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Welcome to DoodleMail - To purchase DoodleMail for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad follow the AppStore link below.

Now Available on Android via the Amazon App Store (follow the link below).

DoodleMail is a very simple iPhone, iPod, iPad application that allows you to write short notes
on your screen and email them.

To use DoodleMail:

Write your note or create your artwork (draw on the screen with your finger or stylus).

Select an email recipient from the address book (address book button lower left hand corner - sideways scrollable for more recipients).

Send your handiwork to email (select the button with an arrow on it - lower left hand corner). Your DoodleMail
is now in your email Outbox.

Exit DoodleMail and run the Mail app (and your mail is sent to the recipient). This step may not be necessary on most
platforms as the Mail app should automatically post your DoodleMail (listen for the outgoing Mail sound).

Advanced Features:

Mail Address Book - Choose who to mail your doodle to. This scrollable list will let you pick a recipient (or multiple recipients by name or
image (if you have a photo associated with the recipient). To clear recipients or select a new contact choose the "?" contact.

Stock figures - Some commonly used figures are found when the geometry button is pressed. A scrollable list (slide finger sideways)
will show circles, triangles, rectangles, lines and others. Touch a figure and it will appear in the upper left hand corner. Drag and resize as
with images. Double tap to place it.

Palette - Change through available colors with the Palette button. The color change affects both the pen in use as well as drawn or filled Stock figures.

Pen - Change the pen in use with this button. Different effects are seen when doodling when you choose a different pen. 

Zoom - The Zoom button allows for a 2x enlargement of the doodle. Press the Zoom button and scroll into position using the arrow keys. Doodle away. Press the Zoom button again to end Zoom mode.

Import Images - Images can by deposited into a doodle by touching the Clipboard button at the bottom. Images are placed into 
the system clipboard from another app (like Safari, other Bee-Appy apps like Tap Photo Mask and On The Map, or
the Photo App). Some apps you simply hold down your finger on an image or some part of the screen and  the clipboard is invoked. 
On other apps you will see a clipboard button. Click Save Image or Copy to deposit in  the clipboard. When the clipboard in
pressed in DoodleMail, then select the Paste button to start the image deposit process. The image should appear in the
upper left had corner. Drag it into position (or resize it with a two finger touch). Double tap when it is in position.

Repeat last pasted item - A repeat button appears next to the clipboard. Pressing this will repeat the last pasted item (graphics or image from the clipboard). 
This is useful if a certain geometric figure is being used repeatedly. 

Erase Screen - Press the trash can lower left. No confirm is present so be careful with this button.

Settings - Press the Info button upper right.

Buy DoodleMail now on the

Purchase a Stylus by following the Basic Stylus link below!

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