Courses and Workshops

Beekeeping Classes - Hands-on experience can really make a difference!Learn from experienced beekeepers who value your interest in learning how to safely and responsibly provide a healthy environment for your bees to prosper.

Our curriculum explores beekeeping and honeybees in a full array of courses and workshops. There are three levels of course curriculum: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Class Schedule

 Level   Course # Course TitleStart DateHours  
  100 Beginning Beekeeping (Short Course) January 13 15
  101Practical Beekeeping April 14 12
  103Getting Through Winter September 15 9
  104Pest & Disease Management Feb/Oct 2019   9
  112The Complete Flow Hive contact us 
  201Intermediate Beekeeping June 6 12
  202Internship  20

 203Queen Rearing Workshop May 19 12
  204    Colony Increase Workshop May 23   6
  206Honey Harvest & Processing June 23   9
  210Top Bar Beekeeping 2019 
  211Ware Hive Beekeeping 2019 
  212Flow Hive Essentials 2019 
  301Master Study Course contact us 24
  302Apprenticeship contact us 48
  Honey Processing & Bottling  
  Cooking with Honey  
  Soap Making  
  Balms, Lotions and Body Bars  
  Candle Making