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 Purchase Pumpkin Light with Spqqky Sounds today on the iTunes store by following the link below

Get ready for Halloween with Pumpkin Light & SpQQky Sounds.

Perfect for Mom or Dad to provide holiday lights and sounds while Trick-or-Treating with the little ones.  

Or it can be used for providing Halloween sounds at parties or while handing out the goodies to all the Trick-or-Treaters who come to your door.


Tips for using Pumpkin Light with Spooky Sounds:

  • Shake your iPhone or iPod to play a single, random, spooky sound.
  • Tap the pumpkin's mouth to start the sound loop playing. Tap again to stop the loop after the current sound finishes.
  • Double Tap above top of the pumpkin while sounds are playing to save the current playing sound for replay. A saved sound will replay on the next shake of your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Single Tap anywhere else on the screen (other than the mouth area) to change the light setting. Three settings allow for low, medium and bright light output.
  • Touch the tiles button (upper left corner) to play a scary memory matching game. Game gets harder with perfect rounds.
  • We recommend using the Auto-brightness feature of your iPhone or iPod.
  • We recommend leaving the auto-lock on if you're not using the application as a flashlight (i.e. just for the scary sound loop). If you're using Pumpkin Light for single sounds via shaking or the flashlight you might disable the auto-lock in Settings/General/Auto-Lock - set to Never. Remember to restore your original auto-lock setting when you're not using Pumpkin Light.
  • With a fairly new iPhone or iPod touch, Pumpkin Light can run the sound loop for hours on a fully charged battery.
  • On the highest flashlight setting, Pumpkin Light should run the flashlight for about two hours (or more).
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