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Ch 19

Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent on to the Planet Earth
Beelzebub began thus:
“I descended upon your planet Earth for the second
time only eleven of their centuries after my first descent
“Shortly after my first descent onto the surface of that
planet, the second serious catastrophe occurred to it;
but this catastrophe was local in character and did not
threaten disaster on a large cosmic scale.
“During this second serious catastrophe to that planet,
the continent Atlantis, which had been the largest continent
and the chief place of the being-existence of the
three-brained beings of that planet during the period of
my first descent, was engulfed together with other large
and small terra firmas within the planet with all the three-brained
beings existing upon it, and also with almost all

that they had attained and acquired during many of their
preceding centuries.
“In their place there then emerged from within the
planet other terra firmas which formed other continents
and islands, most of which still exist.
“It was just on the said continent of Atlantis that
the city of Samlios was situated, where, do you remember,
I once told you that young countryman of ours existed,
on whose account my first ‘Descent-in-person’ took
“During the mentioned second great disaster to that
planet, many of the three-brained beings who have taken
your fancy survived owing to many and various events,
and their now already excessively multiplied posterity descended
just from them.
“By the time of my second Descent-in-person, they had
already multiplied so greatly that they were breeding again
upon almost all the newly formed terra firmas.
“And as regards the question of just which causes,
ensuing according to law, brought about this excessive
multiplication of theirs, you will understand this also in
the course of my further tales.
“You might as well, I think, notice here in connection
with this terrestrial catastrophe, something about the
three-brained beings of our own tribe; namely, why all
the beings of our tribe existing on that planet during the
mentioned catastrophe escaped the inevitable what is
called Apocalyptic-end.’
“They escaped it for the following reasons:
“I told you once, in the course of our previous talks,
that most of those beings of our tribe who had chosen this
planet of yours as their place of existence, existed during
my first descent chiefly on the continent of Atlantis.
“It appears that a year before the said catastrophe, our, as
she is called, ‘Party-Pythoness’ there, when prophesying,
asked us all to leave the continent of Atlantis and migrate
to another small continent not very far away, where we were
to exist on that definite part of its surface she indicated.
“This small continent was then called ‘Grabontzi’ and
the part the Pythoness indicated did indeed escape the
terrifying perturbation which then occurred to all the
other parts of the common presence of that ill-fated
“In consequence of the said perturbation, this small
continent Grabontzi, which exists until now under the
name of Africa,’ became much larger, because other terra
firmas which emerged from the water spaces of the planet
were added to it.
“So, my boy, the Party-Pythoness there was able to
warn those beings of our tribe who had been obliged to
exist on that planet, and thereby to save them, as I have
already told you, from the inevitable ‘Apocalyptic-fate,’
owing only to one special being-property which, by the
way, can be acquired by beings only intentionally, by
means of what is called being-Partkdolg-duty, about
which I shall tell you later.
“I descended in person to the surface of that planet for
the second time, for reasons that ensued from the following
“Once, while on the planet Mars, we received an
etherogram from the Center announcing the imminent
reappearance there on the planet Mars of certain Most
High Sacred Individuals; and indeed, within half a Martian
year, a number of Archangels, Angels, Cherubim, and
Seraphim did appear there, most of whom had been
members of that Most Great Commission which had already
appeared on our planet Mars during the first great
catastrophe to that planet of yours.
“Among these Most High Sacred Individuals there was
again His Conformity, the Angel—now already an
Archangel—Looisos, of whom, do you remember, I recently
told you that during the first great catastrophe to
the planet Earth he had been one of the chief regulators
in the matter of averting the consequences of that general
cosmic misfortune.
“So, my boy! The day following this second appearance
of the mentioned Sacred Individuals, His Conformity, escorted
by one of the Seraphim, his second assistant, made
His appearance at my house.
“After Te Deums with me, and after certain inquiries of
mine concerning the Great Center, His Conformity then
condescended to tell me, among other things, that after the
collision of the comet Kondoor with the planet Earth, he,
or other responsible cosmic Individuals, superintending the
affairs of ‘Harmonious-World-Existence,’ had frequently
descended to this solar system to observe the actualizing
of those measures they had taken in order to avert the
consequences of that general cosmic accident.
“‘And we descended,’ His Conformity continued, ‘because
although we had then taken every possible measure
and had assured everybody that everything would be quite
all right, we ourselves were nevertheless not categorically
convinced that no unexpectedness might occur there unforeseen.
‘“Our apprehensions were justified, although, “Thanks-to-
Chance,” not in a serious form, that is to say, on a general
cosmic scale, since this new catastrophe affected only
the planet Earth itself.
“‘This second catastrophe to the planet Earth,’ continued
His Conformity, ‘occurred owing to the following:
“‘When during the first disaster two considerable frag-,
ments had been separated from this planet, then for certain
reasons, the what is called “center-of-gravity” of the
whole of its presence had no time to shift immediately
into a corresponding new place, with the result that right
until the second catastrophe, this planet had existed with
its “center-of-gravity” in a wrong position, owing to which
its motion during that time was not “proportionately-harmonious”
and there often occurred both within
and upon it various commotions and considerable displacements.
“‘But it was recently, when the center-of-gravity of the
planet finally shifted to its true center, that the said second
catastrophe occurred.
“‘But now,’ added His Conformity with a shade of self-satisfaction,
‘the existence of this planet will be quite normal
in respect of the common-cosmic harmony.
‘“This second catastrophe to the planet Earth has finally
quite pacified and convinced us also that a catastrophe
on a great scale cannot again occur on account of this planet.
‘“Not only has this planet itself now again acquired a
normal movement in the general cosmic equilibrium, but
its two detached fragments’—which, as I have already told
you, are now called Moon and Anoolios—’have also acquired
a normal movement and have become, although
small, yet independent “Kofensharnian,” that is, additional,
planets of that solar system Ors.’
“Having thought a little, His Conformity then told me:
‘“Your Reverence, I have appeared to you just for the
purpose of talking over the future welfare of the large fragment
of that planet, which exists at the present time under
the name of Moon.
“‘This fragment,’ His Conformity continued, ‘has not
only become an independent planet, but there has now
begun on it the process of the formation of an atmosphere,
which is necessary for every planet and which
serves for the actualization of the Most Great common-cosmic
‘“And now, your Reverence, the regular process of the
formation of the said atmosphere on this small, unforeseenly
arisen planet is being hindered by an undesirable
circumstance caused by the three-brained beings arisen
and existing on the planet Earth.
“‘And it is just about this that I have decided to apply
to you, your Reverence, and to request you to consent to
undertake in the Name of the UNI-BEING CREATOR, the
task of trying to spare us the necessity of resorting to some
extreme sacred process, unbecoming for three-centered
beings, and to remove this undesirable phenomenon in
some ordinary way through the “being-Reason” they have
in their presences.’
“And in his further detailed explanations, His Conformity
then said, among other things, that after the second
catastrophe to the Earth, the biped three-brained beings
who had accidentally survived had again multiplied; that
now, the whole process of their being-existence was concentrated
on another, newly formed, also large continent
called ‘Ashhark’; that three independent large groups had
just been formed on this same large continent ‘Ashhark,’
the first of which existed in a locality then called ‘Tikliamish,’
the second in a place called ‘Maralpleicie,’ and
the third in a still existing locality then called ‘Gemchania’
or ‘Pearl-land’; and that in the general psyche of the
beings belonging to all those three independent groups,
certain peculiar ‘Havatvernoni’ had been formed, that is,
certain psychic strivings, the totality of the process of
which common-cosmic strivings they themselves had
named ‘Religion.’
“‘Although these Havatvernoni or Religions have nothing
in common,’ continued His Conformity, ‘yet nevertheless
in these peculiar religions of theirs there is very
widely spread among the beings of all three groups the
same custom called among them “Sacrificial-Offerings.”
“And this custom of theirs is based on the notion,
which can be cognized only by their strange Reason alone,
that if they destroy the existence of beings of other forms
in honor of their gods and idols, then these imaginary
gods and idols of theirs would find it very, very agreeable,
and always and in everything unfailingly help and assist
them in the actualization of all their fantastic and wild
‘“This custom is at present so widespread there, and
the destruction of the existence of beings of various forms
for this maleficent purpose has reached such dimensions,
that there is already a surplus of the “Sacred Askokin” required
from the planet Earth for its former parts, that
is to say, a surplus of those vibrations which arise during
the sacred process of “Rascooarno” of beings of every
exterior form arising and existing on that planet from
which the said sacred cosmic arising is required.
“‘For the normal formation of the atmosphere of the
newly arisen planet Moon, the said surplus of the Sacred
Askokin has already begun seriously to hinder the correct
exchange of matters between the planet Moon itself and
its atmosphere, and the apprehension has already arisen
that its atmosphere may in consequence be formed incorrectly
and later become an obstacle to the harmonious
movement of the whole system Ors, and perhaps again
give rise to factors menacing a catastrophe on a greater
common-cosmic scale.
‘“So, your Reverence, my request to you, as I have already
told you, is that you should consent, since you are
in the habit of often visiting various planets of that solar
system, to undertake the task of specially descending on
the planet Earth and of trying there on the spot to instill
into the consciousness of these strange three-brained beings
some idea of the senselessness of this notion of
“Having said a few more words, His Conformity
ascended and, when He was fairly high up, added in a
loud voice: ‘By this, your Reverence, you will be rendering
a great service to our UNI-BEING ALL-EMBRACING
“After these Sacred Individuals had left the planet Mars,
I decided to carry out the said task at all costs and to
be worthy, if only by this explicit aid to our UNIQUE-BURDEN-
BEARING-ENDLESSNESS, of becoming a particle,
though an independent one, of everything existing in the
Great Universe.
“So, my boy, imbued with this, I flew the next day on
the same ship Occasion for the second time to your planet
“This time our ship Occasion alighted on the sea which
was newly formed by the perturbation during the second
great disaster to that planet of yours, and which was called
there in that period of the flow of time, ‘Kolhidious.’
“This sea was situated on the northwest of that newly
formed large continent Ashhark, which at that period was
already the chief center of the existence of the three-brained
beings there.
“The other shores of this sea were composed of those
newly emerged terra firmas which had become joined to
the continent Ashhark, and which all together were first
called ‘Frianktzanarali’ and a little later ‘Kolhidshissi.’
“It must be remarked that this sea and also the mentioned
terra firmas exist until now, but of course they now
already have other names; for instance, the continent Ashhark
is now called Asia; the sea ‘Kolhidious,’ the ‘Caspian
Sea; and all the Frianktzanarali together now exist under
the name ‘Caucasus.’
“The Occasion alighted on this sea Kolhidious or
Caspian Sea because this sea was the most convenient for
mooring our Occasion as well as for my further travels.
“And it was very convenient for my further travels because
from the East a large river flowed into it, which watered
almost the whole country of Tikliamish, and on the
banks of which stood the capital of that country, the city
“As the greatest center of the existence of these favorites
of yours was then the country Tikliamish, I decided to go
there first.
“Here it might as well be remarked that although this
large river then called ‘Oksoseria` now still exists, yet it no
longer flows into the present Caspian Sea, because after a
minor planetary tremor at almost half way, it turned to
the right and flowed into one of the hollows on the surface
of the continent Ashhark, where it gradually formed
a small sea, which still exists and is called the Aral Sea’;
but the old bed of the former half of that large river which
is now called the ‘Amu Darya,’ can still be seen by close
“During the period of this second descent of mine in
person, the country Tikliamish was considered to be and
indeed was the richest and most fertile of all the terra firmas
of that planet good for ordinary being-existence.
“But when a third great catastrophe occurred to the ill-fated
planet, this then most fertile country of the surface
of your planet, along with other more or less fertile terra
firmas, was covered by ‘Kashmanoon,’ or, as they say, by
“For long periods after this third catastrophe, this
country Tikliamish was simply called ‘bare desert,’ and
now, its parts have various names; its former principal
part is called ‘Karakoom,’ that is, ‘Black-sands.’
“During these periods the second also quite independent
group of three-brained beings of your planet also
dwelt on that continent Ashhark, on that part which was
then called the country Maralpleicie.
“Later when this second group also began to have a
center point of their existence they called it the ‘city Gob’
and the whole country was for a long time called ‘Goblandia.’
“This locality also was afterwards covered by Kashmanoon
and now the former principal part of this
also once flourishing country is called simply ‘The Gobi
“And as for the third group of the three-brained beings
of that time of the planet Earth, this also quite independent
group had the place of its existence on the southeastern
side of the continent Ashhark, opposite to
Tikliamish, quite on the other side of those abnormal projections
of the continent Ashhark which also were formed
during the second perturbation to this ill-fated planet.
“This region of the existence of this third group was then
called, as I have already told you ‘Gemchania or ‘Pearl-land.’
“Later the name of this locality also changed many
times and the whole of this terra firma region of the surface
of the planet Earth now exists under the name of
’Hindustan’ or ‘India.’
“It must without fail be remarked that at that period,
that is, during this second descent of mine in person onto
the surface of your planet, there was present and already
thoroughly crystallized in all these three-brained beings
who have taken your fancy, belonging to the three
enumerated independent groups, instead of that function
called ‘the needful-striving-for-self-perfection,’ which
should be in every three-brained being, also a ‘needful’
but very strange ‘striving’ that all the other beings of their
planet should call and consider their country the ‘Center-of-
Culture’ for the whole planet.
“This strange ‘needful-striving’ was then present in all
the three-centered beings of your planet and was for each
of them, as it were, the principal sense and aim of his existence.
And in consequence, among the beings of these
three independent groups at that period, bitter struggles,
both material and psychic, were constantly proceeding for
the attainment of the mentioned aim.
“Well, then, my boy.
“We then set off from the sea Kolhidious, or as it is
now called, the Caspian Sea, on ‘Selchans,’ that is to say,
on rafts of a special kind, up the river Oksoseria, or as it
is now called, the Amu Darya. We sailed for fifteen terrestrial
days and finally arrived at the capital of the beings
of the first Asiatic group.
“On arriving there and after arranging the place of
our permanent existence there, I first began visiting the
’Kaltaani’ of the city Koorkalai, that is, those establish
ments there which on the continent Ashhark were later
called ‘Chaihana,’ ‘Ashhana,’ ‘Caravanseray,’ and so on,
and which the contemporary beings there, especially those
breeding on the continent called ‘Europe,’ call ‘Cafes,’
’Restaurants,’ ‘Clubs,’ ‘Dance Halls,’ ‘Meeting Places,’
and so on.
“I first began visiting these establishments of theirs because
there on the planet Earth, at present just as formerly,
nowhere can one observe and study the specific
peculiarities of the psyche of the beings of the locality so
well as in just such gathering places of theirs; and this was
just what I needed to make clear to myself their real inner
essence-attitude to their custom of sacrificial offerings
and to enable me more readily and more easily to
draw up a plan of action for the attainment of that aim
for which I made this second sojourn of mine there in
“During my visits to the Kaltaani there, I met a number
of beings, among whom was one I happened to meet
rather often.
“This three-brained being there, whom I chanced to
meet frequently, belonged to the profession of ‘priest’ and
was called ‘Abdil.’
“As almost all my personal activities, my boy, during
that second descent of mine were connected with the
external circumstances of this priest Abdil and as I happened
to have during this descent of mine a great deal
of trouble on his account, I shall tell you more or less
in detail about this three-brained being there; and, moreover,
you will at the same time understand from
these tales about him the results I then attained for the
purpose of uprooting from the strange psyche of your favorites
the need to destroy the existence of beings of other
forms in order to ‘please’ and ‘appease’ their gods and
revered idols.
“Although this terrestrial being, who afterwards became
for me like one of my kinsmen, was not a priest of the
highest rank, yet he was well versed in all the details of
the teaching of the religion then dominant in the whole
country Tikliamish; and he also knew the psyche of
the followers of that religion, particularly, of course, the
psyche of the beings belonging to his what is called ‘congregation’
for whom he was ‘priest.’
“Soon after we were on ‘good terms’ with each other, I
discovered that in the Being of this priest Abdil—owing
to very many external circumstances, among which were
also heredity and the conditions under which he had been
prepared for a responsible being—the function called
’conscience’ which ought to be present in every three-centered
being, had not yet been quite atrophied in him,
so that after he had cognized with his Reason certain cosmic
truths I had explained to him, he immediately acquired
in his presence towards the beings around him,
similar to him, almost that attitude which should be in all
normal three-brained beings of the whole Universe, that
is to say, he became, as it is also said there, ‘compassionate,’
and ‘sensitive’ towards the beings surrounding him.
“Before telling you more about this priest Abdil, I must
make clear to your Reason that there on the continent of
Ashhark the mentioned terrible custom of Sacrificial-
Offerings was at that time, as it is said, at its ‘height,’ and
the destruction of various weak one-brained and two-brained
beings proceeded everywhere in incalculable
“At that period, if anybody had occasion in any house
to appeal to one or another of their imaginary gods or fantastic
‘saints,’ they invariably promised that in the event of
good fortune, they would destroy in honor of their gods
and saints the existence of some being or other, or of several
at once; and if by chance good fortune befell them,
then they carried out their promise with the utmost
veneration, while, if it were otherwise, they increased their
slaughter in order eventually to win the favor of their said
imaginary patron.
“With the same aim, these favorites of yours of that
period even divided the beings of all other forms into
’clean’ and ‘unclean.’
“‘Unclean’ they called those forms of being, the destruction
of whose existence was presumably not pleasing
to their gods; and ‘clean,’ those beings, the destruction of
whose existence was, presumably, extremely agreeable to
those various imaginary idols whom they revered.
“These Sacrificial-Offerings were made not only in
their own houses by private beings, but were also made by
whole groups, and sometimes even in public. There even
then existed special places for slaughterings of this kind
which were situated mostly near buildings in memory of
something or somebody, chiefly of saints—of course, of
the saints they themselves had elevated to ‘sainthood.’
“Several such special public places, where the destruction
of the beings of different exterior form was carried
out, then existed in the country of Tikliamish; and among
them was one most celebrated, situated on a small mountain
from whence a certain thaumaturgist Aliman was
supposed once upon a time to have been ‘taken-alive’ up
to ‘some-Heaven-or-other.’
“In that place, as well as in other similar places, especially
at definite times of the year, they destroyed an innumerable
number of beings called ‘oxen,’ ‘sheep,’ ‘doves,’
and so on, and even beings similar to them themselves.
“In the latter case, the strong usually brought the less
strong to be sacrificed; as for instance, a father brought his
son, a husband his wife, an elder brother his younger
brother, and so on. But, for the most part, ‘sacrifices’ were
offered up of ‘slaves,’ who then as now were usually what
are called ‘captives,’ that is to say, beings of a conquered
community, which according to the law of what is called
’Solioonensius,’ had at the given period—that is, at the
period when their needful tendency to reciprocal destruction
was more intensely manifested in their presences—a
lesser significance in respect of this chief peculiarity of
“The custom of ‘pleasing-their-gods’ by destroying the
existence of other beings is followed there, on your planet,
until now, only not on the scale on which these abominations
were practiced by your favorites at that time on
the continent Ashhark.
“Well, then, my boy, during the early days of my sojourn
in the town Koorkalai, I often talked on various
subjects with this mentioned friend of mine, the priest
Abdil, but, of course, I never spoke with him about such
questions as might reveal my real nature.
“Like almost all the three-brained beings of your planet
whom I met during all my descents, he also took me for
a being of his own planet, but considered me very learned
and an authority on the psyche of beings similar to himself.
“From our earliest meetings, whenever we chanced to
speak about other beings similar to himself, his responsiveness
and experiencings about them always touched me
deeply. And when my Reason made it quite clear to me
that the function of conscience, fundamental for three-centered
beings, which had been transmitted to his presence
by heredity, had not yet become quite atrophied in
him, then there gradually began from that moment to
arise in my presence and as a result to be crystallized, a
’really-functioning-needful-striving’ towards him as towards
a kinsman of my own nature.
“Thereafter, he also, according to the cosmic law ‘every-cause-
gives-birth-to-its-corresponding-result,’ of course began
to have towards me ‘Silnooyegordpana,’ or, as your
favorites would say there, ‘a-feeling-of-trusting-another-like-
“Well, then, my boy, no sooner was this clearly constated
in my Reason, than the idea occurred to me to
actualize through this first terrestrial friend of mine, the
task for which this second descent of mine in person had
been made.
“I therefore intentionally began to lead all our conversation
towards the question of the custom of Sacrificial-; Offerings.
“Although, my boy, considerable time has flowed since
I talked with that terrestrial friend of mine, I could, perhaps,
now recall word for word and repeat one of our talks
we had at that time.
“I wish to recall and repeat just that talk of ours which
was the last, and which served as the starting point of all
the subsequent events, which though they brought the
planetary existence of this terrestrial friend of mine to a
painful end, brought him nevertheless to the beginning of
the possibility of continuing the task of self-perfecting.
“This last talk took place in his house.
“I then explained to him frankly the utter stupidity and
absurdity of this custom of Sacrificial-Offerings.
“I said to him as follows:
‘“You have a religion, a faith in something. It is excellent
to have faith in something, in whatever it might be,
even if you don’t exactly know in whom or in what, nor
can represent to yourself the significance and the possibilities
of what you have faith in. To have faith, whether consciously
or even quite unconsciously, is for every being
very necessary and desirable.
‘“And it is desirable because owing to faith alone does
there appear in a being, the intensity of being-self-consciousness
necessary for every being, and also the valuation
of personal Being as of a particle of Everything Existing
in the Universe.
“‘But what has the existence of another being, which
you destroy, to do with this, and, moreover, one whose existence
you destroy in the name of its CREATOR?
“‘Is not that “life” just the same as yours for the CREATOR
Who created you as well as this other being?
“‘Thanks to your psychic strength and cunning, that is
to say, to those data, proper to you, with which our same
COMMON CREATOR has endowed you for the perfecting of
your Reason, you profit by the psychic weakness of other
beings and destroy their existence.
“‘Do you understand, you unfortunate creature,
what—in an objective sense—an indeed evil deed you
commit by this?
“‘Firstly, by destroying the existence of other beings,
you reduce for yourself the number of factors of that totality
of results which alone can form the requisite conditions
for the power of self-perfecting of beings similar to
yourself; and secondly, you thereby definitely diminish or
completely destroy the hopes of our COMMON FATHER
CREATOR in those possibilities which have been put into
you as a three-brained being and upon whom He counts,
as a help for Him later.
“‘The obvious absurdity of such a terrible being-action
is already clearly shown by your imagining that by destroying
the existence of other beings, you do something
pleasing just to that ONE who has intentionally created
those beings also.
‘“Can it be that the thought has never even entered
your head that if our COMMON FATHER CREATOR has created
that same life also, then He probably did so for some
definite purpose?
“‘Think,’ I told him further, ‘think a little, not as you
have been accustomed to think during the whole of your
existence, like a “Khorassanian-donkey,” but think a little
honestly and sincerely, as it is proper to think for a being
as you call yourself, “in-the-likeness-of-God.”
‘“When GOD created you and these beings whose existence
you destroy, could our CREATOR then have written
on the foreheads of certain of His creatures that they were
to be destroyed in His honor and glory?
“‘If anyone, even an idiot from “Albion’s Isles,” were to
think seriously and sincerely about it, he would understand
that this could never be.
‘“This was invented only by people who say they are
”in-the-likeness-of-God,” and not by Him, Who created
people and these other beings of different form whom they
destroy, as they fancy, for His pleasure and satisfaction.
“‘For Him there is no difference between the life of
men and the life of beings of any other form.
“‘Man is life, and the beings of other exterior forms are
“‘It is most wisely foreseen by Him that Nature should
adapt the difference of exterior form of beings in accordance
with those conditions and circumstances under
which the process of existence of various forms of life are
pre-ordained to flow.
‘“Take yourself as an example; with your internal and
external organs, could you go now and jump into the water
and swim like a fish?
“‘Of course not, because you have neither the “gills,”
”fins,” nor “tail” a fish has, that is, a life which is preordained
to exist in such a sphere as “water.”
“‘If it occurred to you to go and jump into the water,
you would instantly choke and drop to the bottom and
become hors d’oeuvre for those same fishes, who, in that
sphere, proper for them, would naturally be infinitely
stronger than you.
“‘It is the same with the fishes themselves; could one
of them now come to us, sit with us at this table
and drink in our company the “Green tea” we are now
“‘Also, of course not! Because it has not the corresponding
organs for manifestations of this kind.
“‘It was created for the water and its internal and also
external organs are adapted for the manifestations required
in the water. It can manifest itself effectively and
successfully and fulfill the purpose of its existence, preordained
by the CREATOR, only in that sphere appropriate
to it.
“‘In exactly the same way, your external and all your internal
organs are also created by our COMMON CREATOR in
a corresponding manner. You are given legs to walk; hands
to prepare and take the necessary food; your nose and the
organs connected with it are so adapted that you may take
in and transform in yourself those World-substances by
which there are coated in the three-brained beings similar
to yourself both higher-being bodies, on one of which
rests the hope of our COMMON ALL-EMBRACING CREATOR
for help in His needs, for the purpose of actualizations
foreseen by Him for the good of Everything Existing.
“‘In short, the corresponding principle is foreseen and
given to Nature by our COMMON CREATOR, so that He
might coat and adapt all your internal and external organs
in accordance with that sphere in which the process of the
existence of beings of such a brain-system as yours is preordained
to flow.
“‘A very good example for the clarification of this is
your “own-donkey” now standing tied up in your stable.
‘“Even as regards this own-donkey of yours, you abuse
the possibilities given you by our COMMON CREATOR,
since if this donkey is now compelled to stand unwillingly
in your stable, it does so only because it is created two-brained;
and this again is because such an organization
of the whole of its presence is necessary for common-cosmic
existence upon planets.
“‘And therefore, according to law, there is absent from
the presence of your donkey the possibility of logical-mentation,
and consequently, according to law, he must
be what you call “senseless,” or “stupid.”
“‘Although you were created for the purpose of the
common-cosmic existence on planets, and although you
were created also as “a-field-of-hope” for the future expectations
is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your
presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of
which the whole of our now existing World was just created—
and in spite of the said possibilities given to you,
that is to say, in spite of your having been created three-brained
with possibilities of a logical mentation, yet you
do not use this sacred property of yours for the purpose
for which it was foreordained, but manifest it as “cunning”
towards His other creations, as, for instance, towards
your own-donkey.
“Apart from the possibilities present in you of consciously
coating in your presence the mentioned Higher-
Sacred, this donkey of yours is of the same value for the
common-cosmic process and consequently for our COMMON
CREATOR, as you yourself, since each of you is predestined
for some definite purpose, and these distinct
definite purposes, in their totality, actualize the sense of
Everything Existing.
“‘The difference between you and your own-donkey is
merely in the form and quality of functioning of the internal
and external organization of your common presences.
“‘For instance, you have only two legs, whereas the
donkey has as many as four, any one of which, moreover,
is infinitely stronger than yours.
“‘Can you, for instance, carry on those two weak legs
of yours as much as that donkey can?
‘“Certainly not, because your legs are given you only
for carrying yourself and the little that is necessary for the
normal existence of a three-brained being as foreseen by
‘“Such a distribution of forces and strength, which
at first sight appears unjust on the part of our MOST
JUST CREATOR, was made by Great Nature simply because
the surplus of cosmic substances foreseeingly given
you by the CREATOR and by Nature to use for the purpose
of your personal self-perfecting is not given to your
donkey, but in place of this, Great Nature Herself transforms
the same surplus of cosmic substances in your
donkey’s presence for the power and strength of certain of
its organs for its present existence only, but of course
without the personal cognition of the donkey itself,
thus enabling it to manifest the said power incomparably
better than you.
“‘And these variously powered manifestations of beings
of diverse forms actualize in their totality just those exterior
conditions in which alone it is possible for those similar
to you—that is, for three-brained beings—consciously
to perfect the “germ-of-Reason” placed in their presences,
to the necessary gradation of Pure Objective Reason.
“‘I repeat, all beings, of all brain systems, without exception,
large and small, arising and existing on the Earth
or within the Earth, in the air or beneath the waters, are
all equally necessary for our COMMON CREATOR, for the
common harmony of the existence of Everything Existing.
“‘And as all the enumerated forms of beings actualize all
together the form of the process required by our CREATOR
for the existence of Everything Existing, the essences of all
beings are to Him equally valuable and dear.
‘“For our COMMON CREATOR all beings are only parts
of the existence of a whole essence spiritualized by
“‘But what do we see here now?
“‘One form of beings created by Him, in whose presences
He has placed all His hopes and expectations for the
future welfare of Everything Existing, taking advantage of
their superiorities, lord it over other forms and destroy
their existence right and left and, what is more, they do
so presumably “in His name.”
“‘The whole terror of it is that although such phenomenal
anti-God acts take place here in every house and on
every square, nevertheless it never enters the head of any
of these unfortunates that these beings whose existence I
or we are now destroying are equally dear to that ONE,
Who has created them, and that if He created these other
forms of beings as well as ourselves, it must also have been
for some purpose.’
“Having said all this to my friend, the priest Abdil, I
said further:
‘“And what is most distressing is that every man who
destroys the existence of other beings, in honor of his
honored idols, does so with all his heart and is convinced
beyond all doubt that he is doing a “good” deed.
“‘I am quite sure that if any one of them should become
aware that in destroying another’s existence he is not only
committing an evil deed against the true GOD and every
real Saint, but is even causing them, in their essences, sorrow
and grief that there should exist in the great Universe
”in-the-likeness-of-God” beings-monsters who can manifest
towards other creations of our COMMON CREATOR so
consciencelessly and pitilessly; I repeat, if any of them
should become aware of this, then certainly not one
among them could with all his heart ever again destroy
the existence of beings of other forms for Sacrificial-
“‘Then perhaps on the Earth also would begin to exist
the eighteenth personal commandment of our COMMON
CREATOR which declared: “Love everything that breathes.”
“‘This offering to God of sacrifices by destroying the
existence of His other creations is just as if somebody
from the street should now break into your house and
wantonly destroy all the “goods” there, which have taken
you years to collect, and cost you years of labor and suffering.
‘“Think, but again think sincerely, and picture to yourself
what I have just said, and then answer: Would you
like it and thank the impudent thief who broke into your
“‘Certainly not!! A million times not!!!!
“‘On the contrary, your whole being would be indignant
and would wish to punish this thief, and with every
fibre of your psyche you would try to find a means of revenge.
“‘In all probability, you would now reply that although
it is indeed so ... “I am, however, only a man. ...”
“‘That is true, you are only a man. It is good that GOD
is GOD and is not so vindictive and evil as man.
“‘Certainly He will not punish you nor will He revenge
Himself upon you, as you would punish the mentioned
robber who destroyed the property and goods it had taken
you years to collect.
“‘It goes without saying, GOD forgives everything—this
has even become a law in the World.
“‘But His creations—in this case, people—must not
abuse this All-Gracious and Everywhere-Penetrating; Goodness
of His; they must not only care for, but even maintain
all He has created.
“‘But here on Earth, men have even divided beings of
all other forms into the clean and the unclean.
‘“Tell me what guided them when they made this division?
“‘Why, for instance, is a sheep clean, and a lion unclean?
Are they both not equally beings?
‘“This also was invented by people. . . . And why have
they invented it, and made this division? Simply because
a sheep is a very weak being and moreover stupid, and
they can do to it just what they like.
“‘But people call the lion unclean simply because they
dare not do to it what they like.
‘“A lion is cleverer and, what is more, stronger than
“‘A lion will not only not allow itself to be destroyed,
but will not even permit people to approach near. If any
man should venture to approach near to it, then this
”Mister Lion” would give him such a crack on the noddle
that our valiant’s life would at once fly off to where “people
from Albion’s Isles” have not yet been.
“‘I repeat ... a lion is unclean simply because men are
afraid of it; it is a hundred times higher and stronger than
they; a sheep is clean merely because it is much weaker
than they and again I repeat, much more stupid.
“‘Every being, according to its nature and to the gradation
of its Reason attained by its ancestors and transmitted
by heredity, occupies its definite place among
beings of other forms.
“A good example for clarifying what I have just said is
the difference between the already definitely crystallized
presences of the psyche of your dog and of your cat.
“‘If you pet your dog a little and get it used to anything
you please, it will become obedient and affectionate to the
point of abasement.
“‘It will run after you and cut every sort of caper before
you just to please you all the more.
‘“You can be familiar with it, you can beat it, you can
hurt it; it will never turn on you, but will always humiliate
itself still more before you.
“‘But try the same on your cat.
“‘What do you think? Will it respond to your indignities
as your dog did, and cut the same humble capers for
your amusement? Of course not. . . .
‘“Even if the cat is not strong enough to retaliate immediately,
it will remember this attitude of yours toward it for
a long time, and at some time or other will get its revenge.
“‘For instance, it is said that it has often happened that
a cat has bitten the throat of a man while he was asleep.
I can quite believe it, knowing what may have been the
cat’s reasons for it.
‘“No, the cat will stand up for itself, it knows its own
value, it is proud, and this is merely because it is a cat and
its nature is on that gradation of Reason where according
to the merits of its ancestors it just should be.
“‘In any case, no being, and no man, should be angry
with a cat for this.
“‘Is it its fault that it is a cat and that, owing to the
merits of its ancestors, its presence occupies such a gradation
of “consciousness-of-self”?
“‘It must neither be despised for this, nor beaten, nor
ill-treated; on the contrary, one must give it its due, as one
occupying a higher rung on the ladder of the evolution of
“By the way, my dear boy, concerning the reciprocal relations
of beings, a former famous prophet from the
planet ‘Desagroanskrad,’ the great ‘Arhoonilo,’ now already
the assistant to the chief investigator of the whole
Universe in respect of the details of Objective Morality,
once said:
“‘If by his Reason a being is higher than you, you must
always bow down before him and try to imitate him in
everything; but if he is lower than you, you must be just
towards him, because you once occupied the same place
according to the sacred Measure of the gradation of Reason
“So, my dear boy, this last conversation with that Earth
friend of mine produced such a strong impression on him,
that for two days thereafter he did nothing but think and
“In short, the final outcome of it all was that this priest
Abdil eventually began to cognize and sense concerning
the custom of Sacrificial-Offerings almost as in reality he
should have done.
“Several days after this conversation of ours, there occurred
one of the two large religious festivals of the whole
of Tikliamish, called ‘Zadik’; and in the temple where my
friend Abdil was the chief priest, instead of delivering the
usual sermon after the temple ceremony, he suddenly began
speaking about Sacrificial-Offerings.
“I chanced to be also in that large temple that day and
was one of those who heard his speech.
“Although the theme of his speech was unusual for
such an occasion and for such a place, yet it shocked
nobody, because he spoke unprecedentedly well and beautifully.
“Indeed, he spoke so well and so sincerely, and cited in
his beautiful speech so many persuasive and illustrative
examples, that as he spoke many of the beings of
Koorkalai there even began sobbing bitterly.
“What he said produced so strong an impression on all
his congregation that although his speech lasted till the
next day instead of the customary half-hour or hour, nevertheless
even when it was over, nobody wished to leave
and all stood for a long time as if spellbound.
“Thereafter, fragments from his speech began to be
spread among those who had not personally heard it.
“It is interesting to notice that it was the custom then
for priests to exist simply on the offerings of their parishioners,
and this priest Abdil had also been in the habit of
receiving from parishioners all kinds of food for his ordinary
existence, as for instance roast and boiled ‘corpses’ of
beings of various exterior forms, such as ‘chickens,’
’sheep,’ ‘geese,’ and so on. But after this famous speech of
his, nobody brought him any of these customary offerings
but brought or sent him only fruits, flowers, handiwork,
and so on.
“The day following his speech, this Earth friend of
mine at once became for all the citizens of the town
Koorkalai what is called the ‘fashionable-priest,’ and not
only was the temple where he officiated always crammed
with beings of the town Koorkalai, but he was also pressed
to speak in other temples.
“He delivered many such speeches concerning Sacrificial-
Offerings, and each time the number of his admirers grew
and grew, so that he soon became popular not only among
the beings of the town Koorkalai, but also of the whole of
“I do not know how it would all have ended if the
whole priesthood, that is, men-beings of the same profession
as my friend, had not become alarmed and anxious
on account of his popularity, and had not opposed everything
he preached.
“Evidently these colleagues of his were afraid that if
the custom of Sacrificial-Offerings were to disappear,
their own excellent incomes would, disappear also,
and that their authority would first totter and finally
“Day by day the number of this priest Abdil’s enemies
increased, and they spread new slanders and innuendoes
about him in order to lower or destroy his popularity and
“His colleagues began delivering addresses in their temples
proving exactly the opposite of all that the priest Abdil
had preached.
“At last it came to the point that the priesthood began
to bribe various beings who had ‘Hasnamuss’ properties
to plan and commit every kind of outrage upon this poor
Abdil; and, indeed, these terrestrial nullities with the
properties mentioned even tried on several occasions to
destroy his existence by sprinkling poison on the various
edible offerings brought to him.
“In spite of all this, the number of sincere admirers of
his preaching daily increased.
“Finally, the whole corporation of the priesthood could
stand it no longer; and on a sad day for my friend, a general
ecumenical trial was held, which lasted four days.
“By the sentence of this general ecumenical council, not
only was this Earth friend of mine completely excommunicated
from the priesthood, but, at the same council, his colleagues
also organized means for his further persecution.
“All this, of course, had little by little a strong effect on
the psyche of the ordinary beings, so that even those
around him who had formerly esteemed him also began
gradually to avoid him and to repeat every kind of
calumny about him. Even those who only a day before
had sent him flowers and various other offerings and had
almost worshiped him also soon became such bitter enemies
of his, owing to the constant gossip, that it was as if
he had not only injured them personally, but had slaughtered
and butchered all their near and dear ones.
“Such is the psyche of the beings of that peculiar
“In short, owing to his sincere good will to those around
him, this good friend of mine endured a great deal. Even
this would have been, perhaps, nothing, if the climax of
unconscionableness on the part of the colleagues of my
friend and the other terrestrial ‘God-like’ beings around
him had not brought all this to an end; that is to say, they
killed him.
“And this occurred in the following way:
“My friend had no relatives at all in the city Koorkalai,
having been born in some distant place.
“And as for the hundreds of servants and other ordinary
terrestrial nullities who had been around him owing to his
former importance, they, by this time, had gradually left
him, naturally because my friend was no longer important.
“Toward the end there remained with him only one
very old being who had been with him quite a long time.
“To tell the truth, this old man had remained with
him only on account of old age which, owing to abnormal
being-existence, most of the beings there reach; that
is to say, on account of his complete uselessness for anything
required under the conditions of being-existence
“He simply had no other place to go to, and that was
why he did not desert my friend, but stayed with him
even when he had lost his importance and was being persecuted.
“Going into my friend’s room one sad morning, this
old man saw that he had been killed and that his planetary
body had been hacked to pieces.
“Knowing that I was his friend, he at once ran to me
to tell me about it.
“I have already told you, that I had begun to love him
as one of my nearests. So when I learned about this terrible
fact, there almost occurred in my whole presence a
’Skinikoonartzino,’ that is to say, the connection between
my separate being-centers was almost shattered.
“But during the day I feared that the same or other unconscionable
beings might commit further outrages on
my friend’s planetary body, so I decided at least to prevent
the possible actualization of what I feared.
“I therefore immediately hired several suitable beings
for a great sum of money and, unbeknown to anybody
else, had his planetary body removed and temporarily
placed in my Selchan, that is, on my raft which was
moored not far away on the river Oksoseria, and which I
had not disposed of because I had intended to sail on it
from there to the sea Kolhidious to our ship Occasion.
“This sad end of my friend’s existence did not prevent
his preachings and persuasions about the cessation of
Sacrificial-Offerings having a strong effect on many, even
on a great many.
“And indeed, the quantity of slaughterings for Sacrificial-
Offerings began very perceptibly to diminish and one
could see that even if the custom were not abolished completely
with time, it would at least be considerably mitigated.
“And, for the time being, that was sufficient for me.
“As there was no reason for me to stay there any longer,
I decided to return immediately to the sea Kolhidious and
there to consider what to do further with the planetary
body of my friend.
“When I arrived on our ship Occasion I found an
etherogram for me from Mars in which I was informed of
the arrival there of another party of beings from the planet
Karatas, and that speedy return there was desired.
“Thanks to this etherogram a very strange idea came
into my head—namely, I thought that instead of disposing
of the planetary body of my friend on the planet
Earth, I might take it with me and give it to the presence
of the planet Mars.
“I decided to carry out this idea of mine as I was
afraid that my friend’s enemies who hated him might
make a search for his planetary body, and if they had
chanced to learn where it had been given to the presence
of that planet, or, as your favorites say, ‘buried,’ then
doubtless they would have found it and perpetrated some
atrocity on it.
“And so, from the sea Kolhidious, I soon ascended on
the ship Occasion to the planet Mars, where our beings
and several kind Martians, who had already learned of the
events which had taken place on the planet Earth, paid
due respect to the planetary body I had taken with me.
“They buried him with the ceremonies customary on
the planet Mars, and over the spot they erected a corresponding
“Anyhow, this was the first and surely will be the last
what your favorites call ‘grave,’ for a being of the planet
Earth on this so near yet so far and, for the terrestrial beings,
quite inaccessible planet Mars.
“I learned afterwards that this story reached His All-
Quarters-Maintainer, the Most Great Archangel ‘Setrenotzinarco,’
the All-Quarters-Maintainer of that part of
the Universe to which that system Ors belongs, and that
He manifested his pleasure by giving to whom it was
proper, a command concerning the soul of this terrestrial
friend of mine.
“On the planet Mars I was indeed expected by several
beings of our tribe who had newly arrived from the planet
Karatas. Among them, by the way, was also your grandmother
who, according to the indications of the chief Zirlikners
of the planet Karatas, had been assigned to me as
the passive half for the continuance of my line.”
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