Welcome to the Beechworth Men's Shed

The Beechworth and district community Men's Shed opened in November 2011. It provides a woodworking and hobbies workshop facility and 'drop-in' center for men of all ages, one where they can meet and socialize with other men and at the same time work on personal or community projects.The Men's Shed has been established to provide a 'shed substitute' for men who may no longer have access to their own shed, garage or workspace they can call their own. Every bloke needs a shed! Whether through down sizing of the family home or through other circumstances, men who no longer have access to their own 'special work area' can use the facilities of the Men's Shed and at the same time enjoy the company of other men and a 'cuppa' in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by blokes working shoulder-to-shoulder with other like-minded blokes.

Donations of $2 and over to Beechworth Men's Shed Inc. are Tax deductible.

Shed Coordinator

James Taylor
0487 887 250

Shed Phone Number:

0428 473 160
Wed, Fri & Sat mornings

Our Shed is located at Building 6, 58 Sydney Road
We are open from 9:00am until 1:00pm  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning  
Please call in, all welcome

BBQ Lunch: Second Wednesday, and Last Friday each month.                             

Members counted at 11. AM each day, Some meals may require a donation.       

You can help, or cook meals. contact David / Don                                                       

Volunteers required for Monthly Market