Clear solutions cookbook holder : How to cook turkey in oven.

Clear Solutions Cookbook Holder

clear solutions cookbook holder
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Cookbook 1" thick or 2.3 cm
Cookbook 1" thick or 2.3 cm
I bought this cookbook in 1988 or 1989 in Owensboro, Kentucky at a craft show. My two favorite recipes from this book are Salmon Croquettes and Squash Fritters. My husband does not like the squash cooked this way so I don't use that recipe too often. Maybe we will have salmon later this week for supper and I'll share the recipe.
My daughters first cookbook
My daughters first cookbook
I was in Michaels the other night and saw this cookbook and thought it would make a wonderful present for my daughter. She loves to help me in the kitchen and I promised I would get her one. There are some really cute recipes in here.

clear solutions cookbook holder
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