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LA Winds

I joined the Los Angeles Pierce Symphonic Winds in 1999 and have been performing with them ever since.  The band has taken some great trips:
  • China - 2013/2014
  • San Luis Obispo - 2013
  • California Band Directors Assn conference (Fresno) and College Band Directors National Assoc (Reno) - 2012
  • France and Luxembourg - Summer 2011
  • Buffalo and Toronto - 2010
  • Central California - 2009
  • New Orleans - 2008
  • Mid-Europe Festival: Germany, Austria, and Hungary - 2007
  • California Band Directors Assn conference - 2006
  • Midwest Clinic, Chicago - 2004
  • France and Italy - 2004
  • United Kingdom - 2002
  • France and Italy - 2000
The LA Winds' full title tells you where we rehearse an perform -- Los Angeles Pierce College.  Pierce is a two-year college and is part of the Los Angeles Community College District.  The district is comprised of nine colleges, covers 882 square miles, and is the largest community college district in the United States.
We are a "wind ensemble" made up of woodwind, brass, and percussion players.  (Some synonymous terms include "concert band" and "wind orchestra".)  Our music runs the full range from classical music to modern, including marches, and light popular music.  While we often play march music, we perform in a concert setting.
The band's website,, has more information about the band as well as audio and video clips!