called atropine, is
in a certain way introduced into the eyes of beings the
pupils become dilated and darker; and, because of this,
most of them introduce this atropine into their eyes, in
order that their faces may appear good and pleasing to
“And truly, my dear boy, those terrestrial beings who
introduce this ‘German blessing’ into their eyes do have
very ‘dark eyes’ until they are forty-five.
“I said until forty-five, because so far there has never
been a case there when a being using this means could see
and still continue its use after the age of forty-five.
“‘Alizarine,’ the fifth and last of the enumerated inventions,
is also widespread everywhere.
“And that ‘blessing’ of contemporary civilization is used
there chiefly by what are called ‘confectioners’ and other
specialists who prepare for the other beings of that planet
most ‘tasty’ articles for their first food.
“The confectioners and other professionals there who
prepare the said tasty articles for the first food of the rest
of your favorites use this same German ‘sure-fire’ composition,
alisarine, of course unconsciously, for that purpose
which has there already finally become the ideal for the
whole of the contemporary civilization, which purpose is
expressed in the language of our honored Mullah Nassr
Eddin in the following words: As-long-as-everything-looks-
“Anyhow, my boy, those contemporary substitutes for
the beings of ancient Greece are already now a great help
to poor Nature—though only in the process of decomposition—
with all their practical attainments based on the
’sciences’ they have themselves invented. It is not for nothing
that our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin has the following
wise expression: ‘Better-pull-ten-hairs-a-day-out-of-your-mother’s-
“Strictly speaking, the capacity to cook up ‘fantastic
sciences’ and to devise new methods for ordinary
being-existence there, did not pass from the ancient
Greeks to the beings of that contemporary Germany
alone; the same capacity was perhaps no less also inherited
by the beings of another contemporary community, also
an independent one, and also in her turn enjoying dominion.
“That other contemporary community of your favorites
is called ‘England.’
“There has even passed from ancient Greece to the beings
of that second contemporary community England,
and directly to them alone, one of their most maleficent
inventions which the beings of that contemporary community
have most thoroughly adopted and now actualize
in practice.
“This particularly maleficent invention of theirs the ancient
Greeks called ‘Diapharon,’ and the contemporary
beings call ‘sport.’
“About this contemporary sport there I shall explain to
you in as much detail as possible at the end of my tale;
but you must meanwhile know, that though the beings of
that community England also now invent large quantities
of the various new objects required by your favorites in
the process of their ordinary being-existence, nevertheless
they do not invent chemical substances like the beings of
the contemporary community Germany, no ... they invent
chiefly what are called ‘metalwares.’
“Especially in recent times, they have become expert
in inventing and in distributing to the beings existing over
the whole of the surface of your planet, vast quantities
of every kind of metalwares called there locks, razors,
mousetraps, revolvers, scythes, machine guns, saucepans,
hinges, guns, penknives, cartridges, pens, mines, needles,
and many other things of the same kind.
“And ever since the beings of this contemporary community
started inventing these practical objects, the ordinary
existence of the three-brained beings of your planet
has been, just as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin says, ‘not-life-
“The beings of that contemporary community have
been the benefactors of the other contemporary beings of
your planet, offering them, as they say there, ‘philanthropic
aid,’ especially as regards their first being-duty,
namely, the duty of carrying out from time to time the
process of ‘reciprocal destruction.’
“Thanks to them, the discharge of that being-duty of
theirs has gradually become for your contemporary favorites,
the ‘merest trifle.’
“In the absence of those inventions it used to be exceedingly
arduous for these poor favorites of yours to fulfill
that being-duty, because they were formerly forced to
spend a good deal of sweat for it.
“But thanks to the adaptations of every kind invented
by those contemporary beings, it is now as again our esteemed
Mullah Nassr Eddin says, ‘just roses, roses.’
“The contemporary beings now scarcely need to make
any effort whatsoever in order to destroy completely the
existence of beings like themselves.
“Sometimes sitting quietly in what they call their
’smoking rooms’ they can destroy, just as a pastime, as it
were, tens and sometimes even hundreds of others like
“I might as well now, I think, tell you a little also about
the still existing direct descendants of the beings of the
mentioned Greek-Roman civilizations.
“The descendants of the beings of the once ‘great’ and
’powerful’ community Greece there, still continue to exist
and also to have their own independent community, but
for the other independent communities there, they have
at the present time scarcely any significance whatever.
“They already no longer do as their ancestors did there,
who were supreme specialists in cooking up all kinds of
’fantastic sciences’; for if a contemporary Greek cooked up
a new science, the beings of the other communities of the
present time would not pay it the smallest attention.
“And they would pay no attention to it, chiefly because
that community has not at the present time enough of
what are called ‘guns’ and ‘ships’ to be for the other contemporary
beings there what is called an ‘authority.’
“But though the descendants of the former great
Greeks, namely, the Greeks of the present time, have lost
the trick of being what is called an ‘imagined-authority’
for other three-brained beings there, they have now perfectly
adapted themselves there on almost all the continents
and islands to keeping what are called ‘shops,’ where
without any haste, slowly and gently, they trade in what
are called ‘sponges,’ ‘halva,’ ‘Rahat-Lokoum,’ ‘Turkish delight,’
etc., and sometimes ‘Persian-dried-fruit,’ never forgetting
the dried fish called ‘Kefal.’
“And as for the descendants of the famous Romans, although
they too continue to arise and exist, they no
longer even bear the name of their ancestors, though they
still call the chief place of their community by the name
“The contemporary beings of the community formed
by the descendants of those former shepherds, afterwards
the great Romans, are called by the other beings there
“Except for that specific being-impulse which the ancient
Roman beings were the first on that planet to crystallize
in their presences, and which subsequently spread
gradually to all the other three-brained beings of that
planet, scarcely anything else has passed by inheritance
from their ancestors to these beings called Italians.
“The beings of that contemporary community Italy exist
at the present time very quietly and peacefully, doing
nothing more than unostentatiously inventing ever new
forms of their harmless and very innocent what is called
“Nevertheless, there had passed to certain beings of that
contemporary Italy, by heredity from their ancestors, one
special and very peculiar ‘property’ called ‘giving-pleasure-to-
“Only they manifest this inherited need, that is to say
this ‘giving-pleasure,’ not towards beings there like themselves,
but to beings of other forms.
“It must in fairness be stated that the said special property
passed to beings of various parts of contemporary
Italy not from the great Romans alone; this inherited
property became more ‘naturalized’ by their ancestors of
considerably later epochs, namely, at the time when they
began spreading, among other beings both of their own
community and of the neighboring weaker communities,
the doctrines, already changed for their egoistic purposes,
of a certain genuine ‘sacred-Messenger-from-Above.’
“At the present time the beings of various parts of contemporary
Italy actualize this property of giving-pleasure-to-
others in the following way:
“The existence of the quadruped beings called ‘sheep’
and ‘goats,’ whose planetary bodies they also use for
their first food, they do not destroy all at once; but in order
to give this ‘pleasure’ they do it ‘slowly’ and ‘gently’
over a period of many days; that is to say, one day they
take off one leg, then a few days later, a second leg, and
so on, for as long as the sheep or goat still breathes. And
sheep and goats can breathe without the said parts of their
common presence for a very long time because, in the
main functions of the taking in of cosmic substances for
the possibility of existing, these parts do not participate,
though they do participate in the functions which actualize
those impulses giving self-sensations.
“After what I have already said, there seems no need to
say any more about the descendants of those Romans who
were once so ‘menacing’ and so ‘great’ for the other communities
“Now let us talk about that particularly maleficent invention
of the ancient Greeks, which is being actualized
in practice at the present time by the beings of the contemporary
community there, called England, and which
invention they call ‘sport.’
“Not only have the beings of the contemporary community,
England, namely, those beings who chiefly actualize
during the process of their ordinary existence this
particularly maleficent invention of the ancient Greeks,
added, thanks to its maleficent consequences, one more
sure-fire factor for shortening the duration of their existence—
already trifling enough without that—but also, experiencing
in their turn at the present time the greatness
of their community, they are in consequence authorities
for the other three-brained beings there; and, furthermore,
because they have made the actualizing of the invention in
practice their ideal and its spreading their aim, they, at the
present time, by every possible means, strongly infect the
beings of all other large and small communities of that ill-fated
planet with that invention of theirs.
“The basis for that very serious misconception there
was the disappearance from the common presences of
those favorites of yours of the possibility of the crystallization
in them of those factors which actualize ‘logical
mentation’ in three-brained beings.
“And in consequence of the absence in them of this
’logical mentation,’ all of them, almost without exception,
merely because certain candidates for Hasnamuss there
have asserted that they could obtain something ‘good’ for
themselves by means of this sport—an assertion they believe
with all their presence—have now, in the hope of attaining
this same something, given themselves up entirely
to that sport.
“None of these unfortunates know and probably never
will reflect that not only is nothing good obtained by
them from this maleficent sport of theirs, but they, as I
have already told you, solely owing to this sport alone,
still further shorten the duration of their existence which
is already sufficiently trifling without this.
“So that you may better represent to yourself and understand
why the duration of their existence is being still
further diminished on account of this sport, it is now opportune
to explain to you a little more in detail about
what I have already promised you to explain, namely, the
difference between the duration of being-existence according
to the ‘Fulasnitamnian’ principle and according to
the ‘Itoklanoz’ principle.
“You remember that when I explained to you how these
favorites of yours define the ‘flow-of-time’ I said that when
the organ Kundabuffer with all its properties was removed
from their presences, and they began to have the same duration
of existence as all normal three-brained beings arising
everywhere in our Universe, that is, according to what
is called the Fulasnitamnian principle, they also should
then have existed without fail until their ‘second-being-body-
Kesdjan’ had been completely coated in them and finally
perfected by Reason up to the sacred ‘Ishmetch.’
“But later, when they began existing in a manner more
and more unbecoming for three-brained beings and entirely
ceased actualizing in their presences their being-
Partkdolg-duty, foreseen by Great Nature, by means of
which alone it is possible for three-brained beings to
acquire in their presences the data for coating their said
higher-parts—and when, in consequence of all this, the
quality of their radiations failed to respond to the demands
of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic
process—then Great Nature was compelled, for the
purpose of ‘equalizing-vibrations,’ gradually to actualize
the duration of their existence according to the principle
called Itoklanoz, that is the principle upon which in general
is actualized the duration of existence of one-brained
and two-brained beings who have not the same possibilities
as the three-brained beings, and who are therefore unable
to actualize in their presences, the said—foreseen by
“According to this principle, the duration of being-existence
and also the whole of the contents of their common
presences are in general acquired from the results
arising from the following seven actualizations surrounding
them, namely, from:
(1) Heredity in general
(2) Conditions and environment at the moment of
(3) The combination of the radiations of all the planets
of their solar system during their formation in the
womb of their productress
(4) The degree of being-manifestation of their producers
during the period they are attaining the age of responsible
(5) The quality of being-existence of beings similar to
themselves around them
(6) The quality of what are called the ‘Teleokrimalnichnian’
thought-waves formed in the atmosphere surrounding
them also during their period of attaining
the age of majority—that is, the sincerely manifested
good wishes and actions on the part of what are
called the ‘beings-of-the-same-blood,’ and finally,
(7) The quality of what are called the being-egoplastikoori
of the given being himself, that is his being-efforts for
the transubstantiation in himself of all the data for
obtaining objective Reason.
“The chief particularity of existence according to this
principle Itoklanoz is that in the presences of beings existing
according to it, dependent upon the enumerated
seven exterior actualizations, there are crystallized in their
’being-localizations’ which represent in beings the central
places of the sources of actualization of all the separate independent
parts of their common presence—or, as your
favorites say, in their brains—what are called ‘Bobbinkandelnosts,’
that is to say, something that gives in the
given localizations or brains a definite quantity of possible
associations or experiencings.
“And so, my boy, because these contemporary favorites
of yours, these three-brained beings of the planet Earth,
already arise only according to the principle Itoklanoz,
therefore from the moment of conception up to the age
of responsible being there are crystallized in their brains
these Bobbin-kandelnosts with very definite possibilities
of actualizing the processes of association.
“For the greater elucidation of this question and for your
better understanding, and also not to waste time on explanations
concerning the essence itself and also the forms of
functioning of such definite cosmic realizations as these just-mentioned
Bobbin-kandelnosts, which are lawfully crystallized
in the localizations or brains of those beings who
exist only on the basis of Itoklanoz, I intend to take as an
elucidating example just those ‘Djamtesternokhi’ such as
your favorites also have and which they call ‘mechanical
“As you already well know, although such Djamtesternokhi
or mechanical watches are of different what are
called ‘systems,’ yet they are all constructed on the same
principle of ‘tension-or-pressure-of-the-unwinding-spring.’
“One system of Djamtesternokhi or mechanical watch
contains a spring exactly calculated and arranged so that
the length of the duration of its tension from unwinding
may be sufficient for twenty-four hours; another system
has a spring for a week, a third for a month, and so on.
“The Bobbin-kandelnost in the brains of beings existing
only according to the principle Itoklanoz corresponds
to the spring in mechanical watches of various systems.
“Just as the duration of the movement of mechanical
watches depends upon the spring they contain, so the duration
of the existence of beings depends exclusively on the
Bobbin-kandelnosts formed in their brains during their
arising and during the process of their further formation.
“Just as the spring of a watch has a winding of a definite
duration, so these beings also can associate and experience
only as much as the possibilities for experiencing
put into them by Nature during the crystallization of
those same Bobbin-kandelnosts in their brains.
“They can associate and consequently exist just so much,
and not a whit more nor less.
“As mechanical watches can act as long as the spring
has what is called ‘the-tension-of-winding,’ so the beings
in whose brains the said Bobbin-kandelnosts are crystallized
can experience and consequently exist until these
Bobbin-kandelnosts formed in their brains—owing to the
mentioned seven external conditions—are used up.
“And so, my boy, as the results of Partkdolg-duty were
no longer thereafter obtained in the presences of your favorites,
and the duration of their existence began to depend
exclusively on the results of the seven accidentally
arranged external conditions I have just enumerated, then
thanks to all this, the length of their existence, especially
among the contemporary beings, has become very varied.
“At the present time, the duration of their existence may
be from one of their minutes up to seventy or ninety of
their years.
“And so, owing to all I have just said, however your favorites
may exist, whatever measures they may adopt and
even if, as they say, they should ‘put-themselves-in-a-glass-case,’
as soon as the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnosts
crystallized in their brains are used up, one or another of
their brains immediately ceases to function.
“The difference between mechanical watches and your
contemporary favorites is only that in mechanical watches
there is one spring, while your favorites have three of
these independent Bobbin-kandelnosts.
“And these independent Bobbin-kandelnosts in all the
three independent ‘localizations’ in three-brained beings
have the following names:
“The first: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘thinking-center.’
“The second: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘feeling-center.’
“The third: the Bobbin-kandelnost of the ‘moving-center.’
“Even that fact, which I have recently often repeated,
namely, that the process of the sacred Rascooarno is actualized
for these favorites of yours in thirds—or, as they
themselves would say, they begin to ‘die-in-parts’—proceeds
also from the fact that, arising and being formed
only according to the principle Itoklanoz and existing
nonharmoniously, they disproportionately use up the contents,
namely, their Bobbin-kandelnosts of these three
separate independent brains, and hence it is that such a
horrible ‘dying’ as is not proper to three-brained beings
frequently occurs to them.
“During my stay there among them, I personally very
often constated their ‘dying-by-thirds.’
“This was possible because, although, in the presences
of your favorites, especially the contemporary ones, the
Bobbin-kandelnost of one of their brains may be entirely
used up, nevertheless the beings themselves would sometimes
continue to exist for quite a long time.
“For instance, it often happens there, that, owing to
their specifically abnormal existence, the contents of one
of the Bobbin-kandelnosts may be used up in one of
them, and if it is of the moving-center, or as they themselves
call it, the ‘spinal-brain,’ then although such a contemporary
three-brained being there continues to ‘think’
and to ‘feel,’ yet he has already lost the possibility of intentionally
directing the parts of his planetary body.
“Here it is interesting to notice that when one of your
contemporary favorites already partially dies for good in
this way, then their contemporary Zirlikners, or as they
are called ‘physicians,’ look upon such a death as most
certainly a disease, and with every kind of wiseacring that
has become proper to them, start treating it; and they give
these supposed diseases every sort of name consonant with
an ancient language utterly unknown to them, called
“The very widely spread diseases there have such names
as the following: ‘hemiplegia,’ ‘paraplegia,’ ‘paralysis progressiva
essentialis,’ ‘tabes dorsalis,’ ‘paralysis agitans,’
’sclerosis disseminata,’ and so on and so forth.
“Such deaths by thirds, there on the planet Earth which
has taken your fancy, have occurred particularly frequently
during the last two centuries, and they occur to those
of your favorites who, thanks either to their profession, or
to one of their what are called ‘passions,’ arising and acquired
by the beings belonging to all large and small communities
there, on account of the same abnormally
arranged conditions of their ordinary being-existence, have
during their being-existence lived through in a greater
or smaller degree the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnost
of one or another of their being-brains.
“For instance, a one-third death on account of the Bobbin-
kandelnost of the moving-center or ‘spinal-brain’ often
occurs there among those terrestrial beings who give themselves
up to that occupation which the beings belonging to
the contemporary community England now practice,
thanks to the maleficent invention of the ancient Greeks,
and which maleficent occupation they now call sport.
“The character of the pernicious consequences of that
maleficent occupation there you will well understand when
I tell you that during my stay among those favorites of
yours I once prepared a special section of my statistics
for elucidating to myself how long these three-brained
beings there can exist, who become what are called
’wrestlers’ by profession, and never once in those statistics
of mine, did I notice that any of them had existed longer
than forty-nine of their years.
“And a one-third death through the premature using up
of the Bobbin-kandelnost of the feeling-center occurs for
the most part among those terrestrial beings who become
by profession what are called ‘representatives-of-Art.’
“Most of these terrestrial professionals, especially the
contemporary ones, first fall ill with one or another form
of what is called ‘psychopathy,’ and thanks to this, they
later in their psychopathy intentionally learn, as they say,
to ‘feel’; and thereafter repeatedly feeling these abnormal
being-impulses, they gradually use up the contents of the
Bobbin-kandelnost of their feeling-center, and thus disharmonizing
the tempo of their own common presences
bring themselves to that peculiar end which is not often
met with even among them there.
“Here, by the way, it is very interesting also to notice
that the one-third death through the feeling-center occurs
among your favorites also thanks to one very peculiar
form of ‘psychopathy,’ called there ‘altruism.’
“And concerning premature partial death through the
Bobbin-kandelnost of the thinking-center—the deaths of
this kind among your favorites occur in recent times more
and more frequently.
“This kind of death through the thinking-center occurs
there chiefly among those favorites of yours who try to become
or have already become scientists of new formation,
and also among those who during the period of their existence
fall ill with the craze for reading what are called
’books’ and ‘newspapers.’
“The result among those three-brained beings there of
reading superfluously and associating only by thoughts,
is that the contents of the Bobbin-kandelnost of their
thinking-center are exhausted before the contents of the
Bobbin-kandelnosts of their other being-centers.
“And so, my boy, all these misfortunes, namely, the
shortening of the duration of their existence and also
many other consequences, maleficent for them themselves,
occur to your favorites exclusively only because
they have even until now not yet learned of the existence
of the cosmic law called ‘Equalization-of-many-sourced-vibrations.’
“If only such an idea occurred to them and they were
merely to perform their usual wiseacrings with it, perhaps
then they would get to understand one very simple, as
they call it, ‘secret.’
“I admit that somebody would be certain to understand
this ‘secret’ because, in the first place it is simple and obvious,
and secondly because they discovered it long ago
and they even often employed it in what they call ‘practical
“They even use this simple secret, to which I referred, for
those mechanical-watches which we took for comparison
as an elucidating example concerning the duration of their
“In all the mechanical watches of various systems they
use this said simple secret for regulating what is called the
’tension’ of the said spring or the corresponding part of
the general mechanism of the watch; and it is called, it
seems, the ‘regulator.’
“By means of this regulator it is possible to make the
mechanism of a watch, wound for instance for twenty-four
hours, go a whole month, and on the contrary,
thanks to this regulator, it is possible to make the same
winding for twenty-four hours finish in five minutes.
“In the common presence of every being existing
merely on the basis of Itoklanoz, ‘something’ similar to
the regulator in a mechanical watch is present and is
called ‘Iransamkeep’; this ‘something’ means: ‘not-to-give-oneself-
“But even if they should understand such a simple secret
it will be all just the same; they still would not make
the necessary being-effort, quite accessible even to the
contemporary beings and thanks to which, by the foresight
of Nature, beings in general acquire the possibility
of what is called ‘harmonious association,’ by virtue of
which alone energy is created for active being-existence in
the presence of every three-brained being and consequently
in them themselves. But at the present time, this
energy can be elaborated in the presences of your favorites
only during their quite unconscious state, that is to say
during what they call ‘sleep.’
“But in your favorites, specially in your contemporary
favorites, who exist constantly passively under the direction
of only one of the separate spiritualized parts of their
common presence and thereby constantly manifest themselves
entirely by their factors for negative properties also
lawfully arisen in them, and hence, by negative manifestations,
there proceeds in them that same disproportionate
expenditure of the contents of their various
Bobbin-kandelnosts, that is to say, the possibilities, placed
in them by Nature according to law, of action by only one
or only two of their brains, are always experienced, in
consequence of which the contents of one or two of their
Bobbin-kandelnosts are prematurely exhausted; whereupon,
just like those mechanical watches in which the
winding is run down or the force of their regulators is
weakened, they cease to act.
“Sometime later, I shall explain to you in detail not
only why, when beings, existing only according to the
principle Itoklanoz, exist by the direction of only one or
two of their spiritualized sources, and not harmoniously,
that is to say, with all three combined, and in agreement,
that particular brain of theirs in which there were superfluous
associations is prematurely used up in them and
consequently dies during the period of its existence, but
also why, owing to this, the other Bobbin-kandelnosts also
are used up, even without their own action.
“But here you must also know that even on your
planet, one still occasionally finds one of your favorites
whose duration of planetary existence extends to five of
their centuries.
“You will then understand very well, that in the case of
certain of your favorites even of recent times, who, by
some means or other, find out and correctly transubstantiate
in their Reason concerning certain details of the law
of association proceeding in the separate brains of beings,
and also concerning the reciprocal action of these independent
associations, and who exist more or less according
to what I have said, the Bobbin-kandelnosts formed
in their separate being-brains are not used up, as they are
among the other beings there, but their common presence
acquires the possibility of existing much longer than the
other three-brained beings there.
“During my stay there for the last time, I myself personally
met several of these terrestrial contemporary three-brained
beings who were already two, three, and even
about four of their centuries old. I met them mostly
among a small ‘brotherhood’ of the three-brained beings
there, composed of beings from almost all of their what
are called ‘religions,’ and whose permanent place of existence
was in the middle of the continent Asia.
“The beings of that brotherhood, it seems, partly elucidated
for themselves the mentioned laws of association
in being-brains, and in part such information reached
them from ancient times through genuine initiates there.
“As for that same contemporary community, whose beings
have become the chief victims of that particularly
maleficent invention of the beings of the said ancient civilization,
they not only now use it in the process of their
own existence but they try to infect strongly the beings of
all the other communities with the same evil. Moreover,
owing to that maleficent sport of theirs, these unfortunates
not only still further diminish the duration of their
own existence—already trifling without this—but thanks
to that action of theirs, they will, in my opinion, eventually
entail for their community what quite recently occurred
to a large community there named ‘Russia.’
“I thought about it during my stay there before my final
departure from that planet.
“And I first began thinking about it when I learned that
the power-possessing beings also of that no less great contemporary
community were already utilizing that maleficent
means of theirs, sport, for their own Hasnamussian aims, exactly
as the power-possessing beings of the community
Russia had, for their similar aims, utilized what is called
“Just as the power-possessing beings of the community
Russia then tried, by every kind of artifice, to instill into
the weak wills of the ordinary beings the necessity of the
intensive use of the said ‘Russian vodka,’ so also the
power-possessing beings of that community England are
now already also maneuvering to intrigue the ordinary beings
of their community with this same sport and to urge
them to it by every means.
“The apprehensions which then arose in me are already,
it seems, being justified.
“And I conclude this from the etherogram I recently received
from the planet Mars, in which among other things
it was said that though there are more than two and a half
millions of what are called ‘unemployed-beings’ in that
community England, yet the power-possessing beings
there take no measures concerning this, but endeavor to
spread still more widely among them that same famous
sport of theirs.
“Just as in the large community Russia the contents of
all what are called ‘newspapers’ and ‘magazines’ used to be
always devoted to the question of Russian vodka, so now
in that community England, more than half of the text of
all their ‘evil-sowers’ is devoted to that famous sport.”
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