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Master Beekeeper

Master Beekeeper

Individual will have the capability to function as a sideline or commercial beekeeper, demonstrate competence in peripheral knowledge areas, such as bee botany, business management, judging bee hive products, bee behavior or other specialty areas, and demonstrate skills in public ambassadorship for the cause of honey bees and beekeeping.

Candidates are encouraged to have a thorough familiarity with material covered in these texts...


  • three years of beekeeping experience
  • hold Journeyman status at least one year
  • pass a written test (over Institute lectures, labs, homework, and reading assignments)
  • pass a field examination and laboratory examination
  • pass an oral examination
  • complete 48 hours of apprenticeship (see Apprenticeship requirements)
  • complete 4 items from the following list:
        1. Win 1st or 2nd place in any class in an authorized honey show
        2. Win 1st or 2nd place in an authorized competition in beeswax
        3. Publish article in beekeeping publication (excluding newsletters)
        4. Publish article in a non-beekeeping publication
        5. local recognition as a beekeeping authority by appearing on radio, TV, or in print
        6. current American Red Cross or American Heart Association training for allergic reaction to stings
        7. Attend at least three regional (multi-state), national or international beekeeping meetings
        8. Conduct a program or workshop at a state, regional, national or international meeting or convention
        9. Complete a course on queen artificial insemination
        10. Acquire private pesticide applicator’s license
        11. Participate in a beekeeping research or extension project at an approved institution
        12. Acquire other certified bee-related training as approved by Review Board
        13. Serve two or more years as officer of regional, national or international bee organization (need not be consecutive nor in the same organization)
                              • submit practical documentation in the form of a portfolio that presents evidence of the completion of the Apprenticeship and the four items from the previous list (see Apprenticeship requirements).