Encode Url Allow Cookies

encode url allow cookies
  • (cookie) a short line of text that a web site puts on your computer's hard drive when you access the web site
  • (cookie) any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
  • (cookie) the cook on a ranch or at a camp
  • A person of a specified kind
  • A small sweet cake, typically round, flat, and crisp
  • A packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server
  • Convert (information or an instruction) into a digital form
  • convert information into code; "encode pictures digitally"
  • Convert into a coded form
  • (of a gene) Be responsible for producing (a substance or behavior)
  • ENCODE (the ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements) is a public research consortium launched by the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in September 2003.
  • In semiotics, the of creating a message for transmission by the addresser to the addressee is called encoding. The act of interpreting the message by the addressee is called decoding.
  • Uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a Web page
  • the address of a web page on the world wide web
  • In computing, a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that specifies where an identified resource is available and the mechanism for retrieving it.
  • In the context of the World Wide Web, a bookmark is a locally stored Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). All modern web browsers include bookmark features.

Cookie 11 mois
Cookie 11 mois
Bonjour mes amis... C'est moi Cookie, vous vous souvenez de moi... je suis devenu ce beau garcon de 11 mois... enfin bientot 1 an (le 21 aout) et je fais le bonheur de Mamie Pascale, puisque je suis en vacances chez elle jusqu'a la fin aout... Elle est belle la vie :-)
One Hand in the Cookie Jar...
One Hand in the Cookie Jar...
"COOKIE!" "Oh, hey Sir! What's up?" "What's up? What's up?! What are you doing?!" "WE WERE HUNGRY - THE COOKIES WILL BE DELETED" Day 195 of 365.

encode url allow cookies
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