Community Projects

The Bee County Historical Society provides leadership to the citizens of Bee County in the development of appreciation for the history and culture of Bee County; to discover, procure, and preserve whatever may relate to national, state, and local history; and to establish and maintain collections in art, history, crafts and archeology.

Priority Projects

1. Continue the refurbishing and restoration of the McClanahan House, restore the interior to look like early use for both a residence and business, and conduct tours for school children and tourists.

2. Assist with the restoration of the old Bee County Jail, which is a small frame structure presently located next to the Robert Horn Bee County Jail.

3. Develop a comprehensive written and recorded oral history of the roles and activities of Hispanic and Black citizens and families of Bee County.

Future Projects

4. Sponsor and conduct tours of local historical buildings and sites.

5. Sponsor and operate a museum for Bee County.

6. Record the histories of some of the oldest farming and ranching families in Bee County.

7. Develop a comprehensive history of the schools in Bee County.

8. Develop an archeological and anthropological history of early man in Bee County, through transition to non-indigenous cultures.

9. Develop biographical histories of City and County officials from inception to present.