Range cooker black. Fry cook games. Chinese almond cookie recipe.

Range Cooker Black

range cooker black
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I can't think of a fitting title for this photo - if anyone would like to give some ideas it'd be much appreciated. Ok, I wanted to try out a couple of ideas but with no access to transport at the moment I resorted to trying them out in our kitchen. Slightly different approach to style of processing this time, again I wanted to try out a couple of techniques that I've been reading about. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE AWARDS or GRAPHICS I'm really not interested in them, they'll only be deleted so its a waste of time for both of us. I'd much rather a few words of advise etc. Thanks
Gas cooker range hob with PS Chrome
Gas cooker range hob with PS Chrome
- the effect makes the flames look a bit wild even though the gas was pretty pared back for this shot.

range cooker black
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