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Ch 24

Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time
 Beelzebub continued to relate as follows:

“After my fourth sojourn on the surface of the planet
Earth many years again passed.
“During these years I of course, as before, sometimes
attentively observed through my Teskooano the being-existence
of these favorites of yours.
“During this time their number considerably increased
and they had already populated almost all the large and
small terra firma parts of the surface of this planet of
yours; and of course there also continued to proceed
among them their chief particularity, namely, from time
to time they destroyed each other’s existence.
“During this time, that is to say, between my
fourth and fifth visits, great changes occurred to the surface
of your planet; many changes also occurred there in
the concentrations of the places of settlement of these
favorites of yours. For example, all those centers-of-culture
of theirs on the continent Ashhark where I had
been in person during my previous descents upon the
Earth, namely, the countries of Tikliamish and Maralpleicie,
had by the time of my fifth arrival there entirely
ceased to exist.
“The cause of the destruction of these centers-of-culture
of theirs and of the changes on the surface of this
planet in general, was again a misfortune, the third for
this ill-fated planet.
“This third misfortune was entirely of a local character
and occurred because during several years there had proceeded
in its atmosphere unprecedented what are called
or, as your favorites there would say, ‘great winds.’
“The cause of these abnormal displacements or great
winds at that time was once again those two fragments
which had been separated from this planet of yours during
the first great calamity, and which afterwards became
independent small planets of this solar system, and are
now called Moon and Anoolios.
“Strictly speaking, the main cause of this terrestrial misfortune
was only the larger of these separated parts,
namely, the Moon; the smaller fragment, Anoolios, played
no part in it whatsoever.
“The accelerated-displacements in the Earth’s atmosphere
resulted from the following:
“When the atmosphere on the small, accidentally arisen
planet Moon had been finally formed, and the Moon, according
to the already mentioned law of ‘Catching-up,’
continued to fall back upon its fundamental mass by
the path already then established, and this newly arisen
definite presence on the Moon had not yet acquired its
own harmony within the common-system-harmony-of-movement,
then the what is called ‘Osmooalnian-friction’
which was, so to say, not harmonized with the whole,
evoked in the atmosphere of the Earth the mentioned
accelerated-displacements or great winds.
“These unprecedented great winds then began, by the
force of their currents, as it is said, to wear down the elevated
‘terra-firma-parts’ and to fill up the corresponding
“Such depressions were also the two countries of the
continent Ashhark upon which the process of existence
was chiefly concentrated of the second and third groups
of beings of contemporary Asia, that is to say, the main
parts of the countries Tikliamish and Maralpleicie.
“At the same time sands also filled up certain parts of
the country, Pearl-land, as well as that country in the
middle of the continent Grabontzi, where, as I have already
told you, there was formed, after the loss of Atlantis,
what they called the leading ‘Center-of-Culture’ for
all the three-brained beings there, a country which at that
time was the most flourishing part of the surface of this
planet of yours, and which is now the desert called ’Sahara.’
“Bear in mind also, that during the abnormal winds of
that time, besides the countries mentioned, several other
smallish terra firma spaces of the surface of that hapless
planet were also covered by sands.
“It is interesting to note here that your contemporary
favorites have also by some means or other learned about
the changes that then occurred in the places of the
permanent existence of the three-centered beings, and
having made a label for this as well, this time the
of-races,’ they stuck it onto what they call
their ‘knowledge.’
“A number of the ‘learned’ there now puff and blow
with all their might to find out why and how it all occurred,
so that they can tell everybody else about it.
“Just now there are several theories about the matter
there, which although they have nothing in common with
each other and are each in an objective sense more absurd
than the other, are nevertheless accepted there by what is
called ‘official-knowledge.’
“But in fact, the real cause of the transmigration of the
three-centered beings there was that as soon as the said
abrasion began, the beings living on the continent Ashhark,
fearing to be buried by the sands, began moving to
other, more or less secure places. And these migrations of
the three-brained beings there proceeded in the following
“Most of the three-brained beings populating Tikliamish
moved to the south of the same continent Ashhark,
to the country which was later called ‘Persia,’ and the rest
moved north, and settled in those regions which were afterwards
called ‘Kirkistcheri.’
“As for the beings populating the country Maralpleicie,
one part wandered eastwards, while the rest, the major
part, went towards the west.
“Having crossed the eastern heights, those who went
east settled down on the shores of the large Saliakooriapnian
spaces, and this country was later called ‘China.’
“And that part of the beings of Maralpleicie who sought
safety by moving to the west, after wandering from place
to place, ultimately reached the neighboring continent,
later called ‘Europe,’ and the three-brained beings who
then still existed in the middle of the continent Grabontzi
dispersed over the whole of the surface.
“And so, my boy, this fifth descent of mine in person
to your planet belongs to the period of the time after this
said redistribution of the groups of the communities of
these favorites of yours.
“And the causes of my descent there in person were the
following events:
“I must first tell you that the chief peculiarity of the
psyche of your favorites, namely, the ‘periodic-need-to
destroy-the-existence-of-others-like-oneself,’ interested me
more and more with every succeeding century of theirs,
and side by side with it the irresistible desire increased in
me to find out the exact causes of a particularity so phenomenal
for three-brained beings.
“And so, my boy, in order to have more material for
elucidating this question which interested me so intensely,
I, in the interval between my fourth and fifth sojourn on
the planet Earth, organized my observations through the
Teskooano from the planet Mars of the existence of those
peculiar three-brained beings in the following way:
“I deliberately kept under observation quite a number of
their beings from among your favorites and during many
of their years either I personally or somebody whom I
commissioned observed them attentively, trying as much
as possible not to miss anything, and to clear up from
every aspect all the particularities in their manifestations
during the processes of their ordinary existence.
“And I must confess, my boy, that when I happened to
be quite free, I sometimes during whole ‘Sinonoums’ or,
as your favorites there approximately define the corresponding
flow of time, ‘hours,’ followed with great interest
the movements of the said three-brained beings there
under observation, and tried to explain to myself logically
their what are called ‘psychic-experiencings.’
“And so, during these observations of mine from the
planet Mars through my Teskooano, it once flashed upon
me that the length of their existence was, century by century
and even year by year, becoming shorter and shorter
at a very definite and equally uniform rate, and this served
as the beginning of my further quite serious study of the
psyche of these three-brained beings who have taken your
“Of course when I first noticed this, I at once took into
account not only the chief particularity of their psyche,
that is their periodic reciprocal destruction, but also the
innumerable what are called ‘illnesses’ which exist exclusively
only on that planet, the majority of which, by the
way, arose and continue to arise owing to the same
abnormal external conditions of the ordinary being-existence
established by them, which help to make it impossible for them
to exist normally up to the sacred
“When I first noticed this and began to recall my previous
impression about it, each of the separate independent
spiritualized parts of my whole presence became filled with
the conviction, and my essence perceived the mentioned
‘flash,’ that in truth these three-brained beings of your
planet had in the beginning existed according to their
time calculation for about twelve centuries, and some of
them, even, for about fifteen centuries.
“To be able more or less clearly to represent to yourself
the rate at which the length of their existence declined
during this time, it is enough for you to know that when
I left this solar system for ever, the maximum length of
their existence was already from seventy to ninety of their
“And latterly, if anybody should exist even as long as
this, all the rest of the beings of that peculiar planet would
already consider that he had existed quite ‘a good long time.’
“And if anybody happened to exist a little over a century
he would be exhibited in their museums, and of
course all the rest of the beings there would know about
him because his photograph, and descriptions of the manner
of his existence even to the enumeration of each of his
movements, would continually be found in all their what
are called ‘newspapers.’
“And so, my boy, since, at the time when I suddenly
constated such a fact there, I had no special business on
the planet Mars and it was quite impossible to try to
probe this novel peculiarity by means of the Teskooano, I
therefore decided to go there myself in order perhaps to
clear up for myself there on the spot the causes of this also.
“Several Martian days after my decision, I again ascended
there on the ship Occasion.
“At the time of this fifth descent of mine in person
to your planet, their ‘center-for-the-incoming-and-the-outgoing-
results-of-the-perfecting-of-being-rumination or, as
they themselves call it, their ‘Center-of-Culture’ was already
the city of Babylon; so it was just there that I decided to go.
“This time our ship Occasion alighted on what is called
the ‘Persian Gulf because we had ascertained through the
Teskooano before our flight that for our further traveling,
that is, to reach the town of Babylon and also for the
mooring of our ship Occasion itself, the most convenient
place would be that same Saliakooriapnian space of the
surface of your planet now existing there under the name
of the Persian Gulf.
“This water space was convenient for my further traveling
because the large river, on the banks of which the
city of Babylon stood, flowed into it, and we proposed to
sail up the stream of this river to get there.
“During that period of the flow of time this ‘incomparably
majestic’ Babylon was flourishing in every respect. It
was a Center-of-Culture not only for the beings dwelling
on the continent Ashhark, but also for all the beings of all
those other large and small terra firmas which were adapted
to the needs of ordinary being-existence on that planet.
“At the time of my first arrival there in this Center-of-
Culture of theirs, they were just preparing that which was
afterwards the principal cause of the acceleration of the
rate of the degeneration of their ‘psychic-organization,’ especially
in the sense of the atrophy in them of the instinctive
functioning of those three fundamental factors
which ought to exist in the presence of every three-brained
being—namely, those factors which give rise to the being-impulses
existing  under the names of ‘Faith,’
’Hope,’ and ‘Love.’
“These being-factors degenerating by heredity from
generation to generation has brought it about that instead
of a real being-psyche, such as should exist in the presence
of every kind of three-brained being, there now already
exists in the presences of your contemporary favorites, although
a ‘real-psyche’ also, nevertheless one that can be
very well defined by one of the wise sayings of our dear
Mullah Nassr Eddin, which consists of the following
words: ‘There is everything in it except the core or even
the kernel.’
“It is absolutely necessary to relate to you in as great detail
as possible what occurred during that period in Babylon,
as all this information may be valuable material for
you for a better elucidation and transubstantiation in your
Reason of all the causes which together have finally given
rise to that strange psyche of the three-centered beings
which your contemporary favorites already have.
“I must first of all tell you that I obtained the information
concerning the events of that time which I am
about to relate chiefly from those three-centered beings
there whom the other beings called ‘learned.’
“Before going any further, I must here dwell a little on
just what kind of beings there on your planet the other
beings call learned.
“The point is that, even before this fifth sojourn of
mine there, that is to say before that period when Babylon,
as I have told you, flourished in every respect, those
beings who became learned and were regarded by others
as learned were not such beings as become and are regarded
as learned everywhere in the Universe, nor such as
first became learned even on your planet, namely, such beings
as acquire by their conscious labors and intentional
sufferings the ability to contemplate the details of all that
exists from the point of view of World-arising and World-existence,
owing chiefly to which, they perfect their highest
body to the corresponding gradation of the sacred
measure of Objective Reason in order that they might
later sense as much about cosmic truths as their higher
being-body is perfected.
“But from the time of what is called the Tikliamishian
civilization until now, those beings, especially the contemporary
ones, chiefly became learned who ‘learned-by-rote’
as much as possible about every kind of vacuous
information, such as old women love to relate about what
was presumably said in olden times.
“Note, by the way, that for the definition of the importance
of the learned there, our venerated Mullah Nassr
Eddin also has a sentence expressed in the following
‘Everybody talks as if our learned know that half a
hundred is fifty.’
“There on your planet, the more of such information
one of your favorites mechanically learns by rote, information
he himself has never verified, and which moreover,
he has never sensed, the more learned he is considered
to be.
“And so, my boy, we reached the city of Babylon; there
were indeed a great many learned beings there gathered
from almost the whole of that planet of yours.
“As the causes of the gathering of these beings in the
city of Babylon at that time are extremely interesting, I
will tell you also about this a little more in detail.
“The point is, that most of the learned beings of the
Earth had been then assembled there under compulsion
by a most peculiar Persian king, under whose dominion
at that period was also the city of Babylon.
“In order to understand thoroughly which fundamental
aspect ensuing from the total results of the abnormally
established conditions of ordinary being-existence there
gave rise to the said peculiarity of this Persian king, I must
first enlighten you in respect of two facts which had become
fixed long before.
“The first fact is that almost from the time of the
loss of the continent Atlantis, there gradually began to be
crystallized, and during later centuries became completely
crystallized in the presence of every one of your favorites
there, a particular ‘inherency’ thanks to which that
being-sensation which is called ‘happiness-for-one’s being’—
which is experienced from time to time by
every three-brained being from the satisfaction of his
inner self-evaluation—appears in the presences of your
favorites exclusively only when they acquire for their own
possession a great deal of that popular metal there called
“A greater misfortune for them arising from this particular
‘inherency’ in their common presences is that the
mentioned sensation due to the possession of the said
metal is strengthened by the beings around the possessor
and also by beings who learn about it only by what is
called ‘hearsay’ and have not themselves been convinced
by personal corresponding perceptions; and it is, moreover,
the established custom there never to consider
through which kind of being-manifestations he becomes
the possessor of a great quantity of this metal, and such a
being there becomes for all those around him one who
evokes in their presences the functioning of that crystallized
consequence of the property of the organ Kundabuffer
called ‘envy.’
“And the second fact is this, that when in the presences
of your favorites their chief particularity functions
’crescendently’ and, according to the established custom
among their different communities, the process of the reciprocal
destruction of each other’s existence proceeds,
then afterwards, when this property, only maleficent for
them themselves, has run its course, and they temporarily
cease these processes of theirs, then the king of that community
in which a greater number of subjects survive,
receiving the title of conqueror, usually takes for himself
everything belonging to the beings of the conquered community.
“Such a ‘king-conqueror’ there usually orders his subjects
to take from the conquered all their lands, all the
young beings of female sex present in the conquered community,
and all the what is called ‘riches’ accumulated by
them during centuries.
“And so, my boy, when the subjects of that said peculiar
Persian king conquered the beings of another community,
he ordered them not to take and even not to
touch any of these, but to take with them as what are
called ‘captives’ only the learned beings of this conquered
“Clearly to represent and to substantiate in yourself
the understanding just why such a peculiar craze arose in the
individuality of that Persian king and became proper only to
him, you must know that at the period of the Tikliamish
civilization, in the town called ‘Chiklaral` a three-brained
learned being by name Harnahoom—whose essence later
became crystallized into what is called an ‘Eternal-
Hasnamussian-individual invented that any old metal
you like, abundant on the surface of that planet, could easily
be turned into the rare metal ‘gold’ and all it was necessary
to know for this was just one very small ‘secret.’
“This maleficent fiction of his became widely spread
there, and having become crystallized in the presences of
the beings of that time, and being transmitted by inheritance
from generation to generation, began to pass to the
beings of subsequent generations as a gradually formed
definite maleficent fantastic science there, under the name
of’alchemy,’ under the name, that is, of that great science
which had indeed existed there during those epochs long
past, when in the presences of their ancestors the consequences
of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer had
not yet been quite crystallized, and which branch of genuine
knowledge might be useful and indeed necessary for
the three-brained beings there even of contemporary
“And as at that period to which my tale relates, this Persian
king needed for some or other of his undoubtedly
Hasnamussian aims, a great deal of this metal, rare on the
surface of the Earth, called ‘gold,’ and as the notion concerning
this method that had been invented by the then
existing ‘Hasnamussian-individual,’ Harnahoom, had also
reached his presence, he was eager to get gold by so easy
a means.
“When this Persian king had finally decided to get gold
by ‘alchemy,’ he then and there for the first time cognized
with the whole of his being that he did not as yet know
that ‘little secret’ without which it was absolutely impossible
to fulfill this desire of his. So he then pondered how
to find out that ‘little secret.’
“The result of this pondering was that he became aware
of the following:
“As the learned already have knowledge of every other
kind of ‘mystery,’ then this mystery must also be known
to one of them.
“Having finally arrived at such a conclusion, he, with
an intensified functioning of ‘being-astonishment’ at why
such a simple idea had never entered his head before,
called several of his attendant subjects and ordered them
to find out which of the learned beings of his capital knew
this mystery.
“When it was reported to him the following day
that not a single one of the learned beings of the capital
knew this mystery, he ordered inquiries to be made
also of all the learned present among the beings of the whole of
his subject-community, and when after
several days he again
received the same negative reply,
he once more began to ponder,
and this time very seriously.

“His serious thinking first led his Reason to the understanding
that, without any doubt, one or other of the
learned beings of his community was aware of this ‘secret’
also, but since among beings of that clan, this strict keeping
of a ‘professional’ mystery was very strongly developed,
nobody, of course, was willing to reveal it.
“The result of his serious thinking was that he became
aware that it was necessary not merely to question, but to
examine the learned beings about this mystery.
“The same day, he gave appropriate instructions to his
nearest corresponding assistants, and the latter already began
to ‘examine,’ after the manner that had already long
before been the way of power-possessing beings to examine
ordinary beings.
“And when this peculiar Persian king became finally
convinced that the learned beings of this community indeed
knew nothing about this mystery, he began to look
for learned beings in other communities to whom this
mystery might be known.
“As the kings of the other communities were unwilling
to offer their learned beings for ‘examination,’ he decided
forcibly to compel these unconquered kings to do so. And
from that time on, at the head of numerous hordes in subjection
to him, he began with their help to make what are
called ‘military excursions.’
“This Persian king had many hordes in subjection to
him because at that period, from the region of the surface
of this planet of yours where that community was situated
and over which he happened to be king, there had
been intensified in the presences of the beings, even before
this time, according to what is called the ‘foreseeing-adaptation’
of Great Nature, the what is called ‘birth rate’;
and at the given period, there was being actualized that
which was demanded for the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic
process, that is to say, from this region of the
surface of your planet there had to issue more of those vibrations
arising from the destruction of being-existence.”
During this last explanation Hassein interrupted
Beelzebub with the following words:
“Dear Grandfather, I do not understand why the issuing
of the required vibrations for the purpose of the actualization
of this most great cosmic process should depend
on a definite region of the surface of the planet.”
To this question of his grandson, Beelzebub replied as
“As before long I intend to make the special question
of those terrifying processes of reciprocal destruction
which they call ‘wars’ the theme of my tales concerning
the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, it is better to
defer this question of yours also until this special tale, because
then, I think, you will understand it well.”
Having said this, Beelzebub again continued to relate
about the Babylonian events.
“When the peculiar Persian king I mentioned began,
thanks to the hordes in subjection to him, to conquer beings
of other communities and to seize by force the
learned among them, he assigned as a place for their congregation
and existence the said city of Babylon, to which
they were taken in order that this lord of half the then
continent of Asia could thereafter freely examine them in
the hope that one of them might perhaps happen to know
the secret of turning cheap metal into the metal gold.
“With the same aim he even made at that time a special
what is called ‘campaign’ into the country Egypt.
“He then made this special campaign there because the
learned beings of all the continents of the planet were
assembled there at that period, the opinion being widely
spread there that more information for their various
‘sciences’ was to be obtained in this Egypt than anywhere
else on their planet.
“This Persian king-conqueror then took from Egypt all
the learned beings present there, both the native and those
who had come from other communities; and among their
number were then also several called ‘Egyptian priests,’
descendants of just those learned members of the society
Akhaldan who had chanced to escape, and who had been
the first to populate that country.
“When a little later a fresh craze arose in the presence
of this peculiar Persian king, the craze for the process itself
of the destruction of the existence of other beings similar
to himself, and which supplanted the former craze, he
forgot about the learned beings and they began to exist
there freely in the city of Babylon awaiting his further directions.
“The learned beings collected in this way there in the
city of Babylon from almost the whole of the planet used
often to meet together and of course to discuss among
themselves, as it is proper to the learned beings of the
planet Earth, questions which were either immeasurably
beyond their comprehension, or about which they could
never elucidate anything useful whatsoever, either for
themselves or for ordinary beings there.
“Well, it was just during these meetings and discussions
that there arose among them, as it is in general proper
to arise among learned beings there, what is called
’a-burning-question-of-the-day,’ a question which in some
way or other indeed interested them at that time to, as
they say, ‘their very marrow.’
“The question which chanced to become the-burning-question-
of-the-day so vitally touched the whole being of
every one of them, that they even ‘climbed down’ from
their what are called ‘pedestals’ and began discussing it
not only with the learned like themselves, but also here,

there and everywhere with anyone they chanced to come
“The consequence was that an interest in this question
gradually spread among all the ordinary three-brained beings
then existing in Babylon, and by about the time we
reached this city it had become the question-of-the-day
for all the beings there.
“Not only did these learned themselves talk about and
discuss this question, but similar conversations and fierce
discussions proceeded like fury among the ordinary beings
there also.
“It was talked about and discussed by the young and
old, by men and women, and even by the Babylonian
butchers. Exceedingly anxious were they, particularly the
learned, to know about this question.
“Before our arrival there, many of the beings existing in
Babylon had ultimately even lost their reason on account
of this question, and many were already candidates for
losing theirs.
“This burning-question-of-the-day was that both the
’sorry-learned’ and also the ordinary beings of the city of
Babylon were very anxious to know whether they had a
“Every possible kind of fantastic theory existed in
Babylon upon this question; and more and more theories
were being freshly cooked up; and every, as it is said there,
’catchy theory’ had, of course, its followers.
“Although whole hosts of these various theories existed
there, nevertheless they were one and all based upon only
two, but two quite opposite assumptions.
“One of these was called the ‘atheistic’ and the other
the ‘idealistic’ or ‘dualistic.’
“All the dualistic theories maintained the existence of the
soul, and of course its ‘immortality,’ and every possible
kind of ‘perturbation’ to it after the death of the being
“And all the atheistic theories maintained just the opposite.
“In short, my boy, when we arrived in the city of
Babylon there was then proceeding what is called the
Having uttered these latter words, Beelzebub became a
little thoughtful and then continued as follows:
“Now I wish to explain to you about the expression I
just used, namely, the ‘Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel.’
This expression is very often used on your planet by the
contemporary three-brained beings there also.
“I wish to touch upon this expression frequently used
there and to elucidate it to you chiefly because firstly I
chanced to be a witness at that time of all the events which
gave rise to it, and secondly because the history of the arising
of this expression and its transubstantiation in the understanding
of your contemporary favorites can very
clearly and instructively elucidate to you that, thanks as always
to the same abnormally established conditions of ordinary
being-existence, no precise information of events
there which have indeed occurred to beings of former
epochs ever reaches beings of later generations. And if, by
chance, something like this expression does reach them,
then the fantastic Reason of your favorites constructs a
whole theory on the basis of just one expression such as
this, with the result that those illusory ‘being-egoplastikoori,’
or what they call ‘psychic-picturings’ increase
and multiply in their presences owing to which there has
arisen in the Universe the strange ‘unique-psyche’ of three-brained
beings which every one of your favorites has.
“Well then, when we arrived in the city of Babylon, and
I began mixing with various beings there and making
my corresponding observations in order to elucidate the
question which had interested me, then, because almost
everywhere I ran across the said learned beings who had
gathered and met there in great numbers, it so fell out
that I began associating with them alone, and made my
observations through them, and also through their individualities.
“Among the number of the learned beings whom I met
for my mentioned aim, was also one named Hamolinadir
who had also been brought there by compulsion from
“Well, during these meetings of ours, almost the same
relations were established between this terrestrial three-brained
being Hamolinadir and myself as in general are
established everywhere between three-brained beings who
frequently meet.
“This Hamolinadir was one of those learned there in
the common presence of whom the factors for the impulses
of a three-brained being which had passed to him
by heredity were not quite atrophied, and moreover it
turned out that during his preparatory age the responsible
beings around him had prepared him to be also more or
less normally responsible.
“It is necessary to notice that many learned beings of
this kind were then in the city of Babylon.
“Although this learned Hamolinadir had his arising and
preparation for becoming a responsible being just there
in the city of Babylon and descended from the race of
beings there called ‘Assyrian,’ yet he became learned in
Egypt where the highest school existing on Earth at that
time was found, and which was called the ‘School of
“At the age he was when I first met him he already
had his I—in respect of rationally directing what is
called the ‘automatic-psychic-functioning’ of his common
presence—at the maximum stability for three-centered beings
of the planet Earth at that time, in consequence of
which during what is called his ‘waking-passive-state’ he had
very definitely expressed being-manifestations, as, for instance,
those called ‘self-consciousness,’ ‘impartiality,’ ‘sincerity,’
‘sensibility of perception,’ ‘alertness,’ and so forth.
“Soon after our arrival in Babylon, I began going with
this Hamolinadir to various what are called ‘meetings’
of the mentioned learned beings, and listened to every
kind of what they called ‘reports’ upon the very question
which was then ‘the-question-of-the-day,’ and which was
the cause of the ‘agitation-of-the-minds-of-the-whole-of-
“This friend of mine, Hamolinadir, was also very much
excited about the said ‘burning question.’
“He was agitated and perplexed by the fact that both
the already existing and the many newly appearing theories
upon this question were all, in spite of their entirely
contradictory proofs, equally convincing and equally
“He said that those theories in which it was proved that
we have a soul were very logically and convincingly expounded;
and, likewise, those theories in which quite the
contrary was proved were expounded no less logically and
“So that you may be able to put yourself in the place
of that sympathetic Assyrian, I shall also explain to you
that in general on your planet, then in the city of Babylon
as well as at the present time, all the theories on such
a question as they call it of ‘the beyond,’ or any other
’elucidation-of-details’ of any definite ‘fact,’ are invented
by those three-brained beings there in whom most of the
consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer
are completely crystallized, in consequence of which there
actively functions in their presence that being-property
which they themselves call ‘cunning.’ Owing to this, they
consciously—of course consciously only with the sort of
reason which it has already become long ago proper for
them alone to possess—and moreover, merely automatically,
gradually acquire in their common presence the capacity
for ‘spotting’ the weakness of the psyche of the
surrounding beings like themselves; and this capacity
gradually forms in them data which enable them at times
to sense and even to understand the peculiar logic of the
beings around them, and according to these data, they invent
and propound one of their ‘theories’ concerning this
or that question; and because, as I have already told you,
in most of the three-brained beings there, owing to the
abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence established
there by them themselves, the being-function called
’instinctively-to-sense-cosmic-truths’ gradually atrophies,
then, if any one of them happens to devote himself to the
detailed study of any one of these ‘theories,’ he is bound,
whether he wishes or not, to be persuaded by it with the
whole of his presence.
“Well, my boy, already seven of their months after our
arrival in the city of Babylon I once went with this friend
of mine there, Hamolinadir, to what is called a ‘general-learned-
“This ‘general-learned-conference’ had already been
convened at that time by the learned beings previously
brought there by force; and thus there were at this conference
not only the learned forcibly assembled there by
the mentioned Persian king who in the meantime had already
got over his craze about the science of ‘alchemy,’
and forgotten all about it, but many other learned also
from other communities who had voluntarily gathered as
they then said ‘for-the-sake-of-science.’
“At this ‘general-learned-conference’ that day, the reporters
spoke by lot.
“My friend, Hamolinadir, also had to report about
some topic and therefore drew a lot; and it fell to him to
speak fifth.
“The reporters who preceded him either reported upon
new ‘theories’ they had invented or they criticized theories
already existing and known to everybody.
“At last came the turn of this sympathetic Assyrian.
“He ascended what is called the ‘rostrum,’ and as he
did so some attendants hung up a notice above it indicating
on which subject the given reporter would speak.
“It was the custom at that time to do so.
“The notice announced that the reporter had taken as
the theme of his report the ‘Instability-of-Human-Reason.’
“Thereupon, this terrestrial friend of mine first expatiated
on the kind of structure which, in his opinion, the
human ‘head-brain’ has, and in which cases and in what
manner various impressions are perceived by the other
brains of man, and how only after definite what is called
’agreement’ between all the brains are the total results impressed
on this head-brain.
“He spoke calmly at first, but the longer he spoke, the
more agitated he became, until his voice rose to a shout,
and shouting he began to criticize the Reason in man.
“And at the same time, he mercilessly criticized his own
“Still continuing to shout, he very logically and convincingly
demonstrated the instability and fickleness of
man’s Reason, and showed, in detail, how easy it is to
prove and convince this Reason of anything you like.
“Although in the midst of the shouting of this terrestrial
friend of mine, Hamolinadir, his sobbing could be
heard, nevertheless, even while sobbing, he continued to
shout. Further he said:
“‘To every man, and also of course to me, it’s quite
easy to prove anything; all that is necessary to know is
which shocks and which associations to arouse in the
other human brains while one or other “truth” is being
proved. It is very easily possible even to prove to man that
our whole World and of course the people in it, are nothing
but an illusion, and that the authenticity and reality
of the World are only a “corn” and moreover the corn
growing on the big toe of our left foot. Besides this corn,
absolutely nothing exists in the World; everything only
seems, and even then only to “psychopaths-squared.”’
“At this point in the speech of this sympathetic terrestrial
three-brained being, an attendant offered him a bowl
of water, and after he had eagerly drunk the water, he continued
to speak, but now more calmly.
“He said further:
“‘Take myself as an example: I am not an ordinary
learned man. I am known by all Babylon and by people
of many other towns as an exceedingly learned and wise
“‘I finished the course of study higher than which has
never yet existed on the Earth, and which it is almost impossible
will ever exist again.
“‘But what then has this highest development given to
my Reason in respect of that question which, already during
one or two years, is driving all Babylonians insane?
“‘This Reason of mine which has received the highest
development, has given me during this general dementia
concerning the question of the soul nothing else but “five-
“‘During this time, I have very attentively and seriously
followed all the old and new theories about the “soul” and
there is not a single theory with the author of which I do
not inwardly agree, since all of them are very logically and
plausibly expounded, and such Reason as I have cannot
but agree with their logic and plausibility.
‘“During this time I have even myself written a very
lengthy work on this “question-of-the-beyond”; and many
of those present here have surely become acquainted with
my logical mentation and most probably there is not one
of you here who does not envy this logical mentation of
“‘Yet at the same time I now honestly declare to you all,
that concerning this “question-of-the-beyond” I myself,
with the whole of the knowledge that has been accumulated
in me, am neither more nor less than just an “idiot-cubed.”
“‘There is now proceeding among us in the city of Babylon
the general public “building-of-a-tower” by means of
which to ascend to “Heaven” and there to see with our own
eyes what goes on there.
“‘This tower is being built of bricks which outwardly
all look alike, but which are made of quite different materials.
“‘Among these bricks are bricks of iron and wood and
also of “dough” and even of “eider down.”
“‘Well then, at the present time, a stupendously enormous
tower is being built of such bricks right in the center
of Babylon, and every more or less conscious person
must bear in mind that sooner or later this tower will certainly
fall and crush not only all the people of Babylon,
but also everything else that is there.
‘“As I personally still wish to live and have no desire to
be crushed by this Babylonian tower, I shall therefore now
immediately go away from here, and all of you, do as you
“He uttered these last words while leaving, and ran off
and since that time, I never saw that sympathetic Assyrian
“As I later learned, he left the city of Babylon the same day
forever, and went to Nineveh and existed somewhere there
to a ripe old age. I also ascertained that this Hamolinadir
was never again occupied with ‘sciences’ and that he spent
his existence only in planting ‘choongary’ which in contemporary
language is called ‘maize.’
“Well, my boy, the speech of this Hamolinadir at first
made such a deep impression upon the beings there that
for almost a month they went about, as it is said there,
“And when they met each other, they could speak of
nothing else but only of the various passages from this
speech which they remembered and repeated.
“They repeated them so often that several of Hamolinadir’s
phrases spread among the ordinary beings of Babylon
and became sayings for ordinary daily existence.
“Some of his phrases reached even contemporary beings
of the planet Earth, and among them there is also the
phrase ‘The-Building-of-the-Tower-of-Babel.’
“Contemporary beings now already quite clearly picture
to themselves that once upon a time a certain tower
was built in this said city of Babylon to enable beings to
ascend in their planetary bodies to ‘God Himself.’
“And the contemporary beings of the planet Earth
also say and are quite persuaded that during the building
of this ‘Babylonian tower’ a number of tongues were
“In general there reached the contemporary beings of
the planet Earth a great many of such isolated expressions,
uttered or fixed by various sensible beings of former
epochs concerning certain details of a complete understanding
from the epoch when the Center-of-Culture was
Babylon as well as from the other epochs; and your favorites
of recent centuries, simply on the basis of these
’scraps,’ have with their already quite ‘nonsensical’ Reason
concocted such ‘cock-and-bull’ stories as our Archcunning
Lucifer himself might envy.
“Among the many teachings then current in Babylon
concerning the ‘question-of-the-beyond,’ two had a large
number of adherents though these teachings had nothing
in common.
“And it was precisely these two teachings which began
to pass from generation to generation, and to confuse
their ‘being-sane-mentation’ which had already been confused
enough without them.
“Although in the course of their transmission from generation
to generation the details of both these teachings
underwent change, nevertheless the fundamental ideas
contained in them remained unchanged and have even
reached down to contemporary times.
“One of these two teachings which then had many adherents
in Babylon was just the ‘dualistic’ and the other,
the ‘atheistic’; so that in one of them it was proved that
in beings there is the soul, and in the other, quite the opposite,
namely, that they have nothing of the kind.
“In the dualist or idealist teaching, it was said that
within the coarse body of the being-man, there is a fine
and invisible body, which is just the soul.
“This ‘fine body’ of man is immortal, that is to say, it
is never destroyed.
“This fine body or soul, it was said further, must make
a corresponding payment for every action of the physical
body’ whether voluntary or involuntary, and every man,
already at birth, consists of these two bodies, namely, the
physical body and the soul.
“Further it was said that as soon as a man is born, two
invisible spirits immediately perch upon his shoulders.
“On his right shoulder sits a ‘spirit-of-good’ called an
’angel,’ and on his left, a second spirit, a ‘spirit-of-evil’
called a ‘devil.’
“From the very first day these spirits—the spirit-of-good
and the spirit-of-evil—record in their ‘notebooks’ all the
manifestations of the man, the spirit sitting on his right
shoulder recording all those called his ‘good manifestations’
or ‘good deeds,’ and the spirit sitting on his left
shoulder, the ‘evil.’
“Among the duties of these two spirits is that of suggesting
to and compelling a man to do more of those
manifestations which are in their respective domains.
“The spirit on the right constantly strives to make the
man refrain from doing those actions which are in the domain
of the opposite spirit, and, perforce, more of those
in his own domain.
“And the spirit on the left does the same, but vice versa.
“In this strange teaching it was further said that these
two ‘spirit-rivals’ are always combating each other, and
that each strives with might and main that the man
should do more of those actions which are in his domain.
“When the man dies, these spirits leave his physical
body on the Earth and take his soul to God who exists
somewhere ‘up-in-Heaven.’
“There up-in-Heaven this God sits surrounded by his
devoted archangels and angels, and suspended in front of
him is a pair of scales.
“On each side of the scales, ‘spirits’ stand on duty. On
the right, stand the spirits who are called ‘servants of Paradise’
and these are the angels; and on the left stand the
’servants of Hell’ and these are the devils.
“The spirits which have sat on the man’s shoulder all
his life bring his soul after death to God, and God then
takes from their hands the notebooks in which the notes
have been recorded of all the man’s actions; and He places
them on the ‘pans of the scales.’
“On the right pan He puts the notebook of the angel;
and on the left pan the notebook of the devil, and, according
to the pan which falls, God commands the spirits
on duty standing on the given side to take this soul
into their charge.
“In the charge of the spirits standing on duty on the
right is just that place called Paradise.
“It is a place of indescribable beauty and splendiferousness.
In that Paradise are magnificent fruits in abundance
and endless quantities of fragrant flowers, and enchanting
sounds of cherubic songs and seraphic music constantly
echo in the air; and many other things were also enumerated
whose outer reactions according to the perceptions
and cognitions abnormally inherent in the three-brained
beings of that strange planet are likely to evoke in them,
as they say, ‘great-satisfaction,’ that is to say, the satisfaction
of those needs formed in their common presences,
which are criminal for three-centered beings to possess,
and the totality of which have driven out from their presences
everything, without exception, that was put into
them by our COMMON FATHER and which it is imperative
for every three-brained being to possess.
“In the charge of the spirits standing on duty on the
left of the scales, who, according to this Babylonian teaching,
are the devils, there is what is called Hell.
“Concerning Hell it was said that it is a place without
vegetation, always unimaginably hot, and without a single
drop of water.
“In that Hell sounds constantly echo of fearful ‘cacophony’
and infuriated offensive ‘abuse.’
“Everywhere there are instruments of every conceivable
torture from the ‘rack’ and the ‘wheel’ to instruments for
lacerating bodies and mechanically rubbing them with
salt, and so on of the same kind.
“In the Babylonian idealistic teaching, it was minutely
explained that in order that his soul should enter this Paradise,
the man must constantly strive while on Earth to
provide more material for the notebook of the spirit angel
sitting on his right shoulder, otherwise there would be
more material for the records of the spirit sitting on
the left shoulder, in which case, such a man’s soul would
inevitably go to this most awful Hell.”
Here Hassein could not restrain himself, and suddenly
interrupted with the following words:
“And which of their manifestations do they consider
good, and which bad?”
Beelzebub looked at his grandson with a very strange
look and, shaking his head, said as follows:
“Concerning this, which being-manifestations are there
on your planet considered good and which bad—two independent
understandings, having nothing in common
with each other, have existed from the most ancient times
up to the present period, having passed from generation
to generation.
“The first of these understandings exists there and
passes from one generation to another among such three[brained
beings there as were those members of the society
Akhaldan on the continent Atlantis, and such as those
who, although of another kind, several centuries later after
the Transapalnian perturbation acquired almost the
same in the foundations of their common presences and
who were called ‘initiates.’
“The first of these understandings exists there under
the following formulation:
“Every action of man is good in the objective sense, if
it is done according to his conscience, and every action is
bad, if from it he later experiences ‘remorse.’
“And the second understanding arose there soon after
the wise ‘invention’ of the Great King Konuzion, which
invention, passing from generation to generation through
ordinary beings there, gradually spread over almost the
whole planet under the name of ‘morality.’
“Here it will be very interesting to notice a particularity
of this morality which was grafted upon it at the very
beginning of its arising and which ultimately became part
and parcel of it.
“What this said particularity of terrestrial morality is,
you can easily represent to yourself and understand if I tell
you that, both inwardly and outwardly, it acquired exactly
that ‘unique property’ which belongs to the being bearing
the name ‘chameleon.’
“And the oddity and peculiarity of this said particularity
of the morality there, especially of contemporary
morality, is that its functioning automatically depends entirely
on the moods of the local authorities, which moods
in their turn depend also automatically on the state of the
four sources of action existing there under the names of
’mother-in-law,’ ‘digestion,’ ‘John Thomas,’ and ‘cash.’
“The second Babylonian teaching which then had many
followers, and which, passing from generation to generation,
also reached your contemporary favorites, was on the
contrary one of the atheistic teachings of that period.
“In this teaching by the terrestrial Hasnamussian candidates
of that time, it was stated that there is no God in
the world, and moreover no soul in man, and hence that
all those talks and discussions about the soul are nothing
more than the deliriums of sick visionaries.
“It was further maintained that there exists in the
World only one special law of mechanics, according to
which everything that exists passes from one form into another;
that is to say, the results which arise from certain
preceding causes are gradually transformed and become
causes for subsequent results.
“Man also is therefore only a consequence of some preceding
cause and in his turn must, as a result, be a cause
of certain consequences.
“Further, it was said that even what are called ‘supernatural
phenomena’ really perceptible to most people, are
all nothing but these same results ensuing from the mentioned
special law of mechanics.
“The full comprehension of this law by the pure Reason
depends on the gradual impartial, all-round acquaintance
with its numerous details which can be revealed to
a pure Reason in proportion to its development.
“But as regards the Reason of man, this is only the sum
of all the impressions perceived by him, from which there
gradually arise in him data for comparisons, deductions,
and conclusions.
“As a result of all this, he obtains more information
concerning all kinds of similarly repeated facts around
him, which in the general organization of man are in their
turn material for the formation of definite convictions in
him. Thus, from all this there is formed in man—Reason,
that is to say, his own subjective psyche.
“Whatever may have been said in these two teachings
about the soul, and whatever maleficent means had been
prepared by those learned beings assembled there from almost
the whole planet for the gradual transformation of
the Reason of their descendants into a veritable mill of
nonsense, it would not have been, in the objective sense,
totally calamitous; but the whole objective terror is concealed
in the fact that there later resulted from these
teachings a great evil, not only for their descendants
alone, but maybe even for everything existing.
“The point is, that during the mentioned ‘agitation-of-minds’
of that time in the city of Babylon, these learned
beings, owing to their collective wiseacrings acquired in
their presences, in addition to all they already had, a further
mass of new data for Hasnamussian manifestations,
and when they dispersed and went home to their own
countries, they began everywhere, of course unconsciously,
to propagate like contagious bacilli all these notions which
all together, ultimately, totally destroyed the last remnants
and even the traces of all the results of the holy labors of
the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash.
“The remnants, that is to say, of those holy ‘consciously-suffering-
labors’ which he intentionally actualized for the
purpose of creating, just for three-centered beings, such
special external conditions of ordinary being-existence in
which alone the maleficent consequences of the properties
of the organ Kundabuffer could gradually disappear from
their presences, so that in their place there could be gradually
acquired those properties proper to the presence of
every kind of three-brained being, whose whole presence is
an exact similitude of everything in the Universe.
“Another result of the diverse wiseacrings by those
learned beings of the Earth then in the city of Babylon
concerning the question of the soul, was that soon after
my fifth appearance in person on the surface of that
planet of yours this, in its turn, Center-of-Culture of
theirs, the incomparable and indeed magnificent Babylon,
was also, as it is said there, swept away from the face of
the Earth to its very foundations.
“Not only was the city of Babylon itself destroyed but
everything also that had been acquired and accomplished
by the beings who had, during many of their centuries,
formerly existed there.
“In the name of Justice, I must now say that the prime
initiative for the destruction of the holy labors of Ashiata
Shiemash did not spring, however, from these learned of
the Earth who were then assembled in the city of Babylon,
but from the invention of a learned being very well
known there, who also existed there on the continent Asia
several centuries before these Babylonian events, namely,
from the invention of a being named ‘Lentrohamsanin’
who, having coated his higher-being-part into a definite
unit, and having perfected himself by Reason up to the required
gradation of Objective Reason, also became one
of those three hundred and thirteen Hasnamussian-
Eternal-individuals who now exist on the small planet
bearing the name of Retribution.
“About this Lentrohamsanin I shall also tell you, since
the information concerning him will serve to elucidate for
your understanding the strange psyche of those three-brained
beings who exist on that peculiar remote planet.
“But I shall tell you about this Lentrohamsanin only
when I have finished speaking about the Very Saintly
Ashiata Shiemash, as the information relating to this now
already Most Very Saintly Individual Ashiata Shiemash
and his activities in connection with this planet of yours
is most important and of the utmost value for your understanding
of the peculiarities of the psyche of these
three-brained beings who have taken your fancy and who
breed on the planet Earth.”
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