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On The Map

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This simple application acts as a map editor as well as a location finder. The result of both of these functions can then be saved for future use or forwarded to Facebook or Email.

How it works:

As a map editor - 

Pin Placement - 

Pins can be placed by pressing the pin button located in the lower center of the screen. If you hold this button down and slide your finger off it a locator will appear in the center of the map for positioning purposes. Pan, zoom in or zoom out the map to the desired location. Pressing the pin button again will then place a marker on the map. The pin button is also used to place images on the map and this is explained below.

On iOS 4.0 and later, the pin button can be used to remove previously placed pins. This is done by selecting a pin on the map (touch it) then touching the pin button (which should show a minus sign once a pin is selected). Pressing the pin button after selecting a pin will remove that pin.

Image Placement - 

The system pasteboard is used to import/export images from OTM. Hold down any black area on the screen for 2 seconds and a copy/paste box will appear. The copy function (if pressed) copies the current displayed map into the system pasteboard. This bitmap is suitable for export into email. If a bitmap is available for import to OTM, the paste button is shown next to copy (after the pasteboard is invoked). 

Pressing the paste button will deposit a small copy of what is contained in the system pasteboard above the map. It will be positioned in the center of the map when the pin button is pressed (note that the pin button must be in the "add" state).

Images from Safari and your camera roll can be imported in this way.


As a location finder  - 

Use the location service icon located on the lower left side of the screen. If location services are not enabled you will be notified and directed how to enable this function. Once enabled, the application updates your location whenever the device moves. As you move the last pin placed is moved to your new position. To make a pin remain at a location you've been you must drop a pin manually -  as described in the Pin Placement section.

To disable the location service clear the map using the trash can button on the upper left side of the screen.

When the application is stopped or becomes idle, the location service is stopped.


Clearing a map - 

The trash can button in the upper left had corner removes all pins and images you've placed on this map. After you confirm the delete, pins are removed and the map is zoomed out. If the location service has been used it is stopped.


Manual update to Facebook - 

A single map is sent to your Facebook account when you press the Facebook button (upper right corner). This map appears as one of your photos and is also posted to your news feed. If a previous OTM map has been sent it will be deleted and updated with the most recent map. 

Care should be taken when posting exact locations to Facebook or in email. 


Application Settings - 

The Info button (lower right corner) allows some customization. 

Map  Caption: Text attached to the current photo stored on Facebook. Select the text box, enter your caption, and press the Return button. You MUST press the Return button on the keyboard for the caption to take effect.

Map Name: The application supports an unlimited number of maps. 

         Create a new Map: To create a new map, select the text box,  enter a new name and press the Return button.

         To Switch Maps: Use the drop down box that appears below the text box. Scroll to the desired map. Select the map name (should turn blue). 

                                         Press Return on the keyboard. Press the Done button. You MUST press the Return button on the keyboard for the map switch to occur.

         To Delete a Map: Select the text box next to Map Name. A scroll box will appear below the text box. Select the map to delete. Press the X button in the 

                                         text box.  Dismiss the keyboard (hit return button). Press the Done button. You will be asked to confirm the delete (this is permanent).

Map Zoom - This slider adjusts the amount of zoom automatically applied when new pins are automatically added to the map (when location services are running). Left position is most zoomed while right position disabled automatic zoom. Default is rightmost position (disabled).

Accuracy - For use with iPhone. Best accuracy (left most position) drives how much power the iPhone uses in locating your position. Middle position (default) is average power consumption. Right most is worst accuracy but lowest power usage.

Frequency - Use this button to time updated to Facebook. Left most is disabled (default). A middle setting is apx 3 times/day. A right setting is once daily. Changing this value to anything other than the default requires a confirmation. If no changes to the map have occurred, no update is posted. Please use this option carefully when using the Location Service as well.

Use Location as Home - This marks the last location entered onto the map as a starting point for distance calculations. Posting of home your position or precise maps is discouraged so be careful what you select as your home position. To clear a home position the map must be cleared or a new map must be selected.

Map Type - Select Standard, Satellite or Hybrid map type. Standard is the default.

Map Size - Select Large, Medium or Small. Medium is the default. 

Privacy Statement - We value your privacy and do not use your personal information in any way. On The Map can use location services to make changes to maps you generate but this information resides only within the application and is shown visually on maps you share.

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