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Certified Beekeeper

Certified Beekeeper

Individual will demonstrate the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be a responsible and successful hobby beekeeper.


  • One year beekeeping experience prior to sitting for the exams
  • Pass the practical test by demonstrating the ability to:
    • identify and describe the use of wooden-ware hive components
    • light and properly use a smoker
    • recognize the stages in the life cycle and differentiate between casts of bees, describe or locate the queen
    • differentiate between pollen, capped honey, and different types of brood
    • recognize propolis and describe its functions
    • describe the layout of a brood nest, i.e., placement of honey, pollen and brood
  • The written test includes materials covered during Institute lectures and labs, as well as homework assignments and readings.

NOTE: The Practical portion of the Certified Beekeeper Exam has two parts - each takes approximately 15 minutes: [1] an outdoor exam, where you will demonstrate your skills in lighting a smoker (and keeping it lit) and working a beehive, and [2] an indoor exam where you will identify certain beekeeping tools & equipment.