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Pluto, the Imposter!

Does your "Pluto" patch look like this?

He's an imposter!!

Somehow, this dark-brown, alien-eyed dog
found his way into our organization
and ended up on a patch.

Here's the proof:


Here's the original Pluto patch from WWII.

Check the color!  And notice the intense stare of his eyes.

So, our patch should look like this!
The brown color is correct.  The eyes show that "dogged" determination of the true birddog that he is!

Once more, compare the two Pluto images:

Dark color, alien eyes! Aaaggghh!

Correct color; correct eyes! Yay!

So, let CAP National Headquarters know that you want the REAL Pluto on your Emergency Services patch.

Send them here, at: Pluto.bobbeecher.com


Capt Bob Beecher, Civil Air Patrol
San Jose Senior Sqdn 80, CAWG