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Ch 23

The Fourth Personal Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth
Beelzebub continued thus:

“I descended for the fourth time to that planet Earth
owing to the request of my essence-friend Gornahoor Harharkh.
“I must first of all tell you that after I had met this Gornahoor
Harharkh and had become friendly with him, I always, during our
‘subjective exchange of opinions,’
whenever we again met,
shared my impressions with him
about the strange psyche of the
three-centered beings of
that planet of yours.
“And the result of these exchanges of opinion of ours
concerning your favorites was that he finally also became
so interested in them that he once even very seriously
asked me to keep him always informed, even if only approximately,
of my observations of them, and thereafter I sent to him, just as
I did to your uncle Tooilan, copies of
all my brief-notes concerning
the strange particularities of

their psyche.
“And how Gornahoor Harharkh came to be the cause
of this descent of mine ensued from the following:
“I have already told you that after my third personal descent
to your planet, I occasionally for a rest ascended to
the planet Saturn to this friend of mine.
“When during these flights to him I had become convinced
of his great learning, the idea once arose in me to
invite him to descend on our ship Occasion to the planet
Mars, in order there, on the spot, to help me personally
with his knowledge in the details of arranging my observatory
which was just then being completed.
“Here I might as well emphasize the fact that if this observatory
of mine afterwards became famous and indeed
the best of all the constructions of its kind in the whole
of the Universe, I am chiefly indebted to the learning of
this same essence-friend of mine.
“Well, then, when I spoke to Gornahoor Harharkh
about this, he, without thinking long about it, agreed,
and together we immediately began to deliberate how to
carry out our intention.
“The problem was that our route from the planet Saturn
to the planet Mars would cross such cosmic spheres
as did not correspond to the presence of Gornahoor
Harharkh, a being who had as yet the possibilities only for
an ordinary planetary existence.
“The result of our deliberations, then, was that on the
following day his chief assistant began, under his direction,
to arrange a special compartment in our ship Occasion itself,
and to furnish it with every kind of adaptation and apparatus
for elaborating those substances of which the
atmosphere of the planet Saturn consists, and to which
Gornahoor Harharkh was adapted by Nature for existence.
“When all these preparations had been completed, we
one Hrkh-hr-hoo later set out on our journey in the direction
of the planet Mars and descended there at my house.
“And there, on the planet Mars, which had almost the
same atmosphere as the planet Saturn, my essence-friend
Gornahoor Harharkh very soon became acclimatized and
began to exist almost freely.
“It was just during his stay on Mars that he devised that
Teskooano, or, as your favorites call it, a ‘telescope,’
thanks chiefly to which, as I have already said, my observatory
afterwards became particularly famous through the
whole of the Universe.
“The Teskooano he constructed is indeed a marvel of
being-Reason, as it increases the visibility of remote cosmic
concentrations up to 7,000,285 times, during certain
processes in cosmic substances proceeding in the atmospheres
surrounding almost all cosmic concentrations, as
well as during certain processes in the cosmic Etherokrilno
of interspatial spheres.
“Thanks to this Teskooano I was sometimes fully able,
while seated in my house on Mars, to observe almost
everything that proceeded on those parts of the surface of
other planets of this solar system which, in the process of
what is called the general-system-movement, were at the
given time within the sphere of vision of my observatory.
“Well then, my dear boy, while Gornahoor Harharkh
was then staying with me as my guest and we were once
together observing the existence of these favorites of
yours, a certain fact which we happened to notice was the
cause of a very serious exchange of opinions between us
concerning the three-centered beings of that peculiar
planet of yours.
“The result of this ‘exchange of opinions’ of ours
was that I undertook to descend onto the surface of
that planet and to bring back to the planet Saturn a certain
number of the beings called there ‘apes,’ in order to
carry out certain elucidating experiments with them
concerning the fact we had noticed and which had then
surprised us.”
At this point of Beelzebub’s tales, he was given a
”Leitoochanbros,” that is, a special metal plate on which
is recorded the text of an etherogram received from somewhere
or other, the addressee having only to hold it to his
perceptive hearing organ to hear everything communicated
in it.
When Beelzebub had in this way heard the contents of
the Leitoochanbros handed to him, he turned to his
grandson and said:
“You see, my boy, what coincidences occur in our Great
“The contents of this etherogram concern just your favorites
in connection with these terrestrial beings I have
just mentioned, that is, these apes.
“It has been sent to me from the planet Mars, and
among other things there is communicated in it that the
three-centered beings of the planet Earth have again begun
to revive what is called the ‘Ape question.’
“I must tell you first of all, that on account of a cause
also ensuing from the abnormal being-existence there,
there was long ago crystallized, and there is periodically
intensified in its functioning in the presences of those
strange three-brained beings arising and existing on the
planet Earth, a strange factor which from time to time
produces in their presences a ‘crescendo impulse,’ owing
to which, during the periods of its action, they wish at all
costs to find out whether they have descended from these
apes or whether these apes have descended from them.
“Judging from the etherogram, this question is this
time agitating chiefly those biped beings who breed there
on the continent called America.
“Although this question always agitates them from time
to time, yet every once in a while it becomes there for a
long time, as they express it, ‘the burning question of the
“I very well remember that this ‘agitation of mind’ concerning
the origin of these apes occurred there among
them for the first time when, as they also like to express
it, their ‘center of culture’ was Tikliamish.
“The beginning of that ‘agitation of mind’ there was
the wiseacring of a certain ‘learned being’ of new formation
there named Menitkel.
“This Menitkel then became a learned being, firstly
because his childless aunt was an excellent what is
called matchmaker and mixed a great deal with power-possessing
beings, and secondly, because when by age he
was approaching the ‘threshold of the being’ of a responsible
being, he received on his birthday a gift of a book
entitled Manual of Bon Ton and Love Letter Writing. Being
materially secure and therefore quite free, thanks to
an inheritance left him by his uncle, a former pawnshop
proprietor, he out of boredom compiled a massive and
erudite work in which he ‘spun out,’ concerning the origin
of these apes, an elaborate theory with every kind of
’logical proof,’ but of course with such ‘logical proofs’
as could be perceived and crystallized only in the Reasons
of those freaks who have taken your fancy.
“This Menitkel then ‘proved’ by his theory that these
’fellow apes’ of theirs had descended neither more nor less
than from what are called ‘people who became wild.’
“And the other terrestrial beings of that period, as it
had already become proper to them, implicitly believed
this ‘Auntie’s darling’ without any essence-criticism whatsoever,
and from that time on, this question which had
then agitated the strange Reason of your favorites, became
a subject of discussion and fantasying, and existed right
up to what is called the ‘seventh-in-turn great general
planetary process of reciprocal destruction.’
“Thanks to this maleficent idea, there was even fixed in
the instincts of most of these unfortunates at that period
still another abnormal what is called ‘dictatory factor,’
which began to engender in their common presences the
false feeling that these ape-beings were presumably ‘sacred’;
and the abnormal factor engendering this sacrilegious
impulse, also passing by inheritance from
generation to generation, has reached the instincts of very
many beings even of the present time.
“This false idea that arose and was fixed there owing
to the said ‘pawnshop progeny’ existed during nearly two
of their centuries, and became an inseparable part of the
Reason of the majority of them; and only various events
proceeding from the mentioned general planetary process
effaced it until it ultimately completely disappeared from
their common presences.
“But when what is called their ‘cultured existence’ was
concentrated on the continent named Europe, and when
the time of the maximum intense manifestation of the peculiar
illness there named ‘to-wiseacre,’ had again come
round—which illness by the way had already long before
become subject to the fundamental cosmic law of Heptaparaparshinokh,
according to which it had, in respect of
intensity, also to function with a certain periodicity—
then, to the grief of three-brained beings of the whole of
the universe, that Ape question, namely, the question who
is descended from whom, again arose, and having become
crystallized, again became a part of the presence of the abnormal
Reason of your favorites.
“The stimulus for the revival there of this Ape question
was this time also a ‘learned’ being, and of course also
’great,’ but now a ‘learned’ being of quite a ‘new formation’
named Darwin.
“And this ‘great’ learned being, basing his theory
on that same logic of theirs, began to ‘prove’ exactly the
opposite of what Menitkel had said, namely, that it was
they themselves who were descended from these Mister
“And as for the objective reality of the theories of both
these ‘great’ terrestrial ‘learned beings,’ I am reminded of
one of the wise sayings of our esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin,
‘They were both very successful, though of course not
without luck, in finding the authentic godmother of the
incomparable Scheherazade on an old dunghill.’
“In any case you must know and bear in mind that for
many centuries just this question among similar ephemeral
questions has provided material for the kind of mentation
which is considered among your favorites as the ‘highest
manifestation of Reason.’
“These favorites of yours would in my opinion get
quite a correct answer to this question which always excites
them, that is, the question how the apes arose, if they
were able in the given case to apply one of these sayings
again of our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin, who on many occasions
used to say: ‘The cause of every misunderstanding
must be sought only in woman.’
“If they had attempted the solution of this enigmatic
question with that wisdom of his, then perhaps they
would have finally discovered whence and how these
countrymen of theirs had originated.
“As this question of the genealogy of these apes there
is indeed exceedingly abstruse and unusual, I shall inform
your Reason about this also as far as possible from every
“In fact, neither have they descended from apes nor
have apes descended from them, but . . . the cause of the
origin of these apes is in this case, just as in every other
misunderstanding there, also—their women.
“I must tell you first of all that the species of terrestrial
ape-beings now arising there under several different exterior
forms, never existed at all before the second
’Transapalnian perturbation’; only afterwards did the genealogy
of their species begin.
“The causes of the arising of this ‘misconceived’ being
as well as the cause of all the other events more or less serious
in an objective sense, which occur on the surface of
that ill-fated planet, ensue from two sources, totally independent
of each other.
“The first of them, as always, was the same lack of
foresight on the part of certain Most High, Most Very
Saintly Cosmic Individuals, and the second was, in the
given case, also the same abnormal conditions of ordinary
being-existence established by them themselves.
“The point is that when the second Transapalnian perturbation
occurred to that ill-fated planet, then, besides
its chief continent Atlantis, many other large and small
terra firmas entered within the planet and, in their place,
new terra firmas appeared on the surface of the planet.
“These displacements of the parts of the common presence
of that ill-fated planet then continued for several
days, with repeated planetary tremors and with such manifestations
as could not fail to evoke terror in the consciousness
and feelings of beings of every kind.
“During that same period many of your three-brained
favorites who chanced to survive, together with various
one-brained and two-brained beings of other forms, unexpectedly
struck upon other newly-formed terra firmas in
entirely new places unfamiliar to them.
“It was just at this period that many of these strange
Keschapmartnian three-brained beings of active and passive
sex, or, as they say, ‘men’ and ‘women,’ were compelled
to exist for some years there apart, that is to say,
without the opposite sex.
“Before relating how this then further occurred, I must
explain to you a little more in detail concerning that sacred
substance which is the final result of the evolving transformations
of every kind of being-food formed in the presence
of every being without distinction of brain system.
“This sacred substance which arises in the presences
of beings of every kind is almost everywhere called
’Exioehary’; but your favorites on the planet Earth call it
“Thanks to the all-gracious foresight and command of
our COMMON FATHER AND CREATOR and according to the
actualization of Great Nature, this sacred substance arises
in the presences of all beings without distinction of brain
system and exterior coating, chiefly in order that by its
means they might, consciously or automatically, fulfill
that part of their being-duty which consists in the continuation
of their species; but in the presences of three-brained
beings it arises also in order that it might be
consciously transformed in their common presences for
coating their highest being-bodies for their own Being.
“Before the second Transapalnian perturbation there,
which period of their planet the contemporary three-brained
beings define by the words, ‘Before the loss of the
continent Atlantis,’ when various consequences of the
properties of the organ Kundabuffer had already begun to
be crystallized in their presences, a being impulse began
to be formed in them which later became predominant.
“This impulse is now called ‘pleasure’; and in order to satisfy
it they had already begun to exist in a way unbecoming
to three-centered beings, namely, most of them gradually
began to remove this same sacred being-substance from
themselves only for the satisfaction of the said impulse.
“Well, then, my boy. Owing to the fact that most of the
three-brained beings of the planet Earth thereafter carried
out the process of the removal from themselves of this
sacred substance—which is constantly formed in them—
not at certain periods normally established by Great Nature
for beings in accordance with their organization,
simply for the purpose of the continuation of their species,
and also owing to the fact that most of them ceased to utilize
this sacred substance consciously for coating their
higher being-bodies, the result was obtained that when
they do not remove it from themselves by ways which had
then already become mechanical, they naturally must
experience a sensation called ‘Sirkliniamen,’ or as your
favorites there would say, the state defined by the words
’out of sorts,’ which state is invariably accompanied by
what is called ‘mechanical suffering.’
“Remind me at some opportune moment about the
said periods fixed by Nature for the normal process of the
utilization of Exioehary by beings of different brain systems
for the purpose of the continuation of their species,
and I shall explain it to you in detail.
“Well then, in consequence of the aforesaid, and
because just like us they are also only Keschapmartnian
beings, and the normal removal from their presences of
this sacred substance which constantly and inevitably
arises in them can proceed exclusively only with the opposite
sex when they utilize it for the continuation of the
species by means of the sacred process ‘Elmooarno’; and
also because they were not in the habit of utilizing it for
the purpose of coating their higher being-bodies; these
chance surviving three-brained beings there—namely,
those who had already been existing as it is not becoming
for three-brained beings to exist, that is to say, when during
several of their years they had existed without beings
of the opposite sex—began to turn to various antinatural
means for the removal from themselves of the sacred substance
Exioehary formed in them.
“The beings of the male sex then turned to the antinatural
means called ‘Moordoorten’ and ‘Androperasty,’
or, as the contemporary beings would say, ‘onanism’ and
’pederasty,’ and these antinatural means fully satisfied
“But for the three-brained beings of the passive sex, or,
as they are called, ‘women,’ the said antinatural methods
proved to be not sufficiently satisfying, and so the poor
’women orphans’ of that time, being already then more
cunning and inventive than the men there, began to seek
out and accustom beings of other forms of the given place
to be their ‘partners.’
“Well then, it was after these ‘partnerships’ that those
kinds of beings also began to appear in our Great Universe
who in themselves are, as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin
would say, ‘neither one thing nor the other.’
“Concerning the possibility of this abnormal blending
of two different kinds of Exioeharies for the conception
and arising of a new planetary body of a being, it is necessary
to explain to you also the following.
“On the planet Earth, just as on other planets of our
Universe where Keschapmartnian three-brained beings
breed and exist, that is to say, those three-brained beings
the formation of whose Exioehary for the purpose of creating
a new being must obligatorily proceed in the presences
of two distinct independent sexes, the fundamental
difference between the sacred Exioeharies formed in the
presences of the distinct and opposite sexes of Keschapmartnian
beings, that is to say, in ‘men’ and ‘women,’ is
that in the Exioehary formed in the presences of beings of
the male sex the localized sacred ‘affirming’ or ‘positive’
force of the sacred Triamazikamno participates; while for
the completed formation of the Exioehary in the presences
of beings of the female sex, there participates the localized
sacred ‘denying’ or ‘negative’ force of the same sacred law.
“And owing to the same all-gracious foresight and
command of our FATHER of Everything Existing in the
Great Universe, and according to the actualizations of
Great Mother Nature, then in certain surrounding conditions
and with the participation of the third separately localized
holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, namely,
the holy force called ‘Reconciling,’ the blending of these
two Exioeharies arising in two distinct independent different
beings just gives, owing to the process called ‘the
process of the sacred Elmooarno’ which proceeds between
those beings of opposite sex, the beginning for the arising
of a new being.
“And the possibility in the given case of such an abnormal
blending of two different kinds of Exioehary then
occurred owing only to a certain cosmic law called the
’affinity of the number of the totality of vibrations,’ which
proceeded owing to the second Transapalnian perturbation
to this ill-fated planet and which then still continued
to act for its own common presence.
“Concerning this cosmic law just mentioned, it is now
absolutely necessary to tell you that it arose and began to
exist in the Universe after the fundamental sacred law of
Triamazikamno was changed by OUR CREATOR for the
purpose of rendering the Heropass harmless, and after its
previously totally independent holy parts had begun to be
dependent upon forces coming from outside.
“You will understand this cosmic law also in all its aspects
when, as I have already promised you, I shall explain
to you in detail all the fundamental laws in general of
World-creation and World-existence.
“Meanwhile know, concerning this question, that in
general everywhere on normally existing planets of our
Great Universe the Exioehary formed in the presence of a
three-brained being who has perceptive and transformative
organs for localizing the holy affirming part of the sacred
Triamazikamno, that is to say, a Keschapmartnian
being of the male sex, can, owing to the just-mentioned
cosmic law, never be blended with the Exioehary formed
in the presence of a Keschapmartnian two-brained being
of the opposite sex.
“At the same time, the Exioehary formed in the three-brained
Keschapmartnian being of the female sex can sometimes—
in those cases when a special combination of the
blending of cosmic forces is obtained and the mentioned
law comes into effect—be completely blended under
certain surrounding conditions with the Exioehary
formed in two-brained Keschapmartnian beings of the
male sex, but only as the active factor in such an actualizing
process of the fundamental sacred Triamazikamno.
“In short, during the said terrible years on this planet
of yours, a result very rare in the Universe was obtained,
that is to say, there was obtained the blending of the Exioeharies
of two Keschapmartnian beings of different
brain systems of opposite sexes; and as a result, there arose
the ancestors of these terrestrial ‘misconceived’ beings now
called apes, who give your favorites no peace and who
from time to time agitate their strange Reason.
“But when after the mentioned terrible period there on
your planet, when the relatively normal process of ordinary
existence was re-established and your favorites of different
sexes again began to find each other and to exist
together, then the continuation of the species of the ape-beings
was thereafter actualized also among beings similar
to themselves.
“And this continuation of their species by these abnormally
arisen ape-beings there could be further continued
among themselves because the conception for the arising
of the first of these abnormal beings had also proceeded
owing to those same mentioned external conditions,
thanks to which the presences of future Keschapmartnian
beings of active or of passive sex are generally determined.
“The most interesting result of this already excessively
abnormal manifestation of the three-brained beings of
your planet is that there now exist a great many species of
generations of ape-beings differing in exterior form, and
each of these varied species bears a very definite resemblance
to some form of a two-brained quadruped being
still existing there.
“This came about because the blending of the Exioehary
of the Keschapmartnian three-brained beings there of the
‘female sex,’ which served as a beginning for the arising of
the ancestors of these apes, then proceeded with the active
Exioehary of those same varied quadruped beings existing
there up to the present time.
“And indeed, my boy, when during the period of my
last personal stay on the planet Earth, I chanced during
my travels to meet with the said various independent
species of apes, and when, by a habit which has become
second nature, I also observed them, I constated very definitely
that the whole of the inner functioning and what
are called the ‘automatic posture’ of each separate species
of these contemporary apes there are exactly like those
present in the whole of the presences of some normally
arisen quadruped being there, and that even what are
called their ‘facial features’ very definitely resemble those
of the said quadrupeds; but on the other hand that what
are called the ‘psychic features’ of all the separate species
of these apes there are absolutely identical, even down to
details, with those of the psyche of the three-brained beings
there of the ‘female sex.’”
At this point of his tales, Beelzebub made a long pause
and looking at his favorite Hassein with a smile which
very clearly expressed a double meaning, he, continuing
to smile, said:
“In the text of the etherogram which I have just received,
it is further said that in order this time finally to
settle who has descended from whom—whether they
from the apes or the apes from them—these freaks, your
favorites, have even decided to carry out ‘scientific experiments,’
and furthermore that several of them have already
left for the continent of Africa where many of these apes
breed, with the object of bringing back from there the
number required for these ‘scientific investigations’ of
“To judge by this etherogram, the beings of the planet
Earth who have taken your fancy are again, in their turn,
up to their ‘extraordinary tricks.’
“From all I have learned about them during my observations,
I foresee that this ‘scientific experiment’ will, of
course, very greatly interest other of your favorites also,
and will serve for a time as material to their strange Reason
for endless discussion and talks.
“And all this will be quite in the order of things there.
“Concerning the ‘scientific experiment’ itself, which
they propose to carry out with the apes taken back from
Africa, I can with certainty say beforehand, that at any
rate the first part of it will without any doubt, succeed
’wonderfully well.’
“And it will succeed wonderfully well, because the apes
themselves, as beings of what is called a ‘Terbelnian result,’
are already, owing to their nature, extremely fond of
occupying themselves with ‘titillation’ and before the day
is out, will no doubt participate in and greatly assist your
favorites in this ‘scientific experiment’ of theirs.
“As for those beings there who are going to carry out
this ‘scientific experiment,’ and as for any benefit from it
for the other three-brained beings there, it can all be pictured
to oneself if one remembers the profoundly wise
saying of our same honorable Mullah Nassr Eddin, in
which he says: ‘Happy is that father whose son is even
busy with murder and robbery, for he himself will then
have no time to get accustomed to occupy himself with
“Yes, my boy, it seems that I have not yet told you why
and by whom, since I left the solar system Ors, I am kept
informed by etherograms of the most important events
which proceed on various planets of that system, and, of
course, also about events proceeding on your planet Earth.
“You remember I told you that my first descent in person
upon the surface of that planet of yours took place
on account of one of the young beings of our tribe, who
then had no desire to stay there any longer but returned
with us to the planet Mars, where he later became a very
good chief over all the beings of our tribe existing on that
planet, and who is now already the chief over all the beings
in general of our tribe who for various reasons still
exist on certain planets of that system Ors.
“Well then, my boy, when I left that system, I presented
my famous observatory to him with everything in
it, and in gratitude for this he promised to report every
month, according to the time-calculation of the planet
Mars, all the more important events occurring on the
planets of that system.
“And now this chief keeps me very accurately informed
of the most important events proceeding on all the planets
on which there is a being-existence; and, knowing my
great interest in the three-brained beings breeding on the
planet Earth, he does his best, as I now see, to elucidate
and send me information concerning all those manifestations
of theirs which can give me now also the possibility
of being constantly informed of the whole process of the
ordinary existence of these three-brained beings, even
though I find myself already inaccessibly remote even for
their featherweight thoughts.
“That chief of our beings who remains there collects
the various kinds of information he communicates concerning
the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, either
by means of his own observations of them through
the great Teskooano which I left him, or from reports
which, in their turn, are communicated to him by those
three beings of our own tribe who chose to exist forever
on the planet Earth, and all three of whom have at the
present time on the continent of Europe different substantial
independent undertakings indispensable for
everyone existing there under the prevailing conditions.
“One of them has in one of the large cities, an ‘undertaker’s
business’; the second, in another large city, has a
bureau for what are called matchmaking and divorce; and
the third is the proprietor of many offices founded by
himself in various cities for what is called ‘money exchange.’
“However, my boy, owing to this etherogram, I have
wandered a long way from my original tale.
“Let us go back to our former theme.
“Well, then, upon this the fourth flight of mine to the
planet Earth, our ship Occasion descended onto the sea
called the ‘Red Sea.’
“And we descended upon this Sea because it washed the
Eastern shores of that continent where I wished to go,
namely, to that continent then called Grabontzi and now
called Africa, on which those ape-beings I needed then
bred more than on any other of the terra firma parts of
the surface of that planet of yours; and also because this
sea was at that period particularly convenient for the
mooring of our ship Occasion; but what was still more important
was that on one of its sides that country was situated
which was then called ‘Nilia and is now called
Egypt, where those beings of our tribe then existed who
wished to remain on that planet and with whose help I intended
to collect the apes.
“Well, then, having descended upon the Red Sea, we
sailed from the ship Occasion on ‘Epodrenekhs’ to the
shore; and afterwards, on camels we came to that town
where our beings existed and which was then the capital
of the future Egypt.
“This capital city was then called Thebes.
“On the very first day of my arrival in the city of
Thebes, one of the beings of our tribe existing there told
me among other things, in the course of our conversation,
that the beings of the Earth of that locality had devised
a new system for observing other cosmic concentrations
from their planet, and that they were then constructing
what was required in order to carry it into effect; and also,
as everybody there said, that the convenience and possibilities
of this new system were excellent and until then
unparalleled on the Earth.
“And when he had related all he had himself seen
with his own eyes, I immediately became greatly interested,
because from his description of certain details
of this new construction there, it seemed to me that these
terrestrial beings had perhaps found a means of overcoming
that inconvenience about which I myself had just
previously been thinking a great deal while I was completing
the construction of my observatory on the planet Mars.
“And so I decided to postpone for a while my first intention
of immediately going further south on that continent
to collect the apes I needed, and instead, to go first
where the said construction was being made, in order on
the spot to become personally acquainted with it from
every aspect, and to find out all about it.
“Well then, the day following our arrival in the city
Thebes, accompanied by one of the beings of our tribe
who already had many friends there, and also by the chief
constructor of the said construction, and of course by our
Ahoon also, I went this time on what is called a
’Choortetev’ down the tributary of that great river now
called the ‘Nile.’
“Near where this river flowed into a large ‘Saliakooriapnian
area’ those constructions were just being completed,
one part of which then interested me.
“The district itself, where the work was being carried
on both for this new, what they called ‘observatory,’ and
for several other constructions for the welfare of their
being existence, was then called ‘Avazlin’; a few years
later it came to be called there ‘Caironana,’ and at the present
time it is simply called the ‘outskirts of Cairo.’
“The mentioned constructions had been begun long
before by one of what are called there ‘Pharaohs,’ the
name by which the beings of that region called their
kings; and at the time of my fourth flight to the Earth and
my first visit to this place, the special constructions he had
begun were already being completed by his grandson, also
a Pharaoh.
“Although the observatory which interested me was not
yet quite finished, nevertheless observations of the exterior
visibility of cosmic concentrations could be made from it,
and the results issuing from them and the reciprocal action
of these results could be studied.
“Those beings who were occupied with such observations
and studies were called, at that period on the Earth,
“But when afterwards that psychic disease of theirs
called wiseacring became finally fixed there, owing to
which these specialists of theirs also ‘shrivelled and shrank’
and became specialists only in giving names to remote
cosmic concentrations, they came to be called ‘Astronomers.’
“Inasmuch as the difference in significance and sense,
in relation to surrounding beings, between those from
among the three-brained beings who have taken your
fancy who at that time were such professionals, and those
who have now, as it were, the same occupation, might
show you, so to say, ‘the obviousness of the steady deterioration
of the degree of crystallization’ of data engendering
the ‘sane logical mentation,’ which ought to be
present in the common presences of your favorites as
three-brained beings, I therefore find it necessary to
explain to you and to help you to have an approximate
understanding of this difference, which is also changing
for the worse.
“At that period, these terrestrial three-brained beings,
already of responsible age, whom the others named ‘Astrologers,’
besides making the said observations and investigations
of various other cosmic concentrations for the
purpose of a greater, as is said, ‘detailizing’ of that branch
of general learning of which they were representatives, fulfilled
several further definite essence-obligations taken
upon themselves towards surrounding beings similar to
“Among their fundamental definite obligations was that
they also, like our Zirlikners, had to advise all the conjugal
pairs in their what was then called ‘flock,’ according to
the types of those pairs, about the time and form of the
process of the sacred ‘Elmooarno’ for the purpose of a desirable
and corresponding conception of their results, and
when such results were actualized, or, as they themselves
say, ‘newly born,’ they had to draw up their ‘Oblekioonerish’
which is the same as what your favorites call ‘horoscope’;
and later either they themselves or their substitutes
had—during the whole period of the formation of the
newly born for responsible existence and of their subsequent
responsible existence—to guide them and give
corresponding indications on the basis of the said
Oblekioonerish and also on the basis of the cosmic laws,
constantly explained by them, flowing from the actions of
the results of other large cosmic concentrations in general
on the process of being-existence of beings on all planets.
“These indications of theirs, and also their, so to say,
’warning counsels’ consisted in the following:
“When a function became disharmonized or only began
to be disharmonized in the presence of any being of
their flock, then this being applied to the Astrologer of his
district, who, on the basis of the said Oblekioonerish made
by him, and on the basis of the changes expected, according
to his calculations, in the processes proceeding in the
atmosphere, flowing in their turn from the action of the
other planets of their solar system, indicated just what he
had to do to his planetary body, at which definite periods
of the Krentonalnian movements of their planet—as for
instance, in which direction to lie, how to breathe, what
movements preferably to make, with which types to avoid
relations, and many things of the same kind.
“In addition to all this, they assigned to the beings at
the seventh year of their existence, likewise on the basis of
these Oblekioonerishes, corresponding mates of the opposite
sex for the purpose of fulfilling one of the chief
being-duties, that is, continuation of the race, or as your
favorites would say, they assigned them ‘husbands’ and ’wives.’
“Justice must be done to your favorites of the period
when these Astrologers existed among them; they then indeed
very strictly carried out the indications of these Astrologers
and made their conjugal unions exclusively only
according to their indications.
“Therefore, at that period, in regard to their conjugal
unions, they always corresponded according to their type,
just as such pairs correspond everywhere on planets on
which Keschapmartnian beings also breed.
“These ancient terrestrial Astrologers made these
matches successfully because even if they were very far
from the knowledge of many cosmic Trogoautoegocratic
truths, yet they at least already very well knew the laws of
the influence of different planets of their solar system on
the beings breeding on their own planet, namely, the influence
of these planets on a being at the moment of his
conception, for further formation, as well as for his complete
acquisition of the Being of a responsible being.
“Having, thanks to the information transmitted to
them from generation to generation, a many-centuried
practical knowledge, they already knew which types of the
passive sex can correspond to which of the active sex.
“Owing to all this, the pairs matched according to their
indications almost always turned out to be corresponding,
and not as it proceeds there at the present time; and that
is to say they are now united in conjugal pairs who nearly
always do not correspond in type; in consequence of
which during the continuation of the entire existence of
these couples there, about half of their, as they say, ‘inner
life’ is spent only on what our esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin
expresses in one of his sayings by the following words:
“‘What a good husband he is, or what a good wife she
is, whose whole inner world is not busy with the constant
”nagging of the other half.”’
“In any case, my boy, if these Astrologers had continued
to exist there, then surely, thanks to their further
practising, the existence of the beings of this unfortunate
planet would by now have gradually become such that
their family relations would at least have been a little like
the existence of similar beings on other planets of our
Great Universe.
“But all this which was beneficently established in the
process of their existence they have also sent, like all their
other good attainments, without even having had time to
make good use of it, ‘to the gluttonous swine’ of our respected
Mullah Nassr Eddin.
“And these Astrologers’ of theirs, as usually happens
there, also at first began gradually to ‘shrink’ and then entirely,
as is said, Vanished.’
“After the total abolition among them of the duties of
these Astrologers, other professionals in the same sphere
appeared in their place, but this time from among the
’learned beings of new formation’ who also began to
observe and study, as it were, the results issuing from various
large cosmic concentrations and their influence on
the existence of the beings of their planet; but as the ordinary
beings around these professionals soon noticed
that their ‘observations’ and ‘studies’ consisted merely in
inventing names for various remote suns and planets
meaning nothing to them, existing in milliards in the
Universe, and in measuring, as it were, by a method
known to them alone, and which constituted their professional
secret, the distance between the cosmic points
seen from their planets through their ‘child’s toys’ called
by them ‘telescopes,’ they began to call them, as I have already
told you, Astronomers.
“Now, my boy, that we have spoken also about these
contemporary ‘ultra fantasists’ from among your favorites,
we might as well, again imitating the form of mentation
and the verbal exposition of our dear teacher Mullah
Nassr Eddin, also ‘illuminatingly’ enlighten you about
their significance, so esteemed by your favorites.
“First of all, you should know about that ordinary cosmic
something actualized for these same terrestrial types,
which is in general always actualized of itself for every
cosmic unit and which serves for beings with Objective
Reason as what is called an ‘issuing source’ for pondering
about the explanation of the sense and meaning of any
given cosmic result.
“This same something which serves as an issuing source
for discovering the significance of these terrestrial contemporary
types, is a wiseacring map named by them
themselves—of course unconsciously—the ‘map inventory
of the heavenly spaces.’
“There is no need for us to draw any other logical conclusion
from this issuing source specially actualized for
them; it will be sufficient merely to say that the name itself
of this map of theirs shows that the designations
made on it cannot in any way be other than entirely relative,
because with the possibilities at their disposal—
though they break their esteemed heads over devising
names and calculating various kinds of measurements—
they can see from the surface of their planet only those
suns and planets which to their good fortune do not very
quickly change the course of their falling in relation to
their own planet and thus give them the possibility during
a long period of time—of course long as compared
with the brevity of their own existence—to observe them
and, as they bombastically express themselves, ‘mark
down their positions.’
“In any case, my boy, however worthless the results of
the activities of these contemporary representatives of
’learning’ among your favorites, please don’t be angry with
them. If they do not bring any benefit at all to your favorites,
they at least do not do them any great harm.
“After all, they must be occupied with something.
“It is not for nothing that they wear spectacles of German
origin and special smocks sewed in England.
“Let them! Let them be occupied with this! God bless them!
“Otherwise like most of the other freaks there who are
occupied with, as they say there, ‘higher matters,’ they
will busy themselves, out of boredom, ‘leading the struggle
of five against one.’
“And it is known to all that the beings who are occupied
with these matters always radiate from themselves vibrations
very harmful for beings around them similar to themselves.
“Well enough! Leave these contemporary ‘titillators’ in
peace and let us continue our interrupted definite theme.
“In view of the fact, my boy, that this conscious ability
expressed in the creation of such a construction unparalleled
both before and after this period, of which I was
then an eyewitness, was also the result of the attainments
of the beings, members of the learned society Akhaldan,
which was formed on the continent of Atlantis before the
second great terrestrial catastrophe, I think it will be best,
if, before continuing to explain to you further about the
mentioned observatory and other constructions erected
there for the welfare of being-existence, I should tell you,
even though briefly, about the history of the arising there
of such an indeed great learned society consisting of ordinary
three-brained beings, as this learned society Akhaldan
then was on the continent of Atlantis.
“It is imperatively necessary to inform you of this because
in the course of my further explanations concerning
these three-brained beings of the planet Earth who have
taken your fancy I shall in all probability have to refer
more than once to that society of learned beings there.
“I must also tell you about the history of the arising
and existence of that society there on the continent
Atlantis, so that you may also know that if the three-brained
beings there on your planet—thanks to their being-
Partkdolg-duty, that is to say, thanks to their conscious
labors and intentional sufferings—ever attain anything,
then not only do they utilize these for the good of their
own Being, but also a certain part of these attainments is
transmitted as with us by inheritance and becomes the
property of their direct descendants.
“You can perceive such a law-conformable result there
from the fact that although towards the end of the existence
of the continent Atlantis abnormal conditions of
ordinary being-existence had already begun to be established
and that after the second great catastrophe they deteriorated
at such a rate that they soon finally ‘crushed’
all their ableness to manifest the possibilities proper to
the presences of three-brained beings, nevertheless their
’attainments of learning’ passed by inheritance, at least
partly, even though mechanically, to their remote direct
“I must first tell you that I learned about this history,
thanks to what are called ‘Teleoghinooras’ which are at
present in the atmosphere also of that planet Earth of yours.
“As you probably do not yet know exactly what a
Teleoghinoora is, try to transubstantiate in the corresponding
parts of your common presence the information
concerning this cosmic actualization.
“A Teleoghinoora is a materialized idea or thought
which after its arising exists almost eternally in the atmosphere
of that planet on which it arises.
“Teleoghinooras can be formed from such a quality of
being-contemplation as only those three-brained beings
have and can actualize, who have coated their higher being
bodies in their presences and who have brought the
perfecting of the Reason of their higher being part up to
the degree of the sacred ‘Martfotai.’
“And the sequential series of being-ideas, materialized
in this way, concerning any given event, are called ‘Korkaptilnian
thought tapes.’
“It seems that the said Korkaptilnian thought tapes
concerning the history of the arising of the learned society
Akhaldan were, as I found out much later, deliberately
fixed by a certain ‘Eternal Individual,’ Asoochilon, now a
saint, who became coated in the common presence of a
three-brained being named Tetetos who arose on your
planet on the continent of Atlantis and who had existed
there four centuries before the second great ‘Transapalnian
“These Korkaptilnian thought tapes are never destroyed
as long as the given planet exists, which is in what is called
the ‘tempo of movement of the prime arising’; and
they are subject to none of those transformations from
any cosmic causes whatsoever to which all other cosmic
substances and cosmic crystallizations are periodically
“And however long a time may have already passed,
every three-brained being in whose presence there has
been acquired the ability to enter into the being-state
called ‘Soorptakalknian contemplation’ can perceive and
cognize the texts of these Korkaptilnian thought tapes.
“And so, my boy, I myself learned about the details of
the arising there of the society Akhaldan partly from the
text of the just-mentioned Teleoghinoora and partly from
many data which I learned much later, namely, when,
having become interested also in this highly important
factor there, I made my usual detailed investigations.
“According to the text of the mentioned Teleoghinoora
and to data which I subsequently learned, it became clear
and definitely known to me that this learned society
Akhaldan which arose then on the continent Atlantis and
which was composed of three-brained beings of the Earth,
was formed 735 years before the second ‘Transapalnian
perturbation’ there.
“It was founded on the initiative of a being there
named Belcultassi, who was then able to bring the perfecting
of his higher being part to the Being of a Saint
’Eternal Individual’; and this higher part of his now already
dwells on the holy planet Purgatory.
“My elucidation of all those inner and outer being impulses
and manifestations which caused this Belcultassi
then to found that truly great society of ordinary three-brained
beings—a society which in its time was throughout
the whole Universe called ‘envied for imitation’—showed
that when this same later Saint Individual Belcultassi
was once contemplating, according to the practice of every
normal being, and his thoughts were by association
concentrated on himself, that is to say, on the sense
and aim of his existence, he suddenly sensed and cognized
that the process of the functioning of the whole of him
had until then proceeded not as it should have proceeded
according to sane logic.
“This unexpected constatation shocked him so profoundly
that thereafter he devoted the whole of himself
exclusively to be able at any cost to unravel this and understand.
“First of all he decided to attain without delay such a
’potency’ as would give him the strength and possibility to
be quite sincere with himself, that is to say, to be able to
conquer those impulses which had become habitual in the
functioning of his common presence from the many heterogeneous
associations arising and proceeding in him
and which were started in him by all sorts of accidental
shocks coming from outside and also engendered within
him, namely, the impulses called ‘self-love,’ ‘pride,’ Vanity,’
and so on.
“And when, after incredible what are called ‘organic’
and ‘psychic’ efforts, he attained to this, he then without
any mercy for these being-impulses which had become inherent
in his presence, began to think and recall just when
and what various being-impulses had arisen in his presence
during the period preceding all this, and how he had
consciously or unconsciously reacted to them.
“Analyzing himself in this manner, he began to recall
just which impulses evoked which reactions in him, in his
independently spiritualized parts, that is to say, in his
body, in his feelings and in his thoughts, and the state of
his essence when he reacted to anything more or less attentively,
and how and when, in consequence of such reactions
of his, he had manifested consciously with his
"I" or had acted automatically under the direction of his
instinct alone.
“And it was just then that this bearer of the later Saint
Individual Belcultassi, recalling in this way all his former
perceptions, experiencings, and manifestations, clearly
constated in consequence, that his exterior manifestations
did not at all correspond either to the perceptions or to
the impulses definitely formed in him.
“Further, he then began to make similar sincere observations
of the impressions coming from outside as well as
those formed within himself, which were perceived by his
common presence; and he made them all with the same
exhaustive, conscious verifications of how these impressions
were perceived by his separate spiritualized parts,
how and on what occasions they were experienced by the
whole of his presence and for what manifestations they
became impulses.
“These exhaustive conscious observations and impartial
constatations finally convinced Belcultassi that something
proceeded in his own common presence not as it should
have proceeded according to sane being-logic.
“As it became clear to me during my subsequent detailed
investigations, although Belcultassi had become indubitably
convinced of the accuracy of his observations
on himself, yet he doubted the correctness of his own sensations
and understandings and also the normalness of his
own psychic organization; and he therefore set himself the
task of elucidating, first of all, whether he was in general
normal in sensing and understanding all this just in this
way and not otherwise.
“To carry out this task of his, he decided to find
out how the same would be sensed and cognized by
“With that aim he began inquiring among his friends
and acquaintances to try to find out from them how
they sensed it all and how they cognized their past and present
perceptions and manifestations, doing this, of course,
very discreetly, so as not to touch the aforementioned
impulses inherent in them, namely, ‘self-love,’ ‘pride,’ and
so on, which are unbecoming to three-brained beings.
“Thanks to these inquiries, Belcultassi gradually succeeded
in evoking sincerity in his friends and acquaintances,
and as a result it turned out that all of them sensed
and saw in themselves everything just the same as he did.
“Now among these friends and acquaintances of Belcultassi,
there were several earnest beings who were not
yet entirely slaves to the action of the consequences of the
properties of the organ Kundabuffer, and who, having
penetrated to the gist of the matter also became very seriously
interested in it and began to verify that which proceeded
in themselves, and independently to observe those around them.
“Soon after, on the initiative of the same Belcultassi,
they began to meet together from time to time, and to
share their observations and new constatations.
“After prolonged verifications, observations, and impartial
constatations, this entire group of terrestrial beings
also became categorically convinced, just like Belcultassi
himself, that they were not as they ought to be.
“Not long after, many others also having such presences
joined that group of terrestrial beings.
“And later they founded that society which they named
the ‘Society of Akhaldans.’
“By the word Akhaldan the following conception was
then expressed:
“‘The striving to become aware of the sense and aim of
the Being of beings.’
“From the very beginning of the foundation of this society,
Belcultassi himself stood at its head, and the subsequent
actions of the beings of this society proceeded
under his general guidance.
“For many terrestrial years this society existed under
the said name, and its member-beings were then called
‘Akhaldan sovors’; but later, when the members of this society,
for purposes of a general character, were divided
into a number of independent groups, the members belonging
to different groups came to be called by different names.
“And this division of theirs into groups occurred for the
following reason:
“When they had finally become convinced that there
was something very undesirable in their presences and
they had begun to seek means and possibilities of achieving
its removal in order to become such as, according to
sane logic, they ought to have been, corresponding to the
sense and aim of their existence, the elucidation of which,
whatever it might cost them, they made the basis of their
task, and when they proceeded to actualize in practice this
task previously decided upon by their Reason, it very soon
became clear that it was imperatively necessary for its fulfillment
to have in their Reason more detailed information
of various special branches of knowledge.
“But as it proved impossible for each and every one of
them to acquire the necessary special knowledge, they
divided themselves for convenience into a number of
groups so that each group might separately study one of
these special branches of knowledge required for their
common aim.
“Here, my boy, you should notice that genuine objective
science just then arose and began to exist there for the
first time, and developed normally up to the time of the
second great catastrophe to their planet; also that the rate
of the development of some of its separate branches then
progressed at an indeed unprecedented tempo.
“And in consequence many great and small cosmic,
what are called ‘objective truths’ gradually began at that
period to become evident also to those three-brained beings
who have taken your fancy.
“The learned members of this first and perhaps last
great terrestrial learned society were then divided into
seven independent groups, or as it is otherwise said, ‘sections,’
and each of these groups or sections received its
definite designation.
“The members of the first group of the society Akhaldan
were called ‘Akhaldanfokhsovors,’ which meant that
the beings belonging to that section studied the presence
of their own planet as well as the reciprocal action of its
separate parts.
“The members of the second section were called ‘Akhaldanstrassovors,’
and this meant that the beings belonging
to that section studied what are called the radiations of all
the other planets of their solar system and the reciprocal
action of these radiations.
“The members of the third section were called ‘Akhaldanmetrosovors,’
which meant beings occupied with the
study of that branch of knowledge similar to that branch
of our general knowledge we call ‘Silkoornano,’ and
which partly corresponded to what your contemporary favorites
call ‘mathematics.’
“The members of the fourth group were called ‘Akhaldanpsychosovors,’
and by this name they then defined
those members of the society Akhaldan who made their
observations of the perceptions, experiencings, and manifestations
of beings like themselves and verified their observations
by statistics.
“The members of the fifth group were called ‘Akhaldanharnosovors,’
which meant that they were occupied
with the study of that branch of knowledge which combined
those two branches of contemporary science there
which your favorites call ‘chemistry’ and ‘physics.’
“The members belonging to the sixth section were called
’Akhaldanmistessovors,’ that is to say, beings who studied
every kind of fact arising outside of themselves, those
actualized consciously from without and also those arising
spontaneously, and which of them, and in what cases, are
erroneously perceived by beings.
“And as regards the members of the seventh and last
group, they were called ‘Akhaldangezpoodjnisovors’; these
members of the society Akhaldan devoted themselves to
the study of those manifestations in the presences of the
three-brained beings of their planet which proceeded in
them not in consequence of various functionings issuing
from different kinds of qualities of impulses engendered
owing to data already present in them, but from cosmic
actions coming from outside and not depending on them
“The three-brained beings of your planet who became
members of this society actually did a great deal in respect
of approaching objective knowledge which had never
been done there before and which perhaps will never be
“And here it is impossible not to express regret and to
repeat that to the most great misfortune of all terrestrial
three-brained beings of all later epochs, it was just then—
when after incredible being-labors by members of that
great society the required tempo of work had already been
established with regard to discernment, conscious on their
part, and also with regard to their unconscious preparation
for the welfare of their descendants—that, in the heat
of it all, certain of them constated, as I have already told
you, that something serious was to occur to their planet
in the near future.
“For the purpose of discerning the character of the anticipated
serious event, they dispersed over the whole
planet and shortly afterwards, as I have already told you,
the aforesaid second ‘Transapalnian perturbation’ occurred
to that ill-fated planet of yours.
“Well then, my boy, when after this catastrophe, a
number of the surviving beings, members of that great
learned society, gradually came together again, they, no
longer having their native country, first settled together
with most of the other surviving beings in the center of
the continent Grabontzi, but later, when they had, on the
continent Grabontzi, ‘come to themselves’ a little after the
’cataclysm not according to law,’ which had occurred, they
decided jointly to try to re-establish, and perhaps to continue
to actualize in practice, all those tasks which had
formed the basis of their last society.
“As the manifestations of those abnormal conditions of
being-existence of most of the three-brained beings there
which had already been established before the catastrophe
had by this time already begun to ‘boil’ furiously on the
said part of the surface of the continent Grabontzi, these
surviving members of the society Akhaldan looked for another
place on the same continent for their permanent existence
more suitable for this work of theirs which
demanded complete separateness.
“Such a suitable place they found in the valley of the
large river flowing on the north of the said continent and
there indeed they all migrated together with their families
to continue in isolation the attainment of the tasks set by
their society.
“This entire region, through which the said large river
flowed, they first named ‘Sakronakari.’
“But this name was afterwards several times changed
and at the present time this region is called ‘Egypt’ while
the said large river, then called ‘Nipilhooatchi,’ is now, as
I have already said, called the Nile.
“Soon after certain former members of the learned society
Akhaldan had settled on this part of the surface of
the planet Earth, all the beings of our tribe, who then
existed on the surface of that planet which has taken your
fancy, migrated to the same place.
“And the relations of our tribe with that part of your
planet and also with the first migration there of the
chance surviving former members of the society Akhaldan
were as follows:
“I told you once that just before the second
’Transapalnian perturbation’ our Party-Pythoness, while
prophesying, insisted that all the beings of our tribe
should, without delay, migrate for the continuation of
their existence on that planet, to a definite part of the surface
of that same continent now called Africa.
“This definite part of the surface of the continent
which the Pythoness indicated, lay just at the source of
the said large river Nipilhooatchi where the beings of our
tribe existed all the time the said second Transapalnian
perturbation lasted, as well as later when everything had
gradually resumed its relatively normal state and when
most of the surviving beings had then almost forgotten
what had happened and had again formed—just as if
nothing had occurred to them—one of their famous ‘centers
of culture’ in the very center of that future Africa.
And it was just when the former members of the society
Akhaldan were searching for a suitable place for their permanent
existence, that they chanced to meet a number of
the beings of our tribe who advised them to migrate to the
country further down the said river.
“Our acquaintanceship and our friendly relations with
many of the former members of the society Akhaldan had
already begun on the continent Atlantis almost from the
founding of that society.
“Do you remember I told you that when I descended
to that planet for the first time and the beings of our
tribe assembled in the city of Samlios with my participation
in order together to find a way out of the difficult situation
that had been created, those general meetings

of ours were held in one of the sections of the principal
cathedral of the society Akhaldan; and from that
time on, good relations were established between
many beings of our tribe and certain members of this
“And there in that future Egypt whither both had migrated
in the said way, the relations of the beings of our
tribe with the authentic former members themselves who
chanced to be saved, and also with the descendants of
other authentic members, remained uninterrupted and
continued almost until the departure of our tribe from
your planet.
“Although the hope of the few chance surviving members
of the society Akhaldan that they would be able to
resume the actualizing of the task of their society was not
fulfilled, nevertheless, thanks to them alone, there still
continued to be present in the presences of beings of several
subsequent generations after the loss of Atlantis, the
’instinctive conviction’ concerning the sense of what is
called there ‘completed personal Being.’
“In addition, thanks to them, something of what had
been attained by the Reason of the three-brained beings
there also nevertheless survived when that Reason was still
normal in them; and after a while this something began
mechanically to be transmitted by inheritance from generation
to generation and reached the beings of quite recent
periods, even to several beings of contemporary times.
“Among those results of the learned attainments of the
members of the society Akhaldan which were transmitted
by inheritance, were also, without question, those ingenious
and solid constructions which I saw being erected
during this fourth descent of mine to your planet by the
beings of whom I am just going to inform you, who were
breeding on that part of the surface of the continent of
the present Africa.
“Although the expectations that I had formed from all
that our countrymen had told me concerning the mentioned
new observatory there, before I had seen it with
my own eyes, were not justified, nevertheless, the observatory
itself and also the other constructions of the beings
then of that region proved to be exceedingly ingenious
and provided data for the enrichment of my common
presence by a great deal of productive information for my
“And in order that you may clearly represent to yourself
and understand how these various constructions were
then erected by the three-brained beings of this region for
the welfare of their being-existence, I think it will be
enough if I explain to you in as great detail as possible,
how the particularity of their ingenious practical invention
was manifested in respect of their new observatory on
account of which I had decided to visit that region.
“For this purpose I must first of all inform you of two
facts connected with the change in the common presences
of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy.
“The first fact is that at the outset, while they were still
existing normally, that is, as it is in general becoming to
all three-brained beings to exist, and while they had what
is called ‘Olooestesnokhnian sight,’ they could also perceive,
at a distance proper to be perceived by ordinary
three-brained beings, the visibility of all great as well as
small cosmic concentrations existing beyond them during
every process of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh which proceeded
in their atmosphere.
“In addition, those of them who were consciously
perfected and had thereby brought the sensibility of the
perception of their organ of sight—like three-brained
beings everywhere else—up to what is called the
‘Olooessultratesnokhnian state,’ acquired the possibility
of perceiving also the visibility of all these cosmic units
situated at the same distance, which arise and have their
further existence dependent upon the crystallizations localized
directly from the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is
to say, from the emanations of our most holy Sun Absolute.
“And later, when the same constant abnormal conditions
of ordinary being-existence were finally established,
as a consequence of which Great Nature was compelled,
for reasons of which I have already once told you, among
other limitations, also to degenerate the functioning of
their organ of sight into what is called ‘Koritesnokhnian,’
that is to say, into the sight proper to the presences of one-brained
and two-brained beings, then thereafter they were
able to perceive the visibility of their great as well as their
small concentrations situated beyond them only when the
sacred process ‘Aieioiuoa’ proceeded in the Omnipresent
Active Element Okidanokh in the atmosphere of their
planet, or, as they themselves say—according to their understanding
and their own perceptions—’on dark nights.’
“And the second fact, by virtue of the same degeneration
of their sight into Koritesnokhnian, is based on that
law common to all beings, namely, that the results obtained
from every manifestation of the Omnipresent Okidanokh
are perceived by the organs of sight only when in
immediate contact with those vibrations which are formed
in beings and which actualize the functioning of the
being-organ for perceiving, at the given moment, the visibility
of cosmic concentrations situated beyond them;
that is to say, only when the said results of the manifestation
of the Omnipresent-Okidanokh proceed up to the
limit beyond which, according to the quality of the given
organ for perceiving visibility, what is called the ‘momentum
of the impulse’ dies down, or to put it otherwise, they
perceive the visibility of objects only when almost next to them.
“But if these results take place beyond the mentioned
limit, then this manifestation does not at all extend to
those beings in whose presences there are organs for the
perception of visibility, formed only by the results of the
totality of ‘Itoklanoz.’
“Here it is very opportune to repeat one of the profound
sayings, seldom used there, of our Mullah Nassr
Eddin, which very neatly defines the given case, that is,
this degree of the limitation of the perception of visibility
of your contemporary favorites.
“This wise saying of his, seldom used there, consists of
the following words:
‘Show me the elephant the blind man has seen, and
only then will I believe that you have really seen a fly.’
“Well then, my boy, thanks to that artificial adaptation
which I had then seen for the observation of other cosmic
concentrations, and which was being constructed in that
future Egypt on the initiative issuing from the Reasons of
the remote descendants of the member beings of the
learned society Akhaldan, any one of these unfortunate favorites
of yours, in spite of the Koritesnokhnian sight
which had long before become inherent to them, could
nevertheless acquire the ability to perceive freely at any
time, as they say, ‘of the day and night,’ the visibility of all
those remote cosmic concentrations which in the process
of the general ‘cosmic harmonious movement’ come
within the sphere of the horizon of their observation.
“In order to overcome this limitation of their organ of the
perception of visibility, they then invented the following:
“Their Teskooano or telescope, the construction of
which, it must here be said, passed to them also from their
remote ancestors, they did not fix on the surface of their
planet, as was usually done there and is still done now—
but they placed this Teskooano very deeply within the
planet, and they carried out their observations of the cosmic
concentrations found beyond the atmosphere of their
planet through specially bored, pipelike hollows.
“The observatory, I then saw, had five of these hollows.
“They began, in relation to the horizon, from different
places of the surface of the planet occupied by the observatory,
but they all met at a small underground common
hollow which was something like a cave. From there, the
specialists, then called Astrologers, made their observations
for the purpose of studying, as I have already told
you, the visible presences and results of the reciprocal action
of other cosmic concentrations belonging to their
own solar system as well as to other systems of the Great
“They made these observations of theirs through any
one of the mentioned hollows which looked out in different
directions onto their horizon, according to the
given position of their planet relative to the cosmic concentration
observed in the process of the ‘common cosmic
harmonious movement.’
“I repeat, my boy, that although the chief peculiarity of
the observatory constructed there by the three-brained beings
of the future Egypt proved not to be new to me, since
this principle had also been utilized in my observatory on
Mars, with only this difference, that my seven long pipes
were fixed not within the planet but on it, nevertheless all
their innovations were so interesting in detail that, for any
case that might arise, I even made, during my stay there,
a detailed sketch of everything I saw, and later even used
something of it for my own observatory.
“And as regards the other ‘constructions’ there, I shall
perhaps tell you about them in detail sometime later, but
meanwhile, I will only say that all these independent
constructions which were then not quite finished were
situated not far from the observatory itself, and were intended—
as I elucidated during my inspection under the
guidance of the constructor who accompanied us and who
was a friend of one of our tribe—partly for the same purpose
of observing other suns and planets of our Great
Universe, and partly for determining and intentionally directing
the course of the surrounding atmosphere in order
to obtain the ‘climate’ desired.
“All these ‘constructions’ of theirs occupied a fairly
large open space of that part of the said region, and were
enclosed by a special lattice-work made of the plant then
called there ‘Zalnakatar.’
“It is extremely interesting to notice here that they
erected at the chief entrance of that huge enclosure a
rather large—large of course in comparison with the size
of their presences—stone statue called ‘Sphinx’ which
strongly reminded me of the statue I saw on my first descent
in person to your planet in the city of Samlios, just
opposite the enormous building belonging to the learned
society Akhaldan and which was then called the ‘chief
cathedral of the society Akhaldan.’
“The statue I saw in the city of Samlios and which
greatly interested me, was the emblem of this society, and
was called ‘Conscience.’
“It represented an allegorical being, each part of whose
planetary body was composed of a part of the planetary
body of some definite form of being existing there, but of
the parts of those beings of other forms who, according to
the crystallized notions of the three-brained beings there,
had to perfection one or another being-function.
“The main mass of the planetary body of the said allegorical
being was represented by the trunk of a being
there of definite form, called ‘Bull.’
“This Bull trunk rested on the four legs of another
being existing there, also of a definite form, called
’Lion,’ and to that part of the Bull trunk called its
’back’ two large wings were attached similar in appearance
to those of a strong bird-being breeding there, called ’Eagle.’ .
“And on the place where the head should be, there was
fixed to the Bull trunk, by means of a piece of ‘amber,’
two breasts representing in themselves what are called
’Breasts of a virgin.’
“When I became interested on the continent Atlantis in
this strange allegorical image, and then enquired about its
meaning, one of the learned members of the Great Society
of men-beings explained it to me as follows:
“‘This allegorical figure is the emblem of the society
Akhaldan and serves for all its members as a stimulus constantly
to recall and awaken in them the corresponding
impulses attributed to this allegorical figure.’
“Further he continued:
‘“Each part of this allegorical figure gives to every
member of our society in all the three independently associating
parts of his common presence, namely, in the
body, in the thoughts, and in the feelings, a shock for corresponding
associations for those separate cognizances
which in their totality can alone give us the possibility of
gradually getting rid of those undesirable factors present
in every one of us, both those transmitted to us by heredity
as well as those acquired by ourselves personally,
which gradually engender within us impulses undesirable
for us, and as a consequence of which we are not as we
might be.
“‘This emblem of ours constantly reminds and indicates
to us that it is possible to attain freedom from
what I have mentioned only if we compel our common
presence always to think, feel, and act in corresponding
circumstances according to that which is expressed in this
emblem of ours.
“‘And this emblem of ours is understood by all of us,
members of the society Akhaldan, in the following way:
‘“The trunk of this allegorical being, represented by the
trunk of a “Bull,” means that the factors crystallized in us
and which engender in our presences the impulses maleficent
for us, those we have inherited, as well as those we
have personally acquired, can be regenerated only by indefatigable
labors, namely, by those labors for which among
the beings of our planet, the Bull is particularly fitted.
“‘That this trunk rests on the legs of a “Lion” means
that the said labors should be performed with that cognizance
and feeling of courage and faith in one’s “might,”
the property of which “might” is possessed among all the
beings of the Earth in the highest degree by the possessor
of these legs—the mighty Lion.
“‘The wings of the strongest and the highest soaring of
all birds, the Eagle, attached to the Bull trunk, constantly
remind the members of our society, that during the said
labors and with the mentioned inner psychic properties of
self-respect, it is necessary to meditate continually on
questions not related to the direct manifestations required
for ordinary being-existence.
‘“And as regards the strange image of the head of our
allegorical being, in the form of the “Breasts of a virgin,”
this expresses that Love should predominate always and in
everything during the inner and the outer functionings
evoked by one’s consciousness, such a Love as can arise
and be present only in the presences of concentrations
formed in the lawful parts of every whole responsible being
in whom the hopes of our COMMON FATHER are placed.
“And that the head is fixed to the trunk of the Bull
with “amber” signifies that this Love should be strictly
impartial, that is to say, completely separated from all
the other functions proceeding in every whole responsible being.’
“In order, my boy, that the sense of this latter emblem
put into the material called there amber, may become
quite comprehensible to you, I must add that amber is
one of those seven planetary formations, in the arising of
which the Omnipresent Active Element Okidanokh takes
part with all its three separate, independent, sacred parts,
in equal proportion; and in the process of planetary actualization,
these intraplanetary and surplanetary formations
serve for what is called the ‘impeding’ of the
independent flow of these three localized independent sacred parts.”
At this point of his tale, Beelzebub made a short pause,
as if he were thinking about something, and afterwards
continued thus:
“During my narration of what I then saw on a still surviving
terra firma part of the surface of your planet among
the three-brained beings there, certain of whom were the
direct descendants of members of the truly great learned
society Akhaldan there, the result of the manifestations of
my being-Reason was that, owing to various associative
recollections of all kinds of impressions of the perceptions
of the visibility of the exterior environment of the said region,
which have become fixed in my common presence,
there have been gradually revived in me all the scenes and
all the associative flow of thoughts of one of these being-experiencings
of mine which occurred during my last stay
there on my visit just to that same contemporary Egypt,
when I once sat absorbed in thought at the foot of one of
these constructions, which had chanced to survive from
that period, and which is now called there ‘Pyramids.’
“It was just then, that in the general functioning of my
Reason there was also associated among other things the
“Good! ... If none of the benefits already formerly
attained by the Reason of the beings of the continent
Atlantis for ordinary being-existence has become the
possession of the contemporary beings of this planet, then
this might perhaps be logically explained simply because
for cosmic reasons, not issuing at all from and not depending
upon the three-brained beings there, that second
great ‘cataclysm not according to law’ occurred, during
which, not only that continent itself perished, but also
everything which existed on it.
“But this Egypt!
“Was not its magnificence still quite recent?
“There is no denying it ... owing to the third small
catastrophe to that ill-fated planet, and also to the fifth,
about which I shall speak later, this part also of its surface,
it is true, suffered, having been covered with
sands. . . . Nevertheless, the three-brained beings dwelling
there did not perish, but were only scattered over various
other parts of the same continent, and consequently,
whatever new exterior conditions may have ensued, there
should have survived in their presences, it would seem,
the crystallized results of the perfected factors, transmitted
to them by inheritance for normal ‘being-logicalmentation.’
“And so, my boy, being desirous after this distressful
Alstoozori’ of mine, or as your favorites would say, ‘sorrowful
reflections,’ to clear up for myself the very essence
of the cause also of this lamentable fact there, I understood
at the end of my minute investigations, and became
aware with all my being, that this abnormality there proceeds
exclusively owing only to one remarkable aspect of
the chief particularity of their strange psyche, namely,
that particularity which has become completely crystallized
and is an inseparable part of their common presences
and which serves as a factor for the periodic arising in
them of what is called the ‘urgent need to destroy everything
outside of themselves.’
“The point is that when, during the apogee of the development
of such a peculiarity—terrifying to every Reason—
of the psyche of the three-brained beings, they
began to manifest outside of themselves this phenomenal
peculiarity of their common presences, that is to say,
when they begin to carry out on some part of the surface
of their planet the process of reciprocal destruction, then,
at the same time, without any deliberate aim, and even
without what is called ‘organic need,’ they also destroy
everything which chances to come within the sphere of
the perception of their organ of sight. During the periods
of this ‘phenomenal psychopathic apogee,’ they destroy
also all the objects in the given place and at the given
time which these same beings themselves, between whom
this terrifying process proceeds, have intentionally produced
as well as the productions which have chanced to
survive and to reach them from the beings of previous epochs.
“Well then, my boy, at the period of this fourth sojourn
of mine in person on the surface of your planet, I first arrived
in the country now called Egypt, and after having
stayed there a few days among the remote descendants of
the members of the great learned society Akhaldan, and
becoming acquainted with certain surviving results of
their ‘being-Partkdolg-duty’ for the welfare of their descendants,
I afterwards, accompanied by two of our tribe,
went to the southern countries of the same continent, and
there, with the help of the local three-brained beings,
caught the necessary number of ape-beings.
“Having accomplished this, I telepathically signalled
our ship Occasion which descended to us, it must be said
on the first, very dark night; and when we had loaded
these ape-beings into that special section of the ship Occasion
which had been constructed for Gornahoor Harharkh under his directions,
we at once reascended to
the planet Mars; and three Martian days later,
on the same
ship and together with these apes, I ascended to the planet
“Though we had previously decided to carry out the
experiments with these apes only on the following year,
when they would have become thoroughly acclimatized
and orientated to existence under the new conditions, I
ascended then to the planet Saturn so soon because at my
last personal meeting with Gornahoor Harharkh, I had
promised him to be present at his family solemnity which
had soon to take place.
“And this family solemnity of Gornahoor Harharkh’s
was that beings like himself around him were to consecrate
the first heir produced by him.
“I promised to attend this family solemnity Krikhrakhri
in order to undertake, regarding his recently arisen heir,
what is called the ‘Alnatoorornian-being-duty.’
“Here it is interesting to remark that this kind of procedure
for undertaking this being-duty, took place among
the ancient three-brained beings of your planet also, and
even reached your contemporary favorites, though these
latter, just as in everything else, take only the external
form of this serious and important procedure. The beings
who undertake, as it were, these duties, are called by your
contemporary favorites ‘godfathers’ and ‘godmothers.’
“The heir of Gornahoor Harharkh was then called
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