Brown Velvet Drape

brown velvet drape
  • a silky densely piled fabric with a plain back
  • Soft downy skin that covers a deer's antler while it is growing
  • A closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side
  • smooth and soft to sight or hearing or touch or taste
  • resembling velvet in having a smooth soft surface
  • Of a color produced by mixing red, yellow, and black, as of dark wood or rich soil
  • an orange of low brightness and saturation
  • Dark-skinned or suntanned
  • fry in a pan until it changes color; "brown the meat in the pan"
  • (of bread) Made from a dark, unsifted, or unbleached flour
  • of a color similar to that of wood or earth
  • arrange in a particular way; "drape a cloth"
  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • Arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something
  • Adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth
  • Let (oneself or a part of one's body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way
  • place casually; "The cat draped herself on the sofa"

Teddy Boy Lawrence Brown
Teddy Boy Lawrence Brown
Lawrence Teddy Boy When I was fourteen I left school all the lads were wearing these long jackets I asked what they were – it was the teddy boys -so I said I’ve got to have one of them because they all had them…me mother helped me to pay for it…it was a long drape coat and creepers crepe soles…bootlace tie and half moonson the pockets…I couldn’t wait for Friday night to get them on smart and comfortable we used to go to Prudhoe Elvis Club…we used to have a smashing time…there was no bike chains nay knuckle dusters just clean fun…I loved getting my suit on I had it on from Friday night until Monday morning when I went to work…this went on for five years until I was called up for the army…you couldn’t wear a teddy boys suit in the army of course…I didn’t take it with us I was always in me army uniform… when I came out the era was nearly finished teddy boys were dying out then…but I enjoyed the life of a teddy because I thought it was great…you were smart all the girls the teddy girls we call them with little frocks on and bobby sox…we see we used to hoy them all over wer’ shoulders it was great…we used to have a drink of course…it was the Bill Haley era and Elvis…I had the kiss curl me hair put right back…the kiss curl in the middle…long side boards it was great man…we went all over the millvane there was one in Newburn calkd the Legion Assembly Rooms at scotswood…it was old time dancing but we made them clap a save hoyed the lasses over our shoulders…I forgot to catch one one day…that was where I met my first wife… she was a bit of a teddy girl…we got on well…I loved the teddy boy era it was great…when I went to the army it just faded out when I got back…I used to get me creepers on for a Saturday night Rock around the clock came from America really we just copied them…you made your own dances up hoying them around under your legs throwing them over your shoulder when I sat with a teddy girl on your knee you looked lovely…I was down the pit but when I came out I got called up…I had to report to Wales Wrexham – I was supposed to be in the Northumberland Fuslleers so they sent us back to Fenham Barracks Newcastle I was homesick I’d never been on a train in my life never mind go all the way down to Wales…the National Service was like a reserve army…they sent me to Kenya…I was there fourteen months…which I suppose I enjoyed…I was on the prison I never went out I looking for them…I was on the prison camp…I seen a couple of Mau Mau but nothing to shout about it took thirty six hours to get there by plane…it took four weeks to come back by boat…through the suez canal and all that…but me army life I didn’t really enjoy it…I was waiting to get back into civvy street…as I say when I got back there was no teddy boys walking arourd…they’d gone into ordinary cloths which was dissapointing because I loved it…but I had my teddy boy suit up to four years ago…I had it in a wardrobe but she hoyed it out…I would love to have it on now with velvet round the collar…old shoe lace tie…inside my coat it was a purple colour you na…the tie why you called it a boot lace because it was just like a boot lace…some were very rough there were some roughing…they thought they were Jesus when they were in the dance hall…there used to be gargs but we never fought…we used to dance instead of fighting.
"The neck has a fold over collar at the front and a strip of fabric that drapes from shoulder to shoulder over a keyhole opening at the back. " " This goes over the head and has no closures."

brown velvet drape
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