At Beech Hill Farm, we like to produce.  Not just fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables, but power.  We like local.  Not just bread and cheese and honey, but fuel.  Every year we see a greater need to shift the way we live, as a community and as a nation: where our food comes from, where our energy comes from. 
We wanted to show that it could be done. College of the Atlantic researcher and lecturer, Anna Demeo, received a grant from Efficiency Maine Trust to fund a series of renewable energy projects on the site.  There would be no single “Solution” to the problem of reducing the farm’s energy needs or carbon footprint, but rather a series of projects which link together to make a difference.  Each part of the project can stand on its own, be a part of anyone’s solution, and represent a wide range of base costs—from simple installations for the homeowner to projects that could even help larger institutions. College of the Atlantic Students were involved in every aspect of the project as interns, members of classes and workshop participants. A series of public workshops were held to give people first hand experience in renewable energy projects. Please browse this site to learn more about each component, find out about costs and incentives, and see photos.