Place of the Way of Beekeeping

The premise of this website is that beekeeping, like Aikido, benefits from regular and consistent practice.

This website is constructed to promote the idea that HAVING bees is not enough
and that having die from neglect, ignorance, or fear is not a desired outcome.

The intent of the website is to promote best practices in KEEPING bees
and that keeping bees alive is what bee Keepers should strive for.

It is not the intent of this website to dogmatically promote any single religion or dogma.

This site aims at providing a viewpoint that is philosophically in tune with the  Bodhisattva Vow:

However innumerable sentient beings are, I vow to save them"

That philosophical viewpoint is part of why I named this site
    The Beekeeper's Dojo: A Place of the Way of Beekeeping